Market Analysis

Executive Summary: The Business Idea

The main focus of this business plan is venturing in the beauty sector. Our company will be known as “the Spa 2 Go.” The concept has its in-depth meaning. Spa 2 Go means that the company’s employees will demonstrate the willingness and heart of providing their beauty services even at the doorstep of our clients. We will use the Ford coachman that will help us traverse diverse area within the Doha locality and its environs. Some of the services we will be providing include manicure, doing nails, and others. This will create a good and conducive environment, thus, making potential customers more satisfied. Spa2go is a company that will concentrate on constantly improving the customer experience. They will feel that they are more satisfied over time, which will turn them into our loyal clients.

Current Industry Trends

There will be innovations incorporated in our business on a daily basis, something that will lead to a greater customer satisfaction whenever they visit a saloon. We will also introduce organic products in our operations. Initially, Spa 2 Go will introduce its products in small quantities to ensure that there is a testing of its assimilation by the potential and target customers. The organic products would be advertised to the target market through utilizing effective and convincing means. For instance, there would be a use of posters on the coachman, which will help foster increased awareness of these products. The employees of the coachman would be expected to also talk to the customers through the use of the organic products. Here, they should explain and expound more about the benefits of using such products. A positive reception of the organic beauty products will boost our chances of making Spa 2 Go switch to such products completely. In fact, the firm will intent to use them on a permanent basis.

Qatar’s economy is deemed to be one of the most advanced in the world in terms of hastened growth. It has been able to record double–digits growth rates in the recent years as the country’s real GDP grew at a compound annual rate of 23% between 2003 and 2010. The state’s economy was the most resilient in the Gulf Cooperation Council region during the global recession, largely thanks to the capacity expansion and undertaking of government initiatives aimed at spurring the financial sector. Therefore, Qatar has continued to be the center of attraction to many investors all along. The trend is mainly associated with the economic performance of the country as well as with fewer risks and uncertainty. GDP growth rate reached a peak of 19% in the year 2011, increasing chances of achieving $197 billion in the following years. Apart from that, the region has the highest “per capital income” worldwide. It is anticipated that it will amount to $112 thousand per head in the following year. This has made the country develop faster, especially since the year 2006 (Tech, 2015)

A lot of beauty salons have been opened in Qatar in the recent years. The trend can be affiliated with the government’s efforts to encourage more people to become entrepreneurs. The price of oil is going down, which is resulting in people being let go from their jobs, and having to move back to their home countries.

Future Industry Trends

Sociocultural Trends. In Qatar, men work in the public sphere more frequently than women do. It is worth mentioning, however, that women have access to schooling and employment, as well as the right to drive and travel outside of the country. Spa 2 Go must provide good air-conditioning for customers and beauticians. Another issue is the traffic situation in Doha, since there are many narrow streets. It will be necessary to carefully plan the routes that the coachman can use efficiently and make sure he can identify usable parking areas. The Qatari government is currently working on an ambitious project to improve the situation of traffic lines in Doha (Reduce traffic congestion, n. d).

Technological Trends. Technological developments will have a large impact on our business. New inventions will help us promote the business by efficiently using the social media. As a result of changes in technology, the majority of people between the ages of 18 and 25 years old no longer use newspapers or magazines to receive their news. Instead, they use the internet to obtain information, with the help of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Story of 2013 research shows that 45% of people in Qatar use the Internet at least once a day to visit a social media website. According to Arab Media Study by the Northwestern University, people between 18-24 years old use the internet more than other ages. As a result, they will act as a primary target and potential clients of the business. (Social Media Use in Qatar, 2014). Studies have proved that more than half of Qatar’s population is now an active social media user. Additionally, a lot more are using the Internet. Over 86% of Qatar’s residents use the Internet, which is more than those who read newspapers, magazines, or listen to the radio according to recent study by Northwestern University in Qatar (“5 benefits of social media in Qatar,” 2014). The use of the media within the Middle East region indicates that an estimate of 64% of all females in Qatar are active Face book users. On the other hand, about 30% of the same populations hold Google accounts (“Percentage of people who use the following social networks,” 2013).

Barriers to Entry: Our business idea is new to the market in Qatar, which is why we do not think that we will have any problems in entering the market with the mobile salon.

Economic Trends and Factors. Qatar has a rapidly growing economy. It is mostly based on the export of oil and gas. Therefore, the country wants to decrease the total reliance on oil and gas, and to this end they need entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

New business ideas would not be successful in all countries. For example, in poor countries, the unemployment rates are high . Therefore, people can only afford to purchase products that are necessary things for their everyday living. Hence, their women cannot afford to take care of their nails at least once in every month. They prefer to spend their funds on foods and clothes.
However, Qatar represents a completely different social-economic situation. The state’s residents want to enrich their life and health through the use of luxury services/products. Also, they have the financial means to do so. In our opinion, a mobile nail salon would be successful because females constantly desire to try and use new services that make them feel comfortable. Services that we aim to provide will not be very expensive. They will not exceed QAR550. Therefore, many Qatari women will be able to afford to order a manicure/pedicure at least twice a month. Our offering will not only aim at tapping the wealthy women only.

Market Area Characteristic

Geographic Market. There is an another important article, which indicates that there was a rise in the population. It was around 2,116,400 in the end of last month. The observation is based on the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (QSA) released report. Therefore, it can be concluded that there was an increment of about 10,000 in Qatar in the end of January. The figure is anticipated to continue rising, especially due to the much awaited 2022 world cup. It is also estimated that about 2.4 million people live in Qatar today. Last year, a QSA official released a study forecast that some 2.4 million would live here by 2015. A huge increase in the number of people will be seen from 2013 to 2022 which makes us look forward to our business in the future. The demographic in Qatar development would offer us an opportunity to serve more customers, thus, making it grow more.

Potential Customers. The potential customers of the business are the women residents of Doha. Therefore, the business will be more targeted towards attracting this particular segment. As of April 2010, female proportion was estimated to be approximately 23.36% of Qatar citizens (Qatar Statistics Authority). The primary market would consist of females living in Doha between the ages of 20 and 54 years old. According to a survey done by Qatar Statistics Authority in April of 2010, there are 118,072 women in Doha who fall into this category. Other potential clients in Doha would include teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 19. There are about 13,618 of this target population living in Doha. Women between the ages of 55 and 69 living in Doha are estimated to be 7,283 (Qatar Statistics Authority, 2010).

Diversification of the Area Economy. The chart below shows how the GDP of Qatar is broken down. It lists all of the industry sectors in Qatar, and what percentage of the GDP they make up. Is serves as a clear indication that the Qatar’s economy is highly active, and there is enough circulation of resources and funds within the society. Therefore, this will act a major opportunity that we will attempt to capitalize on. We believe that a lot of people will have enough money at their disposal to demand and afford our services and products.

Based on an in-depth analysis of the potential and target customers and the economy of Qatar, we are confident that Spa 2 Go will become a successful business in the area.

Competition Analysis

In Doha, there are more than 108 nail salons, spas, and beauty salons (Beauty Salons, n.d.). In this section we will be discussing the three most important competitors. Spa 2 Go would capitalize on creating a competitive advantage in the beauty industry for its success. More specifically, it will provide improved service, namely visiting the potential customers at their homes. Besides, the business will at the same time offer high quality services at its salon facilities, where women can visit freely whenever they wish. Our company will do its best at matching the quality of an in-house service with the one they can get in a professional salon. The abovementioned technique represents a unique business approach, since such services have never been offered before, making Spa 2 Go a good and potential business idea.

A Price Leader, as well as a Quality Leader. There is no hope at the moment of having a pricing, as well as a quality leader in Qatar. Nonetheless, these will be highly important qualities at the subsequent stages of the business development.

Customer Purchase from Competition. Customers will continue using competitor services because of experience and relationships that they have already developed as well as the loyalty. We intend to deliver the best services and make them unique to improve the customer’s experience. The business strategy will create a surge in the number of regular customer and subsequently boost the business growth.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan will be different than that of our competitors. We have a new business idea that has not been used anywhere else in Qatar. Our business plan is our strategy and it will act as a major performance catalyst in the subsequent stages. Qataris always welcome the new ideas introduced to the market.

Differentiation Strategy. We will capitalize on using the differentiation strategy. The business plan requires one to develop a product that is able to possess unique attributes. They should help the potential customer derive more satisfaction as compared to when he/she chooses to use those of the rivals. This is what will be the competitive advantage of the Spa 2 Go. Taking our services to our customers’ doorstep will make them feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, such strategy will make them keep on demanding our products and services. Additionally, more potential customers will also be tempted to try our services, thus, inducing more growth.

Demand Analysis

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Major Customers. Our primary target market would be the female population of Doha. More specifically, they would be between the ages of 20 and 54 years old. There are approximately 118,072 women in Doha who fall into this range (Qatar Statistics Authority, 2010). Other potential customers would be girls between the ages of 15 and 19 years old, and women between the ages of 55 and 69 years old. There are a total of 18,273 females in Doha that fall into these age ranges. According to information from Qatar Statistics Authority, the average household in Qatar will spend around $ QR59,600 or $ 13,589 in one month. On the other hand, a household of immigrants spend around QR 18,900 or $4,923 in a one month period. This is a clear indication that the company will have potentially sufficient amount of solvent clients. Therefore, Spa 2 Go will benefit a lot as it will seek to tap more income from such households.

Reason Why Customers Will Purchase Spa 2 Go Services. The company aspires to offer services and products that will meet the consumers’ expectations. Therefore, carrying out a thorough market research will help us realign our products in a manner that would suit the market expectations. As a result, there would be a stable and rapid customer base growth.

Expectation of Potential Customer in Terms of Quality, Service, and Price. It is highly imperative to understand that the potential client will have a very high expectations regarding the quality and the price competitiveness of the company’s products. For instance, they will expect that the firm will have prices that are lower than those of the opponents. Furthermore, they will also anticipate that we will offer services of s high quality that can give more satisfaction.

The Current Buying Trend and Pattern of Potential Customers. The Qataris women like buying beauty products as well as attending salons for beauty related services. However, they are much more sensitive to the quality of such offerings, and they always think twice before making any purchasing decision. Logically, the company pay special attention to such behaviors by making sure that the description and other important information about the company’s products is posted on our social media pages.

Factors that Influences the Customers’ Buying Patterns. The potential customers prefer relying on the latest forms of technology in deriving useful information with regards to the beauty products. Therefore, any negative information concerning our products and services will lead to a plunge of the total sales volume.

Expected Market Share. We believe that our company will perform exemplary in the beauty industry, especially due to our innovative services provision. In fact, we feel that Spa 2 Go has the capability of acquiring more than 10% of the total market share in two years of operation in the beauty market.

Marketing plan

Services Offered and Pricing Program. We will do our best to improve our services delivery. At this juncture, Spa 2 Go will offer services such as massaging the customers using Western practices and techniques, influenced by ancient eastern remedies. The warm oils used in the signature fusion massage will ease away all the stress, while our expert therapists will gently knead away any muscular tension. The general pricing of the service will be charged at 500 QAR for a 60-minute session.

Beauty Services Done on the Nails – Classic Manicure/Classic Pedicure

Promotional Plan

Public Relations. Our plan is to sign contracts with the Qatar Tourism Authority, as they are the ones who are responsible for the entire event that takes place in Souq Waqif and in the Exhibition Center. While they hold events for both males and females, most of their events target the females’ clientele only. The creation of a good public relations platform is highly important, especially in increasing the general effectiveness of Spa 2 Go service delivery. The move will create a great platform for publicizing the services it offers to more potential customers.

Another important target market will be the Qatar Foundation events. Despite the fact that most of their events are business style, they also have opportunities for holding some fun events. Qatar Foundation is responsible for holding most of the recreational activities in all the universities on their campus and they are also responsible for all Al Shaqab events. (HBKU, 2015)

E-Marketing Official Website. It is highly imperative for the company to create a website that is high-end easily readable. The schedule is anticipated to determine the business’ main attributes such as the prices and terms. Furthermore, it should also indicate the contacts of Spa 2 Go, thus, enabling highly esteemed customers to reach us. Therefore, it should also be updated on a regular basis in any case important contact details are changed also.

It is imperative to note that Instagram is a very important tool that can help conduct our electronic marketing strategies. It keeps on inventing new technological and communication skills such as the Sponsored services. Therefore, it will be significant to carry out a study of how such programs work to help our organization gain the long run benefits. Nonetheless, it will depend on how and where the company wants to carry out its advertisement program. Hence, the Spa 2 Go will have to make a choice about how it wants its advertisement to be done. In this case, Spa 2 Go wants to conduct an advertisement program that will help publicize its work to all Qataris and especially to the female members. On average, the business would like such an advertisement campaign to reach about 300,000 people in total. Therefore, we will invite Instagram officials to take a great picture that will then be posted on their page, as well as in the private accounts. We intend to determine and utilize the most effective marketing techniques for promoting our products. In general, the advertisement program will have an estimated cost of about $350,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000. However, this is based on the rumors and no official statement has been made with regards to the advertisement price.

Personally, I confirmed that the actual cost is about $7,000/1,000,000. Although, this was still not the official statement as this was a shared item and communication I had in the social media sites. Another important way of marketing our products is contacting people that have huge number of followers in the social media sites. They can act as very important avenues of promoting and realizing our products and services through posting them on their official sites.

Sales Promotion. It will be imperative to come up with an effective sales promotion program. In fact, the move will help enhance Spa 2 Go win over more customers. For instance, there will be provision of a good discount for an extended period especially during the initial stages of the business. My aunt used the same sales promotion procedure to entice more customers in her business, something that made her successful. She surpassed her competitors easily. Currently, she has adjusted prices for her products to about 50QR, which is lower than that of her rivals. On the other hand, she is very keen on the quality of her products and services. Nonetheless, we intended having our uniqueness without copy pasting every strategy she used. However, we will be forced to revise the prices of our products downward with a margin of 50QR on all our products and services. For instance, a beauty product or services that cost an average of 500QR will be offered at 450 QR.

Use of Anniversary Card and Email. Here, we will strive to build a strong relationship with our customers by getting their information like emails and birthday and any memorable and vital information. This information will be sent via cards to our esteemed customers where we shall offer them vouchers for the purpose of retaining them. The move is aimed at winning their loyalty.

Use of Special Offers. We avail our products at special offers to our customers. For instance, customer that will have her/his nails done for three consecutive times in a certain timeframe will benefit from a 40% discount for the fourth session. Furthermore, we will accord our loyal clients birthday wishes the best way possible through having greetings and sending them cards. They will have special treatment during such moments such as having a discount in services such as massage.

Distribution. Our distribution plan is that our service will take place in our Ford coachman.

Supply Situation. Our potential suppliers will be eBay and Amazon. We will have to replenish our supply every two to four months depending on the demand and sales made.

Suppliers of chairs and tables. We will contact one of the local supermarkets to supply us enough chairs and tables. On the other hand, we intend to have a contract with our choice of supermarket partner for smooth cooperation in any future demand provided that we intend to expand our business.

Critical Supplies. We will be forced to deal with diverse people where we expect them to be efficient in supplying with critical products. Here, the best mode of securing supplying will be the online, through use of emails and the created website.

Location and Costs

The business will be set up in a Ford coachman. The interior of the coachman will be redone for the comfort of the customers. Once it has been redecorated, the coachman will contain one massage table and this is estimated to cost $71.88, which is around 263 Q. Additionally, there will be four chairs for customers to get their nails done and all of them will cost $2440, which is around 8176 QR. The price of the coachman is estimated to be $4,800, which would be equivalent to approximately 17,520 QR. There will be six employees on the bus. Four of the employees will serve as beauticians inside the coachman; one specialist will be available to customers that would prefer being attended at home. The last employee will be the driver. There will be no specific place for conducting the business, since most of the treatment will take place in the coachman. The coachman would move around Doha, and it would park in two specific locations on a daily basis; This will depend on whether it is in the morning or evening.

The business’s administrative offices will be located in a villa in Althumama. It will be a fully furnished place where there will be a parking space that can be used to park the coachman. The offices would be located on the first floor, and the beautician rooms would be on the second floor. One of the rooms would be used as an inventory store. The living room will be used as an office. The office will be equipped with computers to aid in carrying out intensive advertisements through use of social media sites. Desks and chairs would need to be purchased for the secretary and the administration offices. The villa will be rented by Qatari Nationals. As a result, there will be no need to pay for the electricity. The business will, however, have to pay a telephone and internet bills. The rent costs for the villa would be 16,000QR per month. This cost would not be added to the internet and telephone bill.
Qatari laws state that any legal business must have an office where clients can be attended. This villa was selected, because it is inexpensive, and provides enough space for offices and inventory storage. Furthermore, employees that will be working in this office will be provided with houses nearby so that they can save on time. Other employees that go to the field will be given enough remuneration and house allowance to cater for their house rents.

Cost for Construction/Renovation. No major cost will be incurred with the respect to the construction. Only renovation cost of the Coachman will be incurred on a periodic basis in order to provide a serene and comfortable environment for the customers.

Permit Licensing/ Requirements. The business will have to acquire the necessary licenses as a way of making it genuine. In fact, getting the working and business permit is one of the legal requirements that should be met in Qatar today.

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Human Resources Plan

Organizational Structure. The manager in charge of finances will have to provide advisory services to the clients, as well as colleagues. Such managers will come from both the public, as well as private sector, such as: Multinational corporations, Retailers, Financial Institutions, NHS trusts, Charities, Manufacturing Companies, Universities, General Businesses.

The marketing manager is in charge of marketing the business (Marketing Made Simple, n.d). They are responsible for all the market research done by the business, the development of the marketing strategies, managing the marketing mix, administrating customer relationships, and controlling agencies (Marketing Made Simple, n.d.). The marketing manager forms the image of the business, and how it will be presented to the public.

In the case of the business at hand, the marketing manager will be in charge of dealing with customer service as well. Other responsibilities of such a manager include:

  • Marketing planning, branding objectives formulation.
  • Carrying out the expansion campaigns of the product solutions and offerings.
  • Administrating the preparation of the marketing plans that should be observed by all staffs and the company executives.
  • Conduction of a thorough analysis of the general trend in the marketing process, as well as the business development, a process that is based on the feedback and analysis.
  • Budget preparation and operations plan.

They have to enable the overseeing of the creation and delivery of advertisements, press releases, as well as other marketing strategies.

  • Design the best ways of advertisement based on the publication and printing.
  • Make sure that the message which is communicating the brand name is consistent.
  • Gather and analyze the insight creation based on the customer’s experience.
  • Enrich and nurture each and every external perception relating to the company, as well as the growth of its market share.
  • Create intensive engagement with the potential consumers on the social media platforms.
  • Create a more deepened interrelationship with the media to guarantee an effective way of information delivery and organizational positioning.
  • Lead each and every area of production and content generation in all media platforms.
  • Take planned risks on the basis of the analysis of data-driven sources.
  • Lead the overall direct marketing and CRM.
  • Create more engagement with other organizations that are situated within the entire community.
  • Design a collaboration platform with the strategic partnerships in terms of enhancing the sourcing and increasing sales. Furthermore, implement of the execution outline, as well carry out strategic planning based on the identified opportunity.
  • Create intensive development of the business that will lead to an effective marketing team, which will execute and develop new concepts, partnership, models, and business models, thus, making the more innovative.

The HR manager will be in charge of planning, evaluation, and implementation of various employees’ policies, programs, and practices (, n.d.). Nonetheless, one of the main objectives of the HR is to describe the nature of each job.

The beauty director will be in charge of transporting the other beauticians to the salon. She will appoint a beautician to each customer when they enter the salon. She will ensure that the other specialists are doing their jobs correctly, and manage the amount of time that the beauticians take with each client. She will manage the finances of the truck’s operation. She will handle the customers’ money, and bring the money back to the office at the end of the day. The beauty director will have to be a qualified beautician, and have at least a college diploma level to education.

The beauticians will provide the nail and massage services to the customers. Each of the them will have to know how to give all of the services provided by the business, including manicures, pedicures, painting nails, and massages. The Ford Coachman will not be driven in the process of delivering the services. However, beauticians will be required to know how to drive. Therefore, they will be able whenever they want to maneuver from one location to another. However, one of the most important things to note is that all beauticians must have at least a minimum experience of five years in the industry. This will help them deliver optimal services our customers.

Management Team

  • President. The person will be in charge of the overall management program of the Spa 2 Go saloon.
  • Finance Vice President. The person will be in charge of all financial obligations carried out by the Spa 2 Go.
  • Marketing Vice President. The person will be in charge of managing all marketing campaigns of the company.
  • Operation Vice President. The person will be in charge of all operations carried out within the Spa 2 Go Company.
  • Customer Care Vice President. The person will be responsible for taking care of all customer complaints and inquiries and making sure they are well catered for so that they can derive satisfaction.
  • Employees Evaluation. There will be six employees in the first two years of the business operation. In case the company will be successful during the third year, we may consider buying another Ford coachman for further expansion. This will depend on how well the business works. For the first two years we will not be able to have more than the six employees because of lack of space in the truck. We will hire the employees from an office employment agency. In most cases, we will depend on the Qatar employment agency.

The employees will already have enough experience based on the previous employment. Therefore, any form of training will be uncalled for as they will be able to carry out their duties efficiently.

Equal Opportunity Employer. Spa 2 Go business is deemed as a good employer that has strictly adheres to the set applicable laws related to the discrimination. Furthermore, the company is expected to carry out intensive recruitment, training, promoting, hiring, as well as training of any person that is suitable to becoming our employee. The process will not be discriminatory in terms of age, color, nationality, marital status, disability, religion, or based on political beliefs. Spa 2 Go has to make sure all employment decisions are made with the stipulated guidelines in order to follow the principle that relates to the opportunity of equal employment for all. Additionally, the company must make sure that all promotion decisions and activities are carried out based on certain employment guidelines. There should be an equal treatment when it comes to carrying out employment promotional advertisements. The previous classification of referencing will be used to administer various personnel actions. Examples of these actions entail the compensation provision, transfers, layoffs, benefits, and returns related to layoffs.
If an employee believes she has been unlawfully discriminated against, in hiring, training, promotion or placement, she must immediately inform the Spa 2 Go supervisor in charge of the human resources. If the employee believes her/his supervisor is the source of such unlawful discrimination, or if the activity should continue, she/he should contact any member of the Discrimination

Committee. The employee may also contact any Spa 2 Go official such as the beauty director. The employee’s complaint will be investigated immediately.

Confidential Information. Spa to Go’s relationship with the suppliers and customers will be strictly confidential. As such, the company will gain more trust and respect among the key partners and suppliers. Furthermore, any communication that takes place between the company and the customers should not be disclosed to a third party.

Office to or with Anyone. Additionally, in the course of employment, confidential information may be made available to Employees. It includes aspects such as the marketing strategies, customer lists, pricing policies and other related information. Employees that are given this information cannot discuss or release such information outside of the Company’s premises or with non-Company employees. Confidentiality is applicable even after the worker is laid off from work.

Working Hours. Each and every employee is expected to act responsibly in terms of reporting at his/her working station. An unexcused absenteeism and tardiness may lead to dire consequences. This includes actions such as termination or any other disciplinary actions that will be appropriate. The supervisors are expected to ensure close monitoring of the employee’s punctuality and attendance is being done.

Absence from work for three consecutive days without notifying the appropriate person in the Company will be considered a voluntary resignation. Prior to returning to work, the Company may require a doctor’s report for any absence due to an illness lasting for three or more days. Individuals who experience more than three instances of unexcused absenteeism in a quarter may be terminated.

Personal Conduct, Attitude and Appearance

Office and store employees likewise must follow certain guidelines that prescribe the workplace attire. These include no short shorts, sweat clothes, strapless, spaghetti-strapped or halter tops without an over blouse. No midriff shirts. Specific articles should be of an appropriate length, style and condition so as to be suitable for the working environment. Abuse of the attire policy will be addressed first by the employee’s supervisor in the form of an spoken warning. If the mistake is not rectified, the second warning will be made in a written form, and could lead to termination of the employee. In addition to these requirements, workers in charge of the store are required to comply with the dress code as outlined in the Salon Procedures Manual. It is highly recommended that Spa 2 Go employees act courteously, promptly, and friendly whenever they engage with their customers. It should be noted that the company is operating in the service industry; therefore, a quality customer care procedure is highly fundamental. Employees of the Company are its ambassadors. The conduct of an employee towards the customers strongly influences the customer’s opinion about the Company.

Personal Phone Calls. Personal telephone calls, including use of personal cellular telephones should be made when the employee is off duty. If there are times when an employee must receive or make calls when on duty, the calls should not interfere with her work. A call that is not related to their work will be prohibited, except for emergency instances. However, an employee should contact the human resource department in case he/she has an emergency call to make.

Seatbelt, as well as Cell Phone Use. Any employee that is driving or is in the vehicle as a passenger as part of delivering her services will be expected to use the seatbelt. Furthermore, she should regulate the use of cell phone during such periods. In fact, every employee should wear her seatbelt at all times whenever travelling. The rule is applicable to on-the-job use vehicles, which may be rented, Company-owned, personal vehicles that belong to the employee.
Furthermore, the employee must ensure she complies with the set regulation about the use of the cellphone whenever driving. In case of an emergency call, she should park the vehicle by the roadside to receive it. It is important noting that part-time employees will be deemed imperatives especially whenever there is a surge in customers. Nonetheless, such employees will be paid soon after the end of the day.

Paid Holidays. The Company grants the following paid holidays to its full time employees. In case any of these event holidays fall on a Sunday or Saturday, an alternative paid day leave will be arranged. If an employee must work on a holiday, he/she will be entitled to take off any other day which shall be determined by mutual agreement between the employee and his/her human resource officer.

Financial Plan

Spa 2 Go has created five statements concerning the financial aspect. These statements indicate the rate of success that could be derived with duration of five years. Some of the sources of such information include the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statements, and the sales forecast. They are displayed in a five-page document.

Risk Assessment. Spa 2 Go will have will have some challenges when carrying out its operations in the beauty industry. For instance, most of the challenges will be associated with the weaknesses that will be associated with the business. For instance, it will lack sufficient expertize as a result of the in terms of delivery of the beauty services to the highly esteemed customers. The second challenge is related to lack of enough startup funds. Additionally, the fund only source of funding comes from the proprietors of the business. Sufficient and assured funding is very important especially during the preliminary stages of the business.

New technology. Spa 2 Go is a business that has specialized in tapping income in the services industry and to be more specific, in the beauty industry. Therefore, the company needs to combine a set of new technologies and employ them in the beauty industry especially in trying to make Spa 2 Go more competitive. For instance, the company will capitalize on creating an official online platform that will enable the public make request for our products. At this juncture, several features such as extensive description of the advantages of each and every product and service we offer over those of the rivals. In short, such strategy will help the potential customers draw a picture concerning “real-life” experience based on the use of our products. As a result, this will induce a surge in demand of our products rising prospective of better business performance in the future. Here, Spa 2 Go will seek at partnering with major communication technology in Qatar to help them put them online.

Contingency plans. An effective contingency will be highly imperative, especially during the initial stages of launching the business. The plan will act as a precautionary one, chiefly when the business runs into a turmoil. First, we will identify the major factors that have a potential of becoming major risks in the future. This will help the members be prepared to act on them in case such disasters occur in the future. Furthermore, it would be necessary to highlight and design the most essential programs that will help the company steer ahead its agendas successfully during the initial stages. On the other hand, we will seek at establishing the roles, as well as the responsibilities, for each of the employees. Therefore, the move will help reduce correspondence and communication upon kicking off the project officially. Apart from that, we will secure an insurance cover for the project from a renowned insurance company in Qatar. Thus, we will have no reason to worry about making unnecessary losses due to unavoidable accidents such as in case of an accident or fire outbreak in our villa offices. Moreover, we will back up all of our data we record to ensure it is not lost for retrieval purposes whenever it is needed in the future.

Insurance. As noted earlier, insuring Spa 2 Go will be among the most important things that will seek at addressing even before we commence on launching our services. We clearly understand that we will be operating in an environment that is full of challenges. External forces exist, some of which may end up affecting our business directly or indirectly. Therefore, to avoid any losses that are uncalled for, we will seek to insure our company to make sure we do not suffer a huge setback to such losses, thus, not hampering our development program.

General Liability Insurance. The company will have an insurance system that will have a goal of protecting the customer once she/he orders our products or services. The clients will also be given a right to engage in any form of lawsuits in any case any of our beauty services or products causes harm to them.

Workers Compensation Insurance. The insurance will be deemed important, especially in providing benefits and wage replacement regarding injuries that employees get while delivering their duties. Such employees have the right to sue Spa 2 Go in case they feel they have been shortchanged in case of an injury in the line of delivering their duties.

Shareholders Agreement. In case a shareholder dies or becomes disabled before he/she delivers certain products or services, that person will be compensated by an insurance coverage. Therefore, he/she will not have to suffer due to of the unavoidable circumstances.

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