The Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council is primarily a recruitment agency that is aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Emirati society in the labor market. The company was formed in 2005 by the UAE government as an answer to the nation’s challenges with regards to human capital management. Thus, Tawteen Council not only is aimed at finding jobs for qualified Emiratis, but also focuses on ensuring that the various employers are able to find, hire, train and retain the best brains depending on their activities. They target Emirati job seekers aged from 16 to 60. Based on the persons’ qualifications, they can be placed in one of the numerous organizations that have partnered with ADTC in their human capital management strategies. Therefore, ADTC is a part of the supportive industry, where it provides human capital management services for their clients across the UAE and beyond.

HR Strategies

The company’s vision is to make Emiratis the first choice for employers in Abu Dhabi. Their goal is to ensure that they match the Emirati job seekers with organizations based on the relevancy of the skill sets. Their main objective is the optimization of the potential of the Emirati human capital in order to foster high levels of sustainable social and economic development. In order to achieve their objective, the company offers employment services that prioritize Emiratis. Consequently, ADTC makes Emirati job seekers the most sought after employees in the region.
The company also trains or encourages the job seekers to acquire more training in order to enhance their qualifications. Thus, the overall job pool improves on the skill sets for a better employment chances in the labor market. The company also focuses on the UAE labor market in order to fully understand the environment within which they are operating. They are also a great part of the UAE employment policy development process. ADTC intends to grow beyond Abu Dhabi in order to create a favorable environment for Emiratis in terms of employment opportunities all over the UAE and possibly abroad.

Analysis and Design of Work

One of the major components of the organization’s competitive advantage is the specificity of their operations in terms of work design. Each individual employee in ADTC has a responsibility that they must fulfill in order for the organization to continue running smoothly. The management at the organization has been able to fully analyze the needs of the company and then used the knowledge as a background for creating an impressive and detailed work design for their employees. For example, ADTC has a number of departments within the organization that divides employees according to the job descriptions. First, there is the Research and Development Department, which consists of market analysts who specialize in studying the companies that the organization works with. The team is responsible for determining the skill sets of the potential applicants that a given company needs. The research and development team is known for creating the most detailed job descriptions that shape the criteria for job placements in the partnering organizations. It can be noted that in most cases, the workers in the department consider education and personal traits when assessing the available jobs and deciding on who can serve best (Werner & DeSimone, 2011). The step-by-step approach ensures that the scouting and recruitment department knows the exact kind of people that they should look for when any organization requires new employees. The idea is to ensure that all the activities within the organization are linked to one another, and thus form a large web of competence and excellence. It can be appreciated especially within ADTC, as the continuity in the work processes is a major factor. Therefore, most of the team leaders are expected to share their progress regularly. The research team, for example, works closely with the recruitment and selection people, who also have to collaborate with the training and development team for better outputs within the whole organization.

HR Planning

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Planning is all about determining the needs of the organization in order to find the right people for the right jobs at all times. As a supportive organization that seeks to help citizens to apply for the appropriate jobs, ADTC is mainly focused on HRM as its core operation. However, they also need other professionals within the organization, including the market analysts, accountants and management executives. The professionals are supposed to balance the company’s operations and provide a business angle to the management. HR planning in ADTC is thus conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the company’s operations are effective and efficient. The goal is to ensure that employees have an understanding of people they need, where and how to find them, the kind of training they would require, and how to retain them in the hiring organization (Giancola, 2014). HR planning ensures that the company can recruit the right people for their activities, and commit them long-term. If ADTC hires correct head hunters, they avoid the expenses of finding, hiring and training new employees regularly.
At ADTC, most of the HR planning is conducted with a focus on the new talent that the company needs. In fact, over the past few years, they have been employing technology-related competencies along with new HR strategies like knowledge management and human capital management among other things. Currently, the company’s defined business goal centers around finding good employment opportunities for Emiratis in Abu Dhabi. Their best practice in HR planning involves forecasting the needs of the company as they grow beyond the Abu Dhabi market. Currently, ADTC serves organizations within Abu Dhabi, but the business have already identified perspective candidates that will be added to the current human capital once they expand into other regions. Mostly, they are looking at HCM professionals and market analysts, who will offer competent employment services to their clients in the future. HR planning includes knowing the company needs at the moment, and understanding the future requirements. Moreover, HR planning requires estimating potential timings, and being able to ensure that the needs are met on time so as to avoid disrupting the activities of the organization.


Considering that ADTC is a recruiting agency, they have the best databases to source employees for themselves. The company has an impressive online presence to attract and engage potential employees with various skills not only within their organization but also within partners. The company’s recruitment is conducted online and through other avenues, for example job expos and advertisements in the media. The company is also known to interact with recent graduates from the numerous colleges, especially with specialization in management and HR-related fields of study. The main aim of college cooperation is to find people with relevant career paths and interest them in joining the organization at the entry-level position. Moreover, in some cases interns or entry-level employees are coordinate work and their undergraduate programs at the university. The key concept is to ensure that ADTC employs people of the appropriate career interest and required qualifications and grow together with the company (Werner & DeSimone, 2011).
Most of the recruitment exercises in the organization are scheduled to occur when the students are searching for internships and attachments. ADTC can offer the opportunity to consider a career in the reputable organization, which often leads to incredible feedback, especially considering that they hire some of the best performing students in the field. The recruitment process is rather comprehensive starting with targeting new talent that has to be nurtured in the organization. Therefore, rather than focusing on the labor market for their recruitment needs, ADTC Company seeks to nurture their own employees from the entry level positions. Consequently, the entity assures quality training so as to secure their position in the job market, improve their job satisfaction and encourage employee retention. The company’s success in the region offers the highest employee retention rates for the clients.


Selecting the right employees goes beyond evaluation of their academic credentials. The process focuses on matching the right individual with the appropriate job, thus ensuring that the client hires an excellent employee to fulfill a given responsibility. ADTC is an organization that offers employment services to the Emiratis, matching them with the right organizations based on their career paths and skill sets. Thus, the company’s main criterion for their own staff is people skills. The employees have to understand the applicants if they intend to match a person and a job position. For example, if the client is looking for market analysts, they will need tech-savvy individuals who can work long hours and have an eye for detail. They may easily find market researchers, who have specialized in research as an academic discipline; but they need workers with experience in the field. Thus, the selection process for market analysts involves looking for skill sets that include the use and understanding of technology and its dynamism, the ability to interact with people and obtain information easily, commitment and self-motivation that enables people to work for long hours when they have an impending deadline to meet (Werner & DeSimone, 2011). The selection process for ADTC involves creating a team of market analysts who are self-driven, competent and capable of carrying out their duties without a problem. The process in the company requires panel and group interviews that allow evaluating the potential employees in a neutral setting. Consequently, they can have an honest conversation about their expectations and abilities with relevance to the organization.

Training and Development

Employee training and development is a process that involves engaging employees and providing a continuous learning experience that is relevant to the goals and objectives of the organization in question. Planning stage states the organization’s needs to establish the direction of searching. At ADTC, it is ensured that each position has a clear job description that effectively defines the direction in which the employee’s career will grow. Therefore, if one joins the company as a market analyst, they are likely to continue training in line with market research. Also, they will communicate with the partners in terms of establishing their needs and expectations in human resource management. Thus, market analysts at ADTC are likely to be schooled on the concepts of the labor market and supportive aspects, including the national and global economics. The training would be planned according to the lines of promotion to head of their department or the recruitment department which requires a deep understanding of the labor market and its needs. The idea here is to ensure that the employees within a given department meet the organization’s needs for ADTC according to the task culture. The company is yet to embrace the matrix culture, and thus people are expected to grow in a way that is relevant to the tasks that are set before them. The selection team, for example, is continuously being trained in interpersonal skills and social psychology in a bid to enhance their understanding of the personalities during the job interviews.


As a major aspect of competitive advantage in the labor market, the compensation practice used by any organization should meet their operational goals both in the long and short-terms. ADTC is a government agency that aims at empowering Emiratis to get good jobs, while allowing the partners to find the right employees. ADTC is a very powerful player in the country’s economic blueprint. The employees know their important role, and thus expect to be compensated according to the value of their work. Moreover, they appreciate the status of Abu Dhabi economy, which increases the potential compensation. The compensation practices at ADTC are based on the employee’s job description, position and responsibilities. The management executives are paid higher salaries compared to the entry level workers who require training. In addition to the basic salary of the government’s wage policies, the company offers allowances and bonuses to their well performing employees. Compensation packages encourage workers to dedicate their efforts to the organization, while also challenging others to do the same if they intend to get bonuses. The company also presents benefits like medical insurance, educational loans and other relevant programs aimed at motivating the employees to deliver results. Consequently, the company has competitive advantage as employees enjoy working for a given organization (Gooskens, 2012).

Performance Management

At ADTC, performance management is a collective process that involves all the teams, their leaders and department heads. At the end of each year, the employees gather to review the performance and evaluate each individual contribution. It can be noted that evaluation is based on the previously set goals of the individual in in the previous year. When an individual joins ADTC, he/she is asked to consult their team leaders and mentors on their career development goals. Next, the employee has to list objectives and a five year plan that they have to work towards. Thus, the abovementioned factors are used to measure their performance in the organization. As a method of control, each year they had to evaluate their progress. The process engages the management and the employees, allowing for smart and relevant goals to be set and met within the organization (Rowley & Jackson, 2010). As a result, the company is known to promote their employees, who are considered in the top tier of HR officers in the UAE. Finally, performance appraisals often entail self-assessment and reporting, which is then reviewed by the team leaders. The recommendations are made if something seems unsatisfactory in the light of the organizational goals and objectives. The idea is to keep the employees focused on their personal and career development goals without deviating and growing with the company.

Employee Relations

All successful companies in any industry have learnt that their human capital is the biggest asset. The focus explains the ongoing obsession with employee relations across the globe. ADTC is one of the major players in employment policies in the UAE, and the entity is a role model for many companies in Abu Dhabi in terms of its employee relations and policies. The company has been able to hire and retain some of the most qualified people in the country due to their attractive policies on employee relations. ADTC adheres to the national laws on employment, indicating limited opportunities for women; nevertheless, the company has been able to follow the international standards in employee relations. The organization is strict on the penalty for sexual harassment, including suspicious gender-based behavior amongst their employees. The company is aimed at creating conducive work environment for all employees, thus they allow religious, generational and interest diversity. An obvious lack of ethnic diversity is motivated with the fact that ADTC is an Emirati employment agency. Nevertheless, this may not be a best practice for a company that aims to grow globally in the future. At the moment, the current strategy is working exceptionally well for ADTC (Rowley & Jackson, 2010).


ADTC is one of the organizations that invest in reputation to prove their worth in the business industry. The organization is a business-to-business enterprise that convinces clients to outsource HCM to them. Thus, they have to ensure their advantage in the industry, and the management has been able to apply basic HR strategies to hire the best brains in the industry and operate effectively at all times. The strategies include analysis and design of work, HR planning, recruitment, selection, training and development, compensation, performance management and employee relations, all of which have been used to enhance the company’s position in the labor market. Currently, ADTC is amongst the best organizations for those in the HR field, which makes them an ideal partner for outsource HCM activities. In conclusion, ADTC is a leader in HR strategies in the UAE, thus explaining their significance to all companies within Abu Dhabi and beyond in terms of finding and retaining the right people in the right job positions.

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