Strategy and implementation of the product/service/market

This connotes the dominant marketing activities the company will engage in best meeting the needs of the specific market segment. Several facets of the strategy and its implementation are herein employed:

Product image

The product stands for what the organization accords, which entails making the transactions between patients and the medical staff of a health care organization easier and faster.  The solution would facilitate the various transactions such as diagnosis, patients’ conditions, looking for relevant information, and the like. Product promotion and publicizing within the dimensions of the market are privy to the market strategy, with a prolific product branding profile and image selling within the target consumer market.

Sale Leverages

In the healthcare business, price decisions are important owing to premiums charged on company operations and the commission charged in accordance with operational activities (Stark, 2007). Sales advantages ascribed to healthcare services as regards decisions in pricing govern the growth of prospective clients into actual clients. An intermediate sale advantage strategy would be appropriate for this market.


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The business looks to maintain the norms of product delivery to the end users with reference to placing its product in strategic databases of convenience to potential buyers. This is geared to promote accessibility and convenience in purchases.


The literacy levels of the populace in the contemporary epoch are quite high, and the rural markets dominate the national economy. Personal and interpersonal promotions will be employed through agents, advertising, publicity, and organizational seminars.

Customer Needs

The company looks to comprehend the customers; specific needs in order to design and allocate an appropriate product befitting the market niche.

Product Strategy

The application would involve the smartphones or tablets for a better communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Its mandate is to reduce costs for patients care and at the same time make healthcare services more efficient and of high quality.

Product Quality

The company looks to avail high quality products that fit the nature of the affluent and capable consumers in society, as well as those of economic stature in terms of grading. The product quality looks to conform to the specific requirements of the client to whom the firm offers its services. Customer satisfaction is intended through provision of quality data output within the most convenient setting.  Quality services are delineated in terms of delivery and follow up services to maintain client base (Valid, 2003).

Product Database

Data mining accrues from a variety of forms dependent on the database sizes that need to be analyzed (Doole & Lowe, 2004). With growth in the company, the organization looks to thrive into more complex tools of data mining in order to better manage inflow and outflow market dynamics of product material. The company looks to undertake product modeling and will therefore employ SPSS in its database application to cover product consumption and predict market trends.

Product Resource Capacity

Typically, the company looks to hire highly educated personnel with copious levels of ingenuity in undergraduate and postgraduate doctrines to facilitate a comprehensive, well thought out mix of product designs. The designs look to be sustainable information mapping and efficient features that set the product apart in the market placing.

Stable Supply

The company is geared to ensuring a consistent and stable production and supply of its affiliate products in such a manner that works to give its consumers continuity in the market. This is good for customer loyalty and attachment. Through its elite employed force, contemporary approaches to ensuring consistent traits in product production are bound to be developed, implemented, adequately implemented, and closely monitored for progress. Continual adjustments with be made from time and scope perspectives to suffice stability requirements.

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