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Social Media and Business

There are numerous definitions of social media both in online and printed sources. However, usually social media is associated with the use of such Internet applications as Twitter and Facebook with the purpose of informing and communication. However, there are “deeper” definitions of the concept, where social media usually refers to the democratization of the content and change in human behavior which influences the spread of information. This means that some people may influence others’ perception of the product or phenomenon simply with only 1 click. Social media has profound influence on individuals and their mindset. Moreover, modern business practices are exposed to drastic changes with the use of social media marketing.

People can always get connected with each other by using social media regardless of their location and time zone. People get acquainted with each other irrespective of their age and build relationships on the basis of social media. Revolution in the Middle East and Arab Spring proves his phenomenon. Moreover, Barack Obama used to win the Presidency elections due to the campaign which was focused much on the social media in the United States. Since the creation of social media, most business owners have realized that social media and consumers go hand-in-hand and businesses can benefit much from the focus on social media usage and different websites.

The Youth and Social Media

Businesses are deeply preoccupied with social media. Whenever businesses introduce new technology, it is obvious that it mainly refers to young people who use all innovations for their benefits. Therefore, businesses concentrate on the social media that help them spread the technology with enormous speed. New forms of technology lead the market and business subjects them to the customer’s eye with the help of social media. There are less people who listen to radio, watch films on DVD players and read newspapers for information comprehension. Advertising is being completely changed, whereas products become more popular if information on them is disseminated through the web, mainly via Google and social media. Businesses cannot come up with easier forms of advertising than social media marketing, which remains highly convenient for all companies that desire to get their products to the wider audience. Moreover, since more and more people are involved in social media irrespective of their age, businesses do not spend additional expenses on radio or TV advertising as wide audiences can be informed about their services or products with a couple of clicks, which would cost less in comparison with old advertising methods. If company wants to be highly competitive, then it does not have any other choice as to outsource all their advertising campaigns to the social media. Otherwise, product distribution will not reach so wide audiences with ordinary advertising strategies that can be characterized as a “cliché.”

The use of social media was an innovative approach some years ago, but now it has become a traditional option to spread the requested information and advertise products and services. Modern businesses rely much on social media. According to the research, social media can be characterized as the “core” of many areas of human lives, starting from education up to the healthcare. For instance, when educational establishments desire to spread information about their departments and advantages of entering colleges and universities, they use social media marketing. Moreover, when there is a need to educate people on how to deal with some illnesses due to epidemic outbreaks, governments use social media. Some employers use social media on a regular basis to check if applicant is appropriate for the job position. For instance, recruiter got numerous resumes and desires to check applicant’s profile in Facebook, which can become very beneficial if work requires applicants to refer to a certain category, according to which employer selects potential workers. Moreover, it is very convenient to have customer support service in Facebook or Twitter, when clients can send the description to the problem and chat personally with company’s representatives. Moreover, customers can even get in touch with other consumers and get all needed information to make a decision whether the chosen product or services meets their expectations.

Easy Access to Social Media

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One of the biggest benefits of using social media marketing is that companies can “get in touch” with wider audience in comparison to ordinary advertising such as radio, newspapers, and television. According to statistics, business owner can spread information via newspaper to 2000 people, whereas the usage of social media can increase the chances to 200,000 people. Moreover, company’s representatives can get in touch with those people via Facebook, Twitter, etc and clarify some aspects of cooperation. Social media offers much lowered prices for advertising, which means that companies do not have to spend a significant amount of their budget on advertising and spend it on something more beneficial for the company’s well-being. There are numerous advertisements in Facebook, where people only have to click on “like it” and business owners will be sure that the advertised product is worth launching into the market.

Another benefit of using social media for advertising technology, food and beverages, etc is an ability of business owners to listen to consumers’ reviews and implement the needed changes in their practice. Businesses encourage consumers to engage with the brand and provide their personal perception of the discussed service or product. Instead of paying much to researchers in order to define the most popular industry trends, companies decide to use social media and easily check customers’ preferences. Moreover, it can save much time for the company’s administration along with efforts since one can find specific information on the consumer trends with a couple of clicks. Moreover, instead of advertising the product to all people (meaning with the use of radio, TV, etc), businesses can advertise their products to certain categories of people as one can select a group of individuals in social media for further cooperation. Thus, advertising through social media proves to be a very smart and cost-effective move for both small firms and large corporations.

With the help of social media, small and big businesses are able to get all required information on consumer preferences without breaching the privacy rules. However, the most obvious reason why businesses utilize social media marketing is the low costs of advertising. However, it not only refers to the price of the services, but also about how people perceive information. Moreover, some consumers might think that it is the interference in their personal life on Facebook or Twitter, which would make them refuse to refuse being involved in the website query and provoke negative emotions towards the purchase of certain products being advertised. Some researchers state that businesses interfere in personal lives so much that people no longer notice it and simply take it for granted. People are no longer perceived as individuals, but as robots that simply do what they are asked and buy everything they see in ads. Therefore, many companies have to understand that customer privacy must be of the primary importance if their companies want to reach better results and performance rates with the help of social media and consumers.

Change of Business Strategies

Moreover, many businesses believe it to be pretty challenging to change their traditional ways of running businesses and implement new strategies in their work. Researchers state that social media is a must and every company has to adopt new strategies that are focused on the usage of social media. Modern market required the integration of the most recent technology in the practice, production of new methodologies and strategies as well as creating new positions within the company structures that will be in charge of the social media marketing. Whenever businesses desire to upgrade their technology, it always presumes significant parts of their budget. However, it does not grant 100% success and companies may risk losing their profit for inappropriate investment. Some businesses invest much in different websites thinking that social media will help them reach the next level of performance. However, definitely not all websites are credible enough to believe that company can gain higher profits with their assistance.

The most vivid example of social media usage in business is the company Pepsi, which focuses much on the popular websites and their audience. Since times when Pepsi centered their work on social media marketing, Pepsi reached the desired success and media helps company’s administration to get an insight about the consumers and their demands in relation to their pricing and marketing strategies. Nowadays Pepsi invests millions of dollars in social media and no longer follows traditional ways of conducting marketing. Whenever there is a new mode of media, Pepsi always follows it because the world is always moving with improvement of all aspects of people’s lives and social media is not an exception. Some other companies invest much in the Super Bowl advertisement as there will be millions of people watching the game. However, Pepsi follows a completely different strategy as its administration and marketing managers realize that wider audience can be reached with the help of social media.

Pepsi has made another move for the company’s development. Today people can visit their website and will be surprised to see that it is not a regular website that promotes Pepsi products, but also a social media site. In such a way, company reaches its wide audience and allows consumers to post their reviews on the site and generate website content according to their perception of the product. Thus, people are directly involved in marketing strategy that Pepsi follows. Pepsi realizes that some individuals can significantly influence others, meaning that favorable reviews can impact one’s perception of the product or services much deeper than any other advertisement on television or radio. Moreover, it is no longer considered as “jumping on the bandwagon” when business utilizes social media marketing is a way to reach heights. Since people are social beings, they are more likely to spend time in Facebook or Twitter than watching television nowadays. Many teenagers spend whole days long posting their reviews on social media sites, chatting with friends, etc. According to statistics, they no longer need to watch television or listen to radio to be informed about the most recent trends and events happening around the world. With this in mind, modern businesses know where to invest their money for the bigger profits.

Usage of Social Media by Ford

Ford Company is another vivid example when social media sites are widely utilized for reaching company’s success. Although company used to experience some economic hardships and not knowing whether it would stay afloat, social media helped to increase sales rates. Company strategic plans were fulfilled by investing in the social media sites. Speaking about fiesta movement, company asked consumers to do everything they want on certain pages– post photos and videos, tweet and blog, share their personal emotions and experience with others concerning company’s products. Therefore, company overcame the economic struggles with the help of consumers. Ford website utilized thousands of reviews from various social media sites for the promotion of their cars. Moreover, company sold more cars than even predicted by the company’s sales plans. Moreover, Fiesta campaign allowed selling other vehicles that were not advertised in the campaign. Car models that were introduced in the market three or four years ago also were successfully purchased with the help of the most effective campaign company has ever launched in its history. Therefore, social media marketing as a form of spreading requested information and interaction of consumers has proved to be indeed effective as it brings fruitful results to numerous companies around the world.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that Fiesta introduced a similar model with the usage of social media as Pepsi. Company did not invest money into Facebook Twitter and similar social sites but created their own website that allowed its customers to post reviews and be directly involved in the building of vehicle. Ford consumers highly appreciated such step forward, whereas they remained directly linked to the business practice. All reasonable ideas concerning the design of Fiesta were incorporated into practice and consumers got the car according to their reviews and preferences. Therefore, Ford is deeply concerned about the usage of social media as the key marketing strategy that allows following consumer pieces of advice while choosing company’s direction. Researchers state that it is a very clever move to utilize ideas of ordinary people. It is cost effective and innovative, whereas both sides remain pleased with the final results.

Google remains high in the list of the websites cooperating with social media. Google has fully adjusted its work to the use of social media by different viewers. Google is known to place the search engine listing on different pages such as Facebook. Moreover, Google continues to cooperate with Facebook in order to promote its products. One of the most obvious examples of such collaboration is the promotion of Google Chrome, which turned out to be very profitable and effective as nowadays more and more users utilize this browser.

Google Plus Options

Google introduced Google Plus, which is known as a browser with extended options, one of which is media component. Users can utilize Google Plus to get in touch with their friends and share similar searches. Although there has been an increased interest to Google plus during the last months, its users no longer utilize their features. Many users were “forced” to sign on to the website, which made people refuse to utilize its options. Therefore, Google must learn on its mistakes that not all adaptations of social media in the form of Google Plus may be effective. Moreover, researchers state that Google need to implement more innovative ideas in its practice and focus around the work of social media which remains the key of functioning of numerous businesses.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that far not all businesses utilize social media for their purposes. They remain reluctant to change their existing marketing strategies which also prove to be highly successful. Many business owners do not follow a strategy of using social media as a key strategic move. They successfully invest money in television and marketing and do not generate any new ideas on how their business should develop. Moreover, some business owners think that their quality of products is advertisement itself as the more people realize high quality of the products they purchased, the bigger sales rates would be within short periods of time.

Government Actions

Due to the fact that businesses so closely cooperate with social media, one can see the increased interest of the US government towards their actions. Nevertheless, no special regulations are being introduced on the governmental level and social media remains to be unregulated nowadays. More and more individuals claim that their private rights are violated whenever businesses track the visitor’s history and his/her actions on the website. However, website owners can easily disprove all consumers’ words claiming that they are welcome not to visit these websites and all problems can be resolved. Many businesses use social media with the purpose of customer support, purchasing and advertising. Therefore, most individuals who think that they use social media for socializing purposes are wrong as they are exposed to numerous marketing trends that appear on the screen all the time, not being monitored by government regulations.

Numerous businesses worldwide engage with social media and invest more and more in social media realizing that modern marketing cannot do without it. More social media categories and peculiarities need to be explored by researchers if business will tend to cooperate with social sites in the same manner. Moreover, there may be a need to unite different marketing managers and researchers to better understand the field of social media. In the recent past, radio, newspapers and television used to be the most popular forms of communication and spreading information to the wide audience. Social media is the next stage in development and modern marketers agree with this statement.

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