Management is the nerve system of business. Business that fails to employ different management tools and techniques suffers greater losses now and then (Brown & Lamming 2005, p. 46). Every business unit in a company needs a control system for smooth running and proper allocation of services in an efficient mode. For instance, marketing is one of the critical sectors in companies and other business organizations, which require proper implementation of most efficient managerial tools and techniques for efficient performance. According to Dyckman (1992), marketing body in a business plays an important role in advertising products produced by the companies to increase consumers’ demand of commodities. Moreover, marketing is instrumental in creating awareness of a new product on the market and reminding consumers of an already existing product that has, perhaps, undergone some new branding.


According to Henry (1993), marketing department helps business to gain a good image through listening to the customers’ needs directly. It means taking the necessary measures in order to meet consumers’ expectation. Through listening and caring about the consumer claims, the company retains its customers. Besides, it wins the trust of new consumers and hence, increase in business (Howard & Peter 2003, p. 365). In addition, marketing personnel provides education to the company’s final consumers on the effectiveness of the company’s products and educating them on procedures involved in the use of their products. In addition, marketing personnel gathers the immediate feedbacks about the products that a particular group produces which helps the company to meet the consumer’s standards that suit them. According to Levi (2011), it is through the managerial department that the business can get different ideas on how to improve the quality and quantity that those consumers feels comfortable with for effective pricing at levels, which favor the consumers.

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In places where the products of a particular company have never been used due to inaccessibility, marketing department is very efficient and responsible for initiating the products. They educate people on how to the appropriately use different products if technical know-how is needed (Marcus, Maynes & Mitra 2009, p. 239). They decide on the best means of creating awareness of the product in the communities where they have never been used before. Marketing department is the voice of the company as it is responsible for elaborating on other services offered by the company as well as the other products produced by the company. Services such as guarantees to many people they do not comprehend how it functions. Therefore, the marketing personnel intervenes on that gap, elaborating on the terms and conditions that dictate the use of the guarantee service and this way, they get to enjoy the service and demand more.

In occasions where a business needs to revise and improve on the quality of the offered products and services, they rely on a findings made by the marketing department. Hence, marketing is an important tool in the decision making in a business. The marketing department acquaints the business managerial directives with the current condition of the business (Michael & James 1993, p. 14). In case of the competition on the market, the marketing department notifies the management of the business so that they can come up with the relevant solution to curb the situation. Since marketing employees have direct contact with the customers, they provide relevant and reliable information that can be used to foretell the situation of the business. Therefore, this increases opportunism of the market in case of a predictable rise or fall in demand.

According to Monahan (2000), marketing personnel provides many possible business ideas that a certain company can venture and make a profit through them. Business ideas made by the marketing
department are needed in diversification of the business through involvement in other fields that are profitable at a given moment. Diversification helps a company to stabilize in the production cost as in the case of losses in one field, the company can rely on different fields to cater for the production cost. In addition, diversification enhances continuity and security to the business organizations.

Management Tools and Techniques

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In relevance to all those outlined roles played by marketing departments in a business organization, it is evident that performance of a business depends majorly on that department. For maximum efficiency and suitability of business employees in the business, it is necessary to ensure that the department employs relevant and appropriate management tools and techniques. According to Rummler (1995), management tools and techniques play an important portion in different departments in a business organization. Within the department, must coordination in all activities carried out in it which is achieved through division of labor. Bureaucracy in terms of powers and responsibilities is a key idea in coordination of several persons working within the same department. Therefore, it is necessary to major on various managerial tools and techniques that facilitate performance of marketing sectors in the economy.

To begin with, benchmarking is one of the instrumental techniques that are needed for the performance of marketing sector. Benchmarking process is used by department of marketing to perform a research on different disease and performances from other companies. According to Thomas (1993), a business marketing sector makes an effort to visit different successful businesses and gaining information on the skills that they use to record such an excellent performance. Marketing managers identify such companies that have a good history of recommendable to receive relevant information of that particular business. It is through the benching marking a business can compare and contrast its performance. Its level of provision of services and identification of the flaws that it can correct on for better performance also detected.

On the use of benchmarking skill, marketing staff can gather information on different methods of marketing that can be cost saving and, at the same time, effective for marketing. By employing such new approaches of marketing, the company can reduce the marketing expenses and maximize on market for their goods and services and, therefore, high profit margin is achieved. Again, using benchmarking, a business can create some form of partnerships with the best performing companies. For instance, such partnerships are integration in their marketing resources as they could identify themselves with companies that perform better in the business, therefore, this means sharing the consumers.

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Another important operation management tool in marketing is business process re- engineering. Production re-engineering is the process of revisiting the marketing structure of the business. Through the revisiting, a business marketing can identify and determine different unnecessary expenses that a particular business that it incurs. According to Rummler (1995), a company can, therefore, come up with the necessary alternatives that can minimize on the marketing expenses. Marketing intelligence system of business is enhanced. It means that a business can cautiously relate the income from the general market and the total expense on production and marketing costs. Through the process of re-engineering, a business can make many effective decisions that can be very useful for coping with the current conditions in the market. Therefore, the company can retain its customers as it is to look at their needs appropriately. Moreover, the business company can improve the quality of its products to improve the winning of a larger number of customers through production of different products suitable for its purpose.

In addition, the operation management tool such as continuous improvement is needed for the marketing department. It is always the feature of business culture to keep on advancing. Advancement and development in marketing and production processes are very significant in a business environment. According to Triantaphyllou (2000), substitutes to different goods and services are produced day and night as a means to meet the current demands in the business. Therefore, it is crucial for a business market department to be always ready to ensure that they closely follow all companies that produce goods and services similar to theirs with every step they make. Through progressive improvements in goods and services offered, the companies and other business organizations are able to ensure that their customers’ attention and willingness to buy their goods does not divert from their companies.

Another managerial process that business organization should embrace is ability to maintain their quality and reliability. Trust, taste, and preference of customers are determined by the quality and reliability of the company marketing managerial employees. A company cannot expect customers to believe in one’s abilities and keep their willingness and ability to buy the product if the information a company gives them about the product and the company itself is unreliable. According to Triantaphyllou (2000), customers are significant in their own way as they can be attracted by simple conviction and, at the same time, they can be distracted and lose their willingness by just a simple thing. Therefore, it is the mandate of the marketing team to ensure that they offer reliable information about their products. A company’s reliability in the supply and delivery of their product and services is something essential to all customers. A company fails to meet customer’s expectation once it becomes very hard for them to regain their trust in the company. Therefore, it is very necessary for a business group to ensure that it is consistent in their information and supply, remembering that other companies are after competing and they will use any opportunity given to overdo them.

Another significant management tool that is appropriate in marketing sector is strategic planning. According to Steven (2003), market forces, that is, demand and supply continue on deviating from one level to another, which is a result of free entry of several companies in the businesses producing substitute commodities. Other initiating factors causing deviation of forces are due to change in price of the complimentary goods in several companies. In order to maintain these forces at an equilibrium position to avoid losses and loss of many consumers, it is necessary for a business to strategically plan its production and marketing forces in order to meet the current situation in the market.

In addition, the information on the feedback corrected from consumer by marketing personnel in their field work the company can help a company to attain a considerable performance. That information is used for the decision-making process that facilitates strategic planning in order to meet the expected rise or fall in demand and the corresponding effects in the business. Through such strategic planning, business can avoid some serious situation that could have caused greater losses and facilitate the utilization of occasions of high expected cases of higher profits.

Hoshin Khanri and policy deployment is another management technique that majors on marketing planning. In involves a managerial staff in the marketing agency, determining the required strategic marketing in an organization. For example, they can plan targeting a specific group in respect to age levels, job levels, and other physical disparities. For example, one should look at a mobile phone company that has produced a particular model of a smartphone. Applications installed in this smartphone can target particular clients and, therefore, lead to the increase of a company’s business. Marketing employees are responsible for the determination of what clients find a particular product favorable (Slack, & Johnston 2007, p. 345). Through such an investigation, a company can major its supply to such clients and save money, avoiding unnecessary marketing to the wrong clients. Besides, market planning is important as it ensures the coverage of wide geographical inaccessible areas without leaving out any region. In addition, through the data recorded, the marketing personnel can be able to identify areas of high need and, therefore, be able to ensure that the business is well catered for through adequate supply of the products.

Another essential management tool used in different business institutions is performance measurement and balanced accounts. Performance measurement is very necessary for a business organization as it helps in detection of many flaws in a marketing department. Recording and bookkeeping is a very essential accounting aspect that a business cannot do without. Simply the accounting figures give the net worth of business as they give the income from all transactions taking place between the company and the final consumer. Balanced accounts are instrumental for determining whether a company is making loss or profit (Slack & Johnston 2007, p. 345). Decision made by the directors in management department of a company majorly depends on the records made by the marketing employees via the treasure department of the business. It is through these records that a business organization can determine prices of the commodity relative to the current conditions in the prevailing market forces.

Another important operation management method relevant in the marketing department, in different companies is preparation of the marketing study. After a set period, for example, every business unit after half a year or annually has to present consistent analysis showing its performance. The manager who leads the marketing unit takes that mantle and prepares a consistent report on the relevant progresses and drawbacks that affect his/her department. He/she reviews the records made and gives various recommendations from the feedback they collect from the consumers. Besides, he/she indicates the overall performance of his/her department and recommends the personnel team in general (Ross, Randolph & Bradford 2010, p. 789). The recommendations made in the reports are examined by the chief executive officer who afterwards produces a general copy of the report, indicating the company’s general performance. After the relevant review, the chief executive officer can guide the shareholders on the value of their dividends and shares. Therefore, it is important for the marketing department to embrace such a design.

Another managerial tool for excellent performance of marketing personnel is through embracing innovative culture. Every business unit in an organization has to embrace innovation for survival in the business. According to Paul’s (2007), every firm is always concerned about the issue of coming up with some new commodity on the market. Marketing employees need to embrace the same. It is important for the department to initiate something unique to their operation to enhance their efficiency and accountability. It is important to own the initial production right of a commodity since a company becomes the sole supplier of that particular service or a commodity. For a marketing group, innovation is in terms of coming up with different models of advertising and discovering different business ideas on the market that can promote a company’s entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, it is evident that, for excellent performance of different departments, they must employ managerial procedures. In regards to the marketing department, it would be recommendable to use all the possible managerial tools to deal with critical roles and responsibilities in the business. Moreover, marketing acts as a spokesperson to the buyers and sellers directly hence, necessitating the importance of improving its effectiveness through deploying the most effective management techniques.

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