The Сhosen Project is Beach Resorts

This research begins with introduction, which sets out the objectives for project resorts in the UAE. The project statement describes the purpose of the project and its significance. Background compares hotels and beach resort which different types of spa are defined as project resorts, as their use is discussed at length. Moreover, in this part is also a history of resorts. The document also refers to the importance of the choice of the topic of discussion which states that it is in the interest of future scientists in the areas of research, and it will add to the existing literature on architecture . The goals and objectives of the project are also presented methods that will be used to collect data in these cases. Primary and secondary data collection will be used in this project. The draft plan is discussed according to how the project is implemented, and some of the methodology that will include a study of the design , sample policies and data collection practices . Finally, the paper concludes by examining the work plan and as a result he pointed out that the various projects we have to work to be specified, in order to make sure that nothing is left.

The Project Description

Beach resort is a kind of resort, where the main tourist attraction is seaside facilities. The beach is a central point for potential tourists in such kind of resort. Beach resort is a real estate project that can be made and developed by a master developer. This kind of resort is supposed to provide its clients with an easy access to various beach facilities and attractions. Moreover, beach resort usually includes lodging accommodations, residents, and ownerships used by tourists, travelers and season residents. Resorts are usually categorized according to three main criteria: proximity to primary markets, setting and primary amenities, mix residences. When talking about beach resorts, it is possible to say that they are usually located near the beach and provide clients with seaside facilities and attractions (Resort development (development, 2008).

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Beach resorts usually provide tourists with a wide range of various facilities. First, various residences are usually located on the territories of beach resorts. The most popular are hotels, however there are some other kinds of residence. Hotels and residences can have different characteristics and level of services. Moreover, hotels usually have swimming pools and various facilities and attractions. In the area of a beach resort many restaurants, bars, and cafes are usually located. Attractions and places to visit are one of the most significant issues in beach resorts. In beach resorts it is possible to find various attractions, like historical places, sport facilities, clubs and so on. The most vital point is to provide tourists with facilities of seaside.

The Reasons of Selecting this Project

The main reason for choosing this project is an increased level of tourism demand in UAE. Moreover, local people also search for local getaways. UAE today is one of the most developed and attractive countries for tourists in the world. Tourism is one of the most developing fields of UAE, and it is appropriate to design a beach resort.

The Goals of Project Design

The main goal of the project is to design a resort, which will correspond to tastes of both local and foreign tourists. This beach resort is not going to be of a luxurious status, but will have the highest characteristics of service. The resort is going to be accessible for people with the average income. The resort must have fascinating architecture that will attract visitors. Moreover, design of the beach resort must also be attractive for all visitors. The most vital issue is safety, which is supposed to provided by good architecture.


The objective of the essay is to create a beach resort in UAE for tourists with the average income and higher. The resort will have all necessary facilities and will be designed in the theme of Emirate`s heritage. Location is the main point in the project, as well as transport communication. The area should be available for business goals as well, like business meetings and conferences.

Project Statement

Beach resort in UAE is designed in a specific theme. Beach resort signifies such type of resort where all attractions are surrounded by sea facilities, and the resort is located near the sea or ocean. The beach resort is created for relaxation and promotion of the region.

The Project Site

The beach resort will be located on the territory of UAE. The beach resort will be located near the beach. The resort will consist of a few hotels and residences of different ranking. However, the ranking starts from four starts. Each hotel or residence will have its own swimming pool. On the area of the resort, various facilities and attractions like restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, gardens and so on will be built. The resort is going to be located not far from the sea. The weather is hot throughout the year, however there are rainy seasons. The site is going to have four resorts: Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa, Le Meridien AL Aqah Beach Resort, Iberotel Miramar AL Aqah Beach Resort, Sandy Beach Hotel Resort. There will be a petrol station, privately owned farms, residential houses, private beach houses and developed resorts next to the resort. The reason for choosing this location is based on the fact that it is the coolest area, and is a perfect place for vacation; moreover, it is close to the stunning Indian Ocean. AL Aqah that offers many facilities such as water sports is located at the site.
The main point is that everything can be designed according to Arabic medieval literature such as Arabian Nights, or Aladdin. Cuisine in restaurants, cafes, bars or hotel’s canteen should be only Arabic. The architecture will be designed according to the main topic of the project. Arabic gardens, hotels that look like palaces, markets, shops, which will come through the Arabic tales about Aladdin and Scheherazade will be constructed on the territory of the resort. In every hotel or residence, tourists will be amused by various concerts, shows and activities. For example, belly dancers or show of acrobats. Next to the beach there will be shops with different deserts and food and bars, where it will be possible to buy non-alcoholic drinks. The proposed project will comprise the best traditions of Arabic culture, and will bring an opportunity for tourists to become a part of a fairytale.

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Methods of Data Collection

The main methods of data collection are interviews, surveys and observation. Interviews are necessary as they will help to create a general picture of tourists’ needs and market opportunities. As interviewers, a few people from both local and foreign areas will be selected in order to know their tastes and expectations. Another significant approach is observation, which I am going to make by myself. In this part of my research I will make my own observations related to the issue of location, climate, access to raw materials, licenses, nature and views. The last method of data collection is survey, which I am going to conduct with a help of the internet and various periodicals. I will visit several tourist websites on the internet in order to get necessary information of the region. Additionally, I am going to read various journals and magazines related to tourism and cultural heritage of the region.

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Project Organization/Methodology/Work Plan

The main point of project organization is explanation of the importance and relevance of building a beach resort in the chosen region. In this part, it is vital to specify the duties of each member, and create a timeline in order to end the project in time. For the project organization it is essential to conduct a research, and in order to get necessary information, it is vital to choose significant research methods. There are four main research methods: description, interpretation, management, and prediction. Description method shows the differences between samples and objects. Interpretation represents the explanation of processes and researching objects. Prediction helps predict the future processes and prevent bad consequences. And management can help in managing all other researches. After the goal is set, it is necessary to choose a methodological approach which is extremely important for the goal`s implementation. The research methodology has two categories: quantitative and qualitative. The first category includes the measurement of different aspects of a person’s activity. This category is defined as observation of objects. In the quantitative category there are four types of a measurement scale such as nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. The second category is conducted in natural settings, where researchers can work in a non-research atmosphere. (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Qualitative research method is good in situations when the subject cannot use or read answer scales. Also typical methodology forms that are used in cross-cultural psychology include: survey, experiment, meta-analysis, observation, content-analysis, psychobiography, focus-group methods, and other analysis procedures,. Critical thinking gives very important approaches for scientific researches. There are different points of view, so it is very important to choose the right instrument of research. To avoid wrong solutions, it is necessary to understand the problem from two different sides, because this can help in solving the problem in the right way. Work plan is also essential as it helps to carry out a project according to set requirements and goals.

Report Organization

I will start with researching and studying precedent studies. Then, it is vital to look for an appropriate site and study its conditions, in order to gather all the data I will need to make a design program. In addition, it is necessary to conduct surveys and interviews that will help me understand customers’ needs. I will make a design program and present it in a form of bubble diagrams and an adjacency matrix. After the research I will propose a possible site plan in order to make everything according to requirements.

Generic Data

Project Background

This part of the report aims at providing a definition of the term resort and it covers various aspects in designing a resort. In addition, the background and history of resorts, types of resorts, resorts in UAE, and tourism will be discussed in this part.

The term resort means a significant place which comprises an accommodation and various recreational spaces. The main goal of the resort is to provide people with a possibility to relax and have some rest. People usually visit resorts during their vacations and holidays. Moreover, people visit various resorts for business purposes such as meetings and conferences. Resorts can be of various types and provide tourists with different facilities like lodging, food, sports, shopping and entertainment. Hotel is an essential part of a resort as it provides tourists with accommodation and various services. Hotels can be of various types and ranks. Resorts usually comprise hotels of two to five stars ( Tong, 2001). Moreover, hotels usually have swimming pools, canteens, bars, sport facilities, entertainment areas etc. The territory of resorts must have developed infrastructure with restaurants, cafes, and bars. One of the most important issues while creating a resort is a beautiful nature and a view from hotel rooms or restaurants. In a resort all buildings usually are high as the view is extremely important for tourists. Especially, sea view is crucial.

According to the history of resorts, the first resorts were created on the seaside, as well as near the area of beautiful nature, and the main goal of those resorts was relaxation. The oldest resorts appeared in the Roman Empire nearly two thousand years ago. Romans used to build a public leisure facility known as Baths. This resort could be used by both women, and men, but separately. The main purpose of baths was health, social enjoyment and recreation. The first resort in Europe, was constructed in Belgium in the 14th century, and it was based on spa procedures. Then, in the 17th century such resorts became popular in Britain. Starting from the 19th century, resorts became more popular, and diverse, as well as more private. Today, tourism development requires an increase of various resorts and development of infrastructure (Resort development (development, 2008).

There are various types of resorts

  • The first type of resorts that is going to be discussed is destination resort. This kind of resort is supposed to be close to a destination like town, historical place, park, etc. An example can be Niagara Falls, which fascinating nature always attracts a lot of visitors. Moreover, there are many places to visit there and to have a wonderful time. People usually come there to see the famous miracle of nature – Niagara Falls, various parks, and gardens. On the territory of Niagara Falls, there is an extremely developed infrastructure, with various restaurants, shops, hotels, and picnic pavilions. Other examples can be Matchu-Pitchu, Taj Mahal and so on. Destination can be also a historical place, where ancient times left a trail as well. For those visitors, who want to visit a historical place, such kind of resort will be perfect. Such resorts have a spirit of the ancient century, with its houses, workshops, and other buildings that reflect the ancient communities of the past centuries. Artisans and villagers demonstrate skills of bread making and cooking in the style of that period of time. Such a resort is also a cultural place, where art plays an extremely significant role.
  • Another type of resorts is seaside resorts. The main aim of such resorts is to be near the sea or ocean. The main facilities are “snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, parasailing, and boating”. Many of such resorts have their own beaches.
  • Then, one of the most popular resorts is a golf resort. This resort is famous among rich people, and usually such resorts have their own golf fields that are free for tourists. Island resorts usually provide theur tourists with various facilities that include water sports like swimming, fishing, bathing etc.
  • There are also extreme resorts, the main goal of which is to participate in various extreme activities like safari. Such resorts are well-known due to great nature and there is also a possibility to visit real African Lion Safari. Usually over 1,000 exotic animals and birds live in the area of safari. All visitors can drive their own vehicles, or use a specific, comfortable, guided and air-conditioned safari tour bus.
  • Luxury resorts are another type of resorts. Such resorts are designed for rich people and usually include spa, golf, water sports, natural ecology etc. The main issue in such resorts is the highest quality of customer service.
  • Mountain resorts are usually perfect for those who are willing to spend time near the mountains. Such resorts are usually located near the mountains. The tourists are usually attracted by the possibility of skiing.
  • Following this, another popular resort is a ski resort that became extremely popular in recent years. Every winter such resorts attract many visitors, who are interested in skiing, snowmobiling, ice-skating, and other winter sports.

Theme park resorts also can attract many tourists. A resort can has its own events, attractions, beautiful nature and developed infrastructure. First, it can has parks, where all tourists can get an opportunity for biking, jogging; moreover, it also attracts tourists with its beaches, nature trails, outdoor recreation and various interpretive programs. In addition, there are many amusement parks, many of which are located near the seaside. One of the examples can be Disney Parks. The biggest events such as concerts, performances, and festivals are usually held there. Every week it is possible to visit a concert. This kind of resort is famous with its natural attractions such as plains, landscapes, wildlife rich forests, lakes and rivers.

Project Description

Many resorts are located in the ocean area and are well-known with its beautiful nature and water attractions. There are many cruise ships there. UAE is located in Southwest Asia, and the weather is hot there throughout the year, that is why beach resorts are extremely popular in this area. Beach resorts are usually created for those tourists who prefer a relaxing type of resorts. However, beach resorts can be different and vary according to target audience. Beach resorts can be for families, where it is necessary to create all services for both parents and children such as amusement parks, for example. Another example of a beach resort is a resort for young people like Ibiza, where the main attraction should be clubs and festivals. Then, there is such type of beach resorts like Bora Bora, for those who prefer relaxing, calm, and romantic resorts. In such type of resorts, usually resort owners create atmosphere of heaven, with little bungalows, tropic themes, and exotic nature.


Hotels play a vital role in beach resorts as they should provide all tourists with all necessary services. According to the rating system, hotels can be ranked by stars, crowns, or other characteristics, however the most well-known and spread is ranking by stars. Moreover, in beach resorts it is also possible to stay in holiday villages (Lawson, 1995). Such hotels usually have an all-inclusive system, which means that food, drinks and some services are included in the price, so the visitors can feel free and get a sense of abundance. Such a system is especially popular on beach resorts as the main aim of beach resorts is to provide tourists with the feeling of relaxation, where they should not care about their expenses. A beach should also have a developed infrastructure. For instance, it is possible to build cafes next to the beach. Moreover, it is vital to provide the beach with all necessary services.
Beach resorts can provide different attractions. For example, every beach resort provides its tourists with possibilities to go on a excursion. Usually close to beach resorts there are some places to visit like historical places or villages, or big cities, where it is possible to observe a dynamic life. Cultural tourism is also wide spread there as tourists enjoy being entertained with various art and cultural attractions.

Design Guidelines

In almost every hotel there is a swimming pool, where tourists can swim when the weather is not good enough for swimming in the sea, or when they just want to change the place of swimming. In addition, every hotel in beach resorts must have a bar that can be near the swimming pool, a canteen, where tourists can eat, and some hotels have their own restaurants or lounges. Hotels can provide their clients with various luxury facilities like a golf field, a tennis court, gym, spa, and so on. In addition, it is possible to build gardens and other attractive design’s features inside the hotels. In beach resorts, the view of the sea or the ocean is a vital point. That’s why hotels should not be built behind high buildings. All building should be located close to each other; it is better to locate shops and restaurants in the centre, natural attractions – outside the region.

A city or region where a beach resort is supposed to be built must have developed infrastructure. Shopping is a vital part of a beach resort, so it is vital to have shopping centers, malls, or shops there. Then, restaurants, bars, and cafes are crucial for beach resorts as, while relaxing, people want to taste national cuisine of the region, and drink cold drinks. Attractions and various types of entertainment are important for any beach resort, so there should be stages for concerts or concert halls, clubs and places where tourists can book an excursion.
All the hotels in this resort must be located not far from each other and close to the beach. In addition, the resort should be also located close to the centre of the city, which is full of facilities and attractions. All buildings in front of the resort should not be high as the view is vital for tourists. The resort should be surrounded by the nature and create a fascinating picture.

Project Statement

According to the project a beach resort is going to be located in UAE. Beach resort means such type of resort where all attractions are surrounded by sea facilities, and the resort is located near the sea or ocean. The beach resort is created for relaxation, and promotion of the region. On the territory of the beach resort different residentces such as hotels are usually located, where clients should be provided with a high quality service. The infrastructure also must be created in order to satisfy tourists’ needs. Beach resorts are well-known for beautiful nature and ecology, where every visitor or tourist can visit various places and view all beauty and mightiness of the nature. Beach resorts are created for people in order to provide them with full relaxation and satisfaction.

Project Elements /Components

The main elements of a beach resort are hospitality, an excellent service, developed infrastructure, various facilities and an access to the beach. Hotels must include a full range of services that will help tourists have a full relaxation. Infrastructure must be developed and comprise shopping centers, restaurants, clubs and other amenities. The main elements are also historical places, cultural events and many others.

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