Proposal for Opening an Arabic Restaurant in Orem, Utah

I hereby confirm that the information concerning the finances or any other information that I am going to produce to you regarding Arabic restaurant will remain confidential, and no unintended party will have access to it. Other entities or individual will only access any disclosure of information about the restaurant through a written consent. The information remains the property of Arabic restaurant and will be available for the restaurant at its request. Any violation of the agreement will be handled according to law and compensation made to the restaurant. This would be a way of relieving the restaurant from the damages as a result of an agreement breach. It shall, therefore, be required to always observe the rights and other legal issues.


Executive Summary

The Arabic restaurant will be a 70 seat restaurant. It will offer community food and services that will be available at moderate prices. Both Betty and Jeff, who have served in the hotel industry for a long time, will operate it. They both have an experience of more than ten years. The location of the restaurant will be in Orem, Utah. In this place, there will be located a strategic room to run a business. However, now it needs renovation and restructuring so that it can meet our requirements. It will be opened as soon as the refurbishment is over. The sales projections target 1500 clients per week. This would lead to a total sale of over $ 15,500 per week. The amount of money required to start operating is $ 250,000, and the owner will contribute it. In case the owner’s finances are not enough, he will get a loan from a bank.

The Mission and Business Objectives

The restaurant will have business objectives, and its primary goal is to be a preferred community’s food and services restaurant and to provide moderately priced meals of high quality. The mission of the restaurant will be to provide the customers with a relaxing and more dining experience. We will work towards achieving this goal by ensuring that our prices are reasonable and providing menus of foods that are of high quality accompanied by their ingredients. We will also ensure that our customers are treated with respect and dignity and that there are cooperation and spirit of teamwork among the staffs.

The Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the restaurant will be carefully considered and would be customer- and staff-oriented. We will be mindful of both the team and the customers. This will help improve the working environment and make the customers feel at home. We will treat the customers just the way we would like to be treated. We will also strive to have a good attitude towards the vendors, employees, and customers. Without employees’ time, service, input, and labor, the restaurant would not operate. Therefore, there is a need to develop a positive attitude towards them. The services that we are going to provide will be unique and tailored to meet the requirements of our customers. We shall operate a 24 hrs business that will run throughout the week. The meals will always be available for our clients.


The management of the business will be democratic and will allow the participation of the various shareholders. All the concerned parties shall know its procedures. They will be developed in such a way that they would enable the business to control costs, provide services that are friendly to customers, and ensure that the quality of the food and services is maintained. The business will also have an order guide that will be specifically designed to meet its requirements in terms of tracking the order history. There will be weekly inventory that will be used by the management to determine the weekly loss and profit. It will also assist the management in preparing reports that would help its performance. The daily inventory tracking shall also be used to track sales for specific items so as to ensure that there is accountability.

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The Administrative System

The administrative system shall be carefully considered. Considering its limited staffs, the restaurant needs to have a daily cash outlay that is current. This helps in ensuring that administrative reports are prepared on a daily basis. There should be a regular control of money so that an audit of the business performance can be easily made and appropriate action is taken where there is a decline in performance. The restaurant will also focus on providing future services to its clients. It will consider organizing food and services for weddings, seminars, family reunions, and any other event that may require our specified services.

The Restaurant Layout

The layout of the restaurant will include the serving line, dining room, and kitchen. The serving will be a unique feature that will help reduce the traffic among the customers during the peak hours. It will be designed for flexibility and efficiency to accommodate the fluctuating number of visitors. Upon arrival, every client will be greeted and immediately ushered in to occupy their preferred seats.


The Arabic restaurant will hire 20 employees, and the management will hire an HR agent who will help in recruiting the right staffs for the available positions. The applicants shall be evaluated and rated according to the set standards designed for the various positions. The management team shall consist of the owner and other three members. Each of them will be well-versed with the business mission, objectives, and policies and will be required to work diligently for the team. They will also be required to maintain secrets for the business at all cost. Qualified staff will not require any training before they start working. They also have skills that they can add to the business (O’Neill & O’Neill, 2012).

Customer Satisfaction

What we have considered for our success is the ability to maintain our clients. We would work to ensure that once a customer visits us for the first time, he/she will come on another day. Comments from the customers regarding our services and meals will be seriously considered, and improvement made where necessary. The staffs will be regularly trained so that they will provide the best food and services. In order not to break their morale, they shall be paid attractive salaries. Considering the location of our business, we are going to be located at a place where our targeted customers can easily reach us. We are not going to give our customers any hard time to search for us. Our visitors do not need to travel so that they can reach us (Rao & Chandra, 2012).

Working Days

The restaurant will be opened for seven days in a week and will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will require multiple shifts for our staffs. It will help in ensuring that the customers access the services of the restaurant at their convenient time. Schedules will also be written so that it will allow any decrease or increase of hourly labor as reflected on sales volume. This will be necessary so as to maintain labor cost that is consistent. To ensure that there is no food spoilage, there will be storage facilities installed. It will also guarantee that the food is kept clean and available for the customers when they need them. It will also contribute to ensuring that the demands of the customers are met at any given time especially during the peak hours. The owner will be responsible for receiving, ordering, and ensuring that there is sufficient inventory required to meet the demands. The most perishable ingredients will be ordered on a weekly basis so that their freshness will be observed. Those ingredients that are not highly perishable shall be ordered at a predetermined time and less often.


Competition is not an exception in this industry. There is an expected competition from the existing hotels. Though their services and food are different from that of the restaurant, there is a tendency of them shifting to the new services being offered by the Arabic restaurant. There is also a possibility of new restaurant emerging after the investors realize that the deal was a good opportunity. To keep abreast with the competition and ensure that restaurant shines over the rest of the players in the industry, the Arabic restaurant will develop marketing strategies. Some of these strategies would include diversity marketing, relationship marketing, undercover marketing, transactional marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, PR marketing, event marketing, and online marketing. Through these strategies, the restaurant will be able to increase and maintain its customers. It would also be able to define and understand the customers better. The management will also hire staffs that are highly trained so that they would be able to handle the customers and provide the best quality meals. The workers will also be required to adhere to the business so that there will be a union in executing the duties.

Marketing Strategies and Analysis

The restaurant industry is diverse, and prior market analysis must be carried out. In conducting a market analysis, the management should consider its strength and weaknesses, as well as the available opportunities and threats outside the business. The administration will carry out an economy overview so that it can understand the nature of the market that it is targeting. Regional competitiveness should also be determined to ensure that business does not get threat from the local restaurants. The management also needs to consider the occupational changes among the staffs so that they can be able to plan how to maintain them. A good market analysis will help the business in providing the best supply for the available demand. The latter should be based on the request of the customer. The management should also consider analyzing the market trend to establish the taste of its clients. Hence, it is possible to concentrate on what they like most. It will also help the management in understanding the purchasing ability of the community under consideration. The market growth and its size should also be considered. The administration should also seek the whole demographic information. It will enable them to quantify and measure the market (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014).

Sales Strategies

Making sales would be the ultimate goal of the restaurant, and it should be achieved through offering quality services to the customers. The management, therefore, needs to ensure that the right sales strategies are put in place. The employees will be provided with teaching materials to train them on how to deal with customer perception, service attitude, and how to handle their complaints. The management with the involvement of the staff will conduct policy review regularly to ensure that there is a continued customer satisfaction. This will also help in ensuring that there is constant communication between the management and the staffs. After acknowledgment of a client’s complaint by the staff, he/she will refer it to the management for the necessary action to be implemented (Cespedes, 2014).


The Arabic restaurant will be a new restaurant in Orem, Utah, requiring various marketing strategies. Thus, the customers can be aware of its existence. The owner will also need to be aware of the existing market trends and establish the demand of the clients that it is targeting. This will help in deciding the best sales strategies. The owner needs to identify a location where the customers will easily reach the business. The restaurant may also face competition from different players in the industry.


The Arabic restaurant is a good investment in Orem, Utah, since no other restaurant is found in close proximity. The management of the restaurant should ensure that it understands the customers that it is targeting. It should carry out a thorough market survey and analysis to ensure that their food and services are what the customers are looking for. The restaurant should not introduce new types of food and services before establishing whether the customers will like them. This will help in ensuring that the management commits the restaurant resources to only what will generate income. To overcome competition, the restaurant should also ensure that it develops strong and effective marketing strategies.

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