French Tourists in Greece

SECTION ONE: Create a Background History of Your Clients

France today is a standout amongst the most advanced nations in the world. Ten people from France will have a marketing knowledge trip to Greece. These people or clients come from Guadeloupe, which is a part of France. These people belong to the ethnic gathering known as the Celtic. Propelled vernacular Provencal is the mother tongue of the clients. There is a Turkish-talking minority, and many French similarly talk English and French. The French Orthodox Church is the main church of the country, and many people are members of the following church. There are also some representatives that belong to the Muslim minority.

The majority of the clients are center-wage workers sufficiently gaining money to manage their living. This money can be sufficient to put something aside for different needs. France has seen the industry supplant cultivating as a fundamental wellspring of pay. It should be noted that agribusiness produces 5% of the income, whereas the industry produces 20%. Tourism, a bit of the creating organization section, gives a significant wellspring of pay for the clients. The main agricultural things are wheat, corn, grain, sugar beets, olives and olive oil, tomatoes, wine, tobacco, and potatoes. The far-reaching flocks of sheep and herds of goats are raised by the inhabitants.

The geographic specialization is one of the most widely recognized manifestations of business segmentation in the picked clients. It should be noted that this travel will fragment the business by picking clients from a limited geographic range. For instance, the clients from France, a nation that additionally displays tourism, have decided to try for an excursion and business sector tourism of an alternate nation, Greece. The tourism brand is then sold just in one market, one state, or one locale of Greece. Numerous restaurant networks concentrate on a constrained geographic range to attain to amassing power. There are local contrasts in purchaser inclination, and this frequently gives a premise to geographic specialization. Sexual orientation, age, wage, lodging sort and instruction level are basic demographic variables. A few brands are focused just on ladies, whereas others are calculated on for just men.

It is seen that the clients are youngsters and matured somewhere around 20 and 45 years. The greater part of them is men since the activity is a bit dangerous, and thus, women are bashful from it. They are center-salary workers housed in the urban areas of France. Unquestionably, they must be educated to attempt the presentation and marketing. Their level of instruction ranges between secondary school and school. The demographic segmentation in reference to these clients assumes some part in a segmentation method.

The psychographic (or the way of life) segmentation is based upon multivariate examinations of client’s state of mind, qualities, practices, feelings, recognitions, convictions, and investments. The psychographic segmentation is a real approach to section the mixed group of the clients as it is possible to distinguish the best possible segmentation variables (or the way of life proclamations, words, pictures, and so forth.). Subjective exploration strategies (center gatherings, profundity interviews, ethnography) have been applied to the following clients to find out these qualities. A subjective examination has additionally been made to give the knowledge, the applied information, and the clients’ precise dialect important to outline the segmentation survey. Verbatim remarks from the clients have been utilized to determine psychographic or way of life explanations. A more prominent rate of clients has been provided with some information about the extent to which they could concur or couldn’t help contradicting every announcement. For instance, a progression of profundity meetings has been applied to the clients to help outline the survey. A behavioral segment, including recurrence of flying, sort of obtained tickets, past urban areas traveled to, as well as tourism destinations that they have been to, have been asked to familiarize us with the applicable data about the client’s introduction to tourism.

Time segmentation, which is considered one of the regular techniques utilized, has turned out profoundly successful. Tourism is high at specific times of the year, like December, as well as different occasions. Subsequently, the trek is to occur before then to market and improve the quantity of the clients going by the zone amid the crest season. While at a hotel in Greece, Chili is discovered to be sold more in spring at the onset of winter. Football is played in fall, basketball – in winter and spring, and baseball – in spring and summer. The Olympics tag along at regular intervals in Greece.

Sometimes the media segmentation, which is not basic in the client’s study, can provide some plausibility. It is worth noting that diverse media have a tendency to reach distinctive gatherings of people. On the off chance that our image presentation pours its whole plan into one media, it can conceivably overwhelm the portion of the business that listens to that radio station or peruses that magazine.

The value segmentation is one of the most well-known segmentations and widely applied in the study of the clients. The variety in family wages of the individuals ready to be clients allows dividing a few businesses along a value measurement. On the off chance that their individual earnings range from low to high, we will definitely offer some cheap items, some medium-evaluated ones, and some lavish ones.

The clients are seen to be allocentric travelers. This is basically in light of the fact that they are that sort of client vacationers who like to try new things, they dislike things being composed or arranged. Such clients will not come back to the same destination; they like being dashing. The clients are friendly, inquisitive and danger taking individuals. They appreciate learning and hunting down history. They like to investigate and uncharted disconnected spots and take colorful experiences. They adore doing spontaneous things and heading for good things individuals wouldn’t typically do; they desire undertaking. This has been seen amid the meetings we have had with them prompting the decision of spots that could be visited in Greece. The clients are seen to show curiosity and interest. They appear to have the longing to see new things and investigate the world to the best of their capacity. They appreciate escapade and danger taking. Their principle target in the travel is looking for exploit. The greater part of the clients has high self-assurance, and is cordial and inquisitive about new surroundings. They additionally need true, “genuine” social experience from the travel.

SECTION TWO: The Destinations in Greece

Location and expected scenery

  • Athens: Athens is a coastal capital city of Greece. The beaches are sandy and can be easily accessed by the clients during the travel.
  • Thessaloniki: It is a special destination that joins business and delight in the best conceivable way. It is a standout amongst the most appealing areas regarding characteristic excellence. It comprises its unique, gentle atmosphere conditions, a mix of scenes, and luxurious opportunities for excursion and business exercises all the year round.
  • Larissa: Sumptuous hotels with administrations that join diversion, recreation zones and fabulous gathering offices, constitute yet an alternate capable of motivating force for somebody to appreciate a radiant city break or a business bargain in Larissa.

Clients will have several trips to Athens, Thessaloniki, and Larissa. Greece is a perfect spot for city tourism. Finding the spirit of a Greek city is considerably more than a snappy visit around its landmarks and touring. Greek urban areas are loaded with conceivable outcomes, effectively available, and guests are invited all the year round. These urban areas consolidate magnificent meeting offices with special galleries, archeological locales, shopping, and nightlife.

A stroll around the old neighborhoods uncovers the conjunction of distinctive times in the urban communities’ heart. Old chateaus, a number of them decently safeguarded, rich retail establishments and minute shops, extravagant restaurants and customary bars are to the client’s disposal. The Greek soul, a power of imagination and replenishment all through Greece’s long history have changed the urban scene. Indeed, galleries can greatly contribute to a visit to an archeological site with a philosophical gathering, hence exhibiting the eminence of antiquated progress through the advanced society. Besides, there are imaginative logical focuses and presentation ranges that can oblige little or huge scale gathering occasions, with cutting edge specialized details, including varying media frameworks, video chat implies, assistant eating zones, and the use of specific staff, for example, mediators and interpreters.

Greece is presently progressively entering the city tourism area on the worldwide guide. Greece is a member-state of the European Union and has confirmed the Schengen Agreement. Residents going inside the E.U. simply need to show their ID Cards, without the need of a visa. In any case, an international ID is important for different exchanges, for example, money trade buys, and so forth.

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There are no fees needed for entry into the country by the clients. It should be noted that some parks and recreational sites may need some entrance fees. Natives of member-states of the Schengen Agreement do not need any visas. Greece follow the procurements of the Schengen Agreement, which has abrogated controls on regular interior grounds, at air and ocean fringes and permits member-state natives to go around without a visa for a short stay time of up to three (3) months. Carriers and different bearers oblige a legitimate travel permit and/or police ID card or other manifestations of authority ID implies. Contingent upon your nation of origin, you may require a travel permit or a visa. Since the clients are from France, they will get a visa when they get through the Greek office in France. They will likewise need to call their banks or Visa organization to tell them that they will be utilizing their visa cards in Greece. The Electric Current in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz). Machines from North America oblige a transformer, and the British ones oblige a connector that is redundant for the clients from France. All this preparations are necessary for the journey.

To have an induction to key restorative administrations, the customers who are from part-states of the European Union (EU) anticipate that will be holders of the European Health Card (EHIC) or whatever other legal Community papers issued by their governments. The customers can contact their phone association in order to confirm that they will use their cell phones as a piece of Greece. The US State Department has ensured us that as a buyer, we are secured by Greek customer security law for all trades we or clients make while going in the country. Most of the customers, six of them, have a current visa, so there was no convincing need to process others. Greece is a very cold country if to compare with France; thus, the customers will need to bring along their warm clothing upon the entry of travel.

Polishing Your Writing to Make it Shine

The primary indications of human home in Greece appeared in the midst of the Paleolithic Age (approx. 120000 – 10000 B.C.). In the midst of the Neolithic Age (approx. 7000 – 3000 B.C.), a lot of Neolithic structures spread all through the country. Structures and cemeteries have been found in Thessaly (Sesklo, Dimini), Macedonia, the Peloponnese, and other places. The beginning of the Bronze Age (approx. 3000-1100 B.C.) is checked by the vicinity of the first urban concentrates in the Aegean range (Poliochni on Limnos). Succeeding settlements were found on Crete, Mainland Greece, the Cyclades and the Northeastern Aegean.

Around the beginning of the second Millennium B.C., palatial social requests appeared on Minoan Crete, realizing the change of the first proficient scripts. The Minoans, with the Knossos Palace as their epicenter, added to a correspondences framework with the nations from the Eastern Mediterranean region, grasped certain segments and, in this way, unequivocally influenced social orders on the Greek territory and the islands of the Aegean.

After 1204, when Constantinople was taken by Western crusaders, the part of Greece was dispensed out to western pioneers, while the Venetians included key positions in the Aegean (islands or beachfront urban ranges), to control the trade courses. The reoccupation of Constantinople by the Byzantines in 1262 signified the last periods of the domain’s vicinity. The Ottomans constantly seized some parts of Greece from the fourteenth century A.D., and completed the detachment of the domain with the usurpation of Constantinople in 1453. Crete was the last district of Greece that was seized and included by the Ottomans in 1669. Ottoman authority lasted for around four centuries, up to the beginning of the Greek War of Independence in 1821. Different points of interest from the Byzantine Years and the Ottoman Occupation Period have been shielded, for instance, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine sanctuaries and shelters, Ottoman structures, captivating Byzantine and Frankish manors, distinctive milestones, as well as standard settlements. The outcome of the Greek War of Independence was the generation of a self-sufficient Greek Kingdom in 1830, however with the confined sovereign region.

In the midst of the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century, new ranges with insignificant Greek masses were orderly drafted into the Greek state. Greece’s sovereign region appeared after the end of the World War I in 1920, with the significant responsibility of then Prime Minister Venizelos. The Greek State took its available structure after the end of World War II with the union of the Dodecanese Islands. In 1974, after the dictatorship period, which lasted for seven years, the governing body changed from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Presidential Parliamentary Democracy. In 2001, Greece became the tenth member-state of the European Union.
Unique history of Greece is seen in every corner of Greek territory. Disclosures from the Prehistoric and Archaic periods, phenomenal works and milestones from Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval and Byzantine periods, appearances from society craftsmanship social orders and diverse urban foundations and unique religions have been interwoven with the current signs, advancements and forefront masterpiece.

Greece is a genuine heaven for social tourism, a vast excursion into history and workmanship. Instructive trips, dramatic creations, celebrations, journeys, visits to archeological locales, landmarks and galleries, outings to study the regular habitat, people craftsmanship and society are only some of the numerous things that Greece can offer to each client, whether am ordinary or sophisticated one. Every tourist who truly needs to comprehend Greece, its history and culture, will discover an unrivaled social experience through going into the region and sequential time of the Greek society.

  • Capital of Greece – Athens
  • Official language – Greek
  • Currency – Euro (€)
  • Climate – Mediterranean
  • Population – 11.306.183 (2010 estimate)
  • Politics – Presidential Parliamentary Democracy
  • President of the Republic – Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos
  • Prime Minister – Mr. Alexis Tsipras
  • Calling code +30
  • Time Zone GMT +2
  • Economy and currency exchange – The economy of the country is above average since the currency used is the euro (1.25 dollars)
  • Industry and trade – Agribusiness produces 5% of the income, whereas the industry produces 20%. Tourism, gives a significant share of the GDP.
  • Safety and crime rates – Greece is a safe country, free from most of the crimes.
  • Geographical location – Greece is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe.
  • Major cities – Athens, Pallatra, Thessaloniki
  • Medical records/immunizations – Common cold and Flu due to the cold climate


You are advised to stay away from the spots that offer “free” wine or have the staff following you to the doors of their restaurant, attempting to persuade you of their quality and costs. You should check the menu, as well as your bill in a restaurant or a cafe. You should verify whether the bill concurs with what you’ve perused on the restaurant’s menu. You should remember that tips should be given to a waiter or waitress as wages can be very low in Greece.

SECTION THREE: Creating the Trip – Let Your Imaginations Go!

The conventional legacy of a nation is the aggregate of the social and material accomplishments given by the previous generations. Folk society for the Greek individuals, rich in music, moves, verse and theater, is a piece of their consistent life. In every corner of the country, there have been created numerous specific historical centers and social associations expecting to protect and study the Greek heritage. Architectural remains (e.g. royal residences), and ceramics work, stone cutting, metallurgy (vessels, weapons), adornments and works of art (wall paintings) are unique masterpieces of Greek civilization.

Amid your occasions in Greece, you will have the chance to find different and agreeable courses, for your extra time. Conventional business sector regions with popular design marks are offered for shopping. Different health and spa places, customary restaurants “tavernas” or bistro not far from the sea or in the mountain, silver screens and theaters are at your disposal to fulfill all patterns and longings. Greece is renowned for its particularly extraordinary and multifaceted nightlife, which is not confined to the weekends, in contrast with the other European nations; the fun endures until the early hours of the morning.

Water games are extremely popular in Greece, a nation of the seas with emerald waters and coziest bunks. Greece offers various kinds of water sports since it is rich in magnificent common attractions in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Greece is also famous for its superb administrations on the islands and around the terrain. The 3,000 island Greek archipelago is a perfect spot to investigate, a chance to find pristine shorelines and more than 20,000 km of coastline to respect. Greece offers an endless number of different games and exercises: mountaineering, climbing, trekking, mountain biking, spelunking, canyoning, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, and so on. These are only a couple of the games that you can appreciate while in Greece if the weather is perfect for open-air exercises and games.

Greece has the perfect atmosphere for coasting, hang floating and parapente (paragliding) flights. The drier the atmosphere of a district or an area is, the better it is for the improvement of the aforementioned games, which use the upward ebbs and flows in the environment to help a lightweight plane or a kite-lightweight flyer to fly. The period in the middle of April and October is the best time to fly. Greece is a genuine heaven for ecotourism, as well as a substantial excursion into history and craftsmanship. Instructive outings, dramatic preparations, celebrations, journeys, visits to archeological locales, landmarks and exhibition halls, trips to study the indigenous habitat, society workmanship and society are only some of the numerous things that Greece offers to its visitors.

The extraordinary variety of Greek national dishes distinguishes Greece among other countries. While you are in Greece, you will have some average gastronomic astonishment. In Greece, you will pioneer a huge variety of different dishea, such as “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki or Greek mixed greens”, which are, by all account, not the only Greek nourishments. Greek cuisine comprises the mixture of dishes that can completely fulfill the gastronomic tastes of both veggie and meat lovers. What makes Greek cuisine very unique is the mix of the accompanying components: the fixings, the Greek logic on sustenance matters, the imparting of suppers to others, and additionally the nation itself and the specific atmosphere of the country.

Greece is world celebrated for its archeological shorelines. Shorelines in Greece whether sandy or pebbled, sorted out or disengaged, are perfect for all tastes. Most great shorelines are found in the Cyclades and the Ionian islands, for example, Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, and Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos. Consistently, the Greek shorelines are appraised among the most lovely and clean shorelines on the planet.

SECTION FOUR: Planning the Detailed Itinerary

  • Day of trip – 26th November 2020
  • Modes of transport – Rented taxis, ship, train and airplane will be utilized.
  • The travel airline to be used – Olympic aerial transports
  • Country and city – The country is Greece and the city is Athens
  • Accommodations – Chain inns will be used because of their American style rooms and bathrooms

Food and Beverage

Customary Greek food can guarantee a superior personal satisfaction and physical wellbeing. Items with exceptional quality and fantastic dietary include, for example, olive and additional virgin oil, dairy items, fish, juices, water, nuts, wine, mastic from Chios, crocus from Kozani and numerous more. These ingredients have been mixed together and made an honorable food rich in dietary fixings, which can fulfill the high gustatory and nutritious needs of sophisticated tourists.

Attractions and Entertainment

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia, Porto Katsiki Beach in Lefkada, Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, and Super Paradise Beach in


As the first time guests, we will read general portrayals about the diverse districts, places of interest, and cities in particular, as well as the Greek nation and the country in general. We will also need to choose which locale engages us. Different travel books and guides will give us the necessary information, for example, whether a locale is occupied, packed, and touristy. Greece is not a late spring occasions destination for society explorers, so the best time of a year for the clients to visit the country is in the peak of the season when the traveler business is in blossom. It is specified that at times, the climate may change our travel plans, so try to follow the weather forecast and plan your departure accordingly.

We will have to spend some time on choosing which place we will need to visit in that specific area, yet we will be practical. We would not like to waste the whole day or a half of a day on board of a ship or in the airport terminal, look for a taxi, unpack, or other things. We will also make all of our air reservations in advance so that we can minimize layover times and direction flights better. It is very convenient to book all the tickets we need online. However, we will constantly check whether there are some changes in the timetables. However, if we need regional standards to stay, we shall read the information on destinations on some of the websites, for instance, Trip

While we can hold an auto early, most places are content to call for us upon our landing. The rental auto organization will bring the auto to the inn in which we stay. The more well-known islands have transport administration to get around. However, if we want to investigate some places or sights all alone, driving is the best option. A rented auto is a decent approach to make all your wishes come true. When we are booking our rooms, we will get some information about the routes of different means of transport to/from the port/airport terminal. In the number of cases, the taxi station phone focus can send us a taxi at whatever time day or night and whatever place or destination needed with an additional expense.

In summer, tourist movement in Greece is associated with the sun, freedom, a carefree lifestyle, the mild climate, a great number of various attractions, as well as the excellent infrastructure. Greece is considered a favorite destination the whole year round. One can travel to Greece in many different ways: by car, plane, train, or sea. Major roads link Greece with Europe and Asia. The country’s airports provide top-notch services. Rail connections with Europe allow for a lovely nostalgic journey. Last but not least, Greek ports welcome ocean-going ships and local ferries all year round. By plane, ship, train or car, or even a combination of transport means, traveling to Greece is relatively simple and quick, even though it is situated at the southernmost corner of Europe.

Travel within the country is relaxed, safe and reasonably priced. The road network allows each tourist to visit various corners of Greece. Rail travel is rather affordable and offers a very comfortable and pleasant journey. Flights both to the islands and on the mainland are frequent. Ferries, one of the well-known trademarks of Greece, make regular trips. Even the smallest Greek island can be reached by ship. It should be stressed that there is also a regular service between all the islands. One can take a trip by combining different means of transport or indulge in the safety of an organized travel. It is pretty clear that whichever way the traveler chooses to see Greece, he or she will be captivated by its uniqueness, beauty, and diversity. The greater part of the Greek inn stays incorporate breakfast (BB) and some of them breakfast and dinner (HB) in the room rate.

A 13% administration charge had been incorporated in the bill at restaurants, bars and cafes by the late 80’s. An extra tip is not compulsory, yet it is used to round off the sum, particularly when paying in real money. For instance, you may decide to pay 20 Euro for an 18, 60 Euro bill, on the off chance that you are fulfilled by the administration. Such tips can be left on the table, or you may tell the waiter or waitress that you don’t hope to be given any change. By and large, a 10 to 15% tip is generally sufficient. It is gracious to tip for good administration and service. Some restaurant holders don’t permit their staff to keep the tips. You should first check with the staff whether they are allowed to keep the tips or not otherwise you will just pay extra money for your supper or dinner. If you have a wedding, you should be especially certain because you may leave huge gathering tips, and the staff will get none of them.

SECTION FIVE: Financial Perspective

We are going to price our goods and services in the local currency to make them simpler to the natives. This will earn us more income, and as a result, higher profits will give us some advantage over our competitors. The entire trip will cost about 50000 dollars to travel and stay in Greece for the 10 clients. It is, however, not costly because the returns obtained from the trip will be higher. The costs can be broken down to 5000 dollars for airfare,10000 for transportation in Greece,10000 for accommodation, 5000 for food and beverages, 10000 for shopping and the remaining 10000 dollars for miscellaneous and petty cash. The prices for our clients will be termed very competitive, but we will have to rely on our company and other grants due to the accrued benefits. We are expecting to receive a 100% profit. This may be a very optimistic value, but it is worth our efforts.

Each area in Greece has its own particular customary formulae! All tourists expect immaculate Greek items and the effortlessness that draws out the greatness. The formulae of every locale, hill or island, eastern or western Greece, mirror the consistent life, as well as its unique features. For instance, when you visit the Greek islands, you can taste different species of fish, and in the north areas of the country, there is a magnificent variety of meat and cheese dishes.

Someone will definitely pay our price because it is pocket friendly and the services are worth the price. The price will be arrived at after long discussions by the finance department so as to come up with a reasonable price. The factors to be considered include the income class of the clients and the country they are travelling to. Our prices seem conducive since they will even include the shopping fees that cannot be included in any other travel company. If you do the math each client will be paying 5000 dollars for an all inclusive trip for one week to Greece and that is fair enough.


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Through our companies travel packages to Greece, you will have a unique opportunity to explore and get the best out of this beautiful country. Greece & the Greek Islands are known for three things: antiquated human progress, stunning scenes and highly developed tourism. Truly adored by tourists, Greece is very rich in beauty, uniqueness, luxury and excellence. All this can be realized as valid and real through enrollment in our travels. All things considered, this is one of the reasons that acquired if you travel with our company as one of the main twenty tourist destinations around the world. Everything in Greece, from nature to its people, makes tourists from different parts of the world visit this land of mysteries. In our trips you will discover the most unbelievable data about Greece you have not been aware of before your travel.

You should visit Greece to get summer experiences. Why should you visit Greece using our company travels? The hot sun, the unwinding shorelines, the brilliant nature, the rich society and warm cordiality will welcome you at a pocket friendly rate. You should try everything in Greece, and believe you will alter your opinion. Greece is a brilliant spot to visit throughout the entire year. Hard to get seats for all the theaters and other performance halls in the Greece will be reserved for you at no extra cost. This is due to our continued rapport with the Firefox and other exhibitors. You will also enjoy the glittering floats, good service, singing and laughing at the best pool parties in the Greece.

The renowned Greek Festival incorporates different social occasions in venues of Athens and shows different performances in the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. This needs seats booked in advance that our company does with so much pleasure. The panigyria, religious festivals, are very prominent in summer and hence flooded. Last but not least be assured that our company has the most trusted name in tourism and travel. We will arrange everything to make sure that your stay in Greece is happy and comfortable

All this can be enjoyed under our travel packages. Our company is always at your disposal and can satisfy all wishes.”



Tickets for all the theaters and other performance halls in the Greece will be reserved for you at no extra cost. This is due to our continued rapport with the Firefox and other exhibitors.

Enjoy the glittering floats, good service, singing and laughing at the best pool parties in Greece. You have never seen anything like this before or have you?


The wonderful beaches of Greece come alive for you during the big Galla, fun loving exclusive soccer challenge.
The Jockey Club in Athens staged at the hotel and the colorful celebrations include the following:

  • Festive hats, masks and favors
  • A superb steak dinner prepared for you
  • Music for your entertainment and dancing will be done by the most favorite Greek artists
  • Spectacular matching of the lordship and ladyship of the ancient rule of the country.


If you require assistance of any kind, feel free to hint the desk which is open virtually all round the clock. It is situated in the back lobby of the hotel. The staff is more than willing to assist in almost everything.


Once in Greece, you will be allocated one companion per group who will take you to all places you want. You will truly find this convenient and enjoy your time being told all about the country. This group is composed of single women and men, and married couples all of them are friendly.


Be assured that our company has the most trusted name in tourism and travel. We will arrange everything to make sure that your stay in Greece is happy and comfortable.


Enjoy the services of professional escorts during the entire stay in Greece. They will be more than willing to render you all the possible assistance while in Greece.


Don’t worry about baggage handling. Your escort will attend to this chore in an expert manner. He/she will even pay the tips.


Your home for the one week will be the beautiful Chain Inn, largest in Athens. It is situated not far from the beach. You will love your cherry room and private baths.


Our company has arranged a comprehensive guided tour around new and historic parts of Greece at no extra cost.
Feel free and enjoy our professional services offered to you!

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