Business Essay Sample. How Useful It Can Be?

Regardless of essay topics, business writing is a complex process, which requires applying specific knowledge and skills. For those students who want to know better how to succeed in writing, it is recommended to use high quality business essay example. It can help find out more about such writing stages as drafting, editing, and preparation. The most important things the writer should do include:

  • This stage requires studying the discussed question, making a research and creating a draft of the paper. Moreover, it is also important to examine the instructions provided by the professor thoroughly to avoid confusion. Good essay sample can help complete this stage successfully.
  • Literature studying. This stage requires looking for appropriate books, journals, etc., which can help in supporting your claim. If it is difficult to find good materials, free essay example can give you some ideas.

Business essay example: How to provide a business paper

The business essay example collection provided with aim to help students understand how to write essays on business topics. First of all, it is important to find out what the word business refers in a specific essay assignment: an economic activity in general or a number of companies or organizations in particular. In case you need to write a business paper on a specific branch of business, the examples of such essays are also provided.

Difference Between a Report and an Essay on a Business Topic

Some essay assignments on business are a type of a hybrid between an essay and a report. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the structure before starting to write such essay. Read on and find out what you need to know if your business paper is required to have characteristics both of an essay and a report.

Essays and reports have different purpose

Apart from the general purpose of writing as such, essays and reports as a rule have different target audience and requirements. Essays mostly refer to the high school or university type of writing. Their main aim is to demonstrate students’ understanding of the topic and the ability to properly apply analytical and critical skills in practice. Besides, an essay relates more to demonstrating individual response to a specific problem or question and presenting the answer in a coherent and well-structured manner. Reports have a business purpose and are aimed at presenting some brief and concise information to a specific business and organization. It also has its specific structure however you do not use the same transitions as in essays and you do not develop the argument in an essay-like manner either.

Difference in structure

As a rule, there is an approach towards report writing: some professors require subheadings while some do not. As a matter of fact, as in case of business essay example, it depends on the length of the paper and the number of business issues that you aim to cover. If you need to separate the type of aspects related to your business topic, you are welcome o provide subheadings.

Reasons You Are Asked to Provide Business Essays

  1. Business essays evaluate your skills and ability to gain in-depth understanding of a specific question or a business
  2. Business writing demonstrates how well you can conduct a thorough research on the topic and then provide a critical overview of business points in your essay.
  3. Essays on business also signify how good you are at working with academic sources (in particular, business essay writing reflects on your ability to differentiate credible sources from not credible ones).
  4. When writing an essay on a business topic, you can gain more practice in organizing your essay in a logical and coherent manner and provide a solid properly developed argument.

Structure of a Business Essay

While business reports are divided into sections, essays are written fluently. There are no specific sections serving their own purpose (for example, where you cover separate business aspects or problems or offering business solutions). Traditionally, an essay (even if it is on a business topic) has no subheadings at all. Still, a business essay has a traditional structure inherent in other types of essays: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Besides, in business writing, you may be asked to provide a synopsis, which is business essay description of around 100 words. This requirement is obligatory for an essay on business if it is more than 2,000 words in length. Actually, the synopsis of business writing has the purpose of a business paper overview or an executive summary. It is written as the last stage of business essay writing and it serves the function of providing overview of the core argument of the business topic.

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