Business Report: Executive Summary

The paper conducts a research about the level of students’ satisfaction at London’s Hult International Business School. In addition, it gives an action memorandum to the institution’s dean concerning the ways to solve the issue. The investigation intends to establish whether creating a more personal connection between the staff and the students plays any part in the satisfaction of the latter. An online survey was conducted on 300 students from the institution, with 185 of them being female while the remainder being the male. From the research conducted, it was revealed that students were dissatisfied with several aspects regarding the institution, in particular with the lack of a personal connection with the administration. The results of the research prove the importance of creating a personal relationship between the administration of the learning institution and the students. Making systematic changes is one of the ways that the dean of the institution is able to do in order to foster a more personal relationship between the school’s administration and the students.


Nowadays, the cost of education tends to increase on almost daily basis. Consequently, students become more sensitive to the value of education that they receive from the institutions they study in (Kramer & Gardner, 2007). This issue is even more serious in the higher learning institutions that host foreign students since it is hard for them to cope (Bista & Foster, 2016). Therefore, this paper conducts research on students at London’s Hult International Business School to prove that creating a personal connection is the best way of ensuring that the students are satisfied.

Research Questions

The online research was conducted on students at the university through a series of questionnaires.

Some of the questions asked in the questionnaires include:

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  • Ranging from 0-10, how satisfied are you with London’s Hult International Business School?
  • What do you like and hate about the school?
  • Given a second chance, would you join the institution all over again?
  • What are some of the things you think should be done better?
  • Would a personal connection between the administration and the students help improve your satisfaction?

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The fact that the research was done online meant that it lacked the normal human communication aspects such as tone emphasis and body language.


300 students at the London Hult International Business School participated in the study. Among the respondents, 185 were females with the remaining number being males. The participants were from a different academic year at the college. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, recruited them. A maximum 100-word limit was set to limit responses.


From the 300 students who responded to the research questions, 183 gave the school a 7 rating regarding being satisfied while an additional 53 participants gave a 6 rating. In addition, 41 responded rated their satisfaction at 8 with the remaining 23 students giving it 5 (see Figure 1). Regarding the question on some of the things they loved and hated about the school, 280 of them stated that they loved its location. According to most of them, the fact that the institution is located in London, a city with the highest overseas bank across the globe and the creative industrial centre, which gave them a host of opportunities. Apparently, all the respondents denoted the high cost of tuition as being a feature they hated about the institution. It is the reason 70% of the students stated that they would join the institution all over again if taken back in time. However, the numerous opportunities present at the city was the main argument for that statement. Finally, it was astonishing to reveal that 83% of the respondents agreed that personal connection between them and the school’s administration would help boost their satisfaction.


From the research conducted, it is evident one of the reasons for dissatisfaction on London’s Hult International Business School is the high cost of education. It makes the majority of the students feel that they do not receive good value for their money. Moreover, most of the students claim that the administration has established a little connection with them. One of the participants in his response stated, “the lecturers do a very good job of teaching; actually, they are the best. However, all they are concerned with us, teaching and whether the student has completed a given assignment. Outside the classroom is nothing.” Such a statement proves that the lack of personal connection between the administration and the student has affected the satisfaction of the latter. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note that students are pleased with the manner in which learning takes place at the institution.

Action Memorandum

TO: Dean of Hult International Business School
SUBJECT: Improving the Level of Student Satisfaction

In light of the research conducted, the dean of the school spearheads the process of making attempts in enhancing the students’ satisfaction. The institution should take a customer-oriented approach in dealing with their current students. However, the administration needs to take into account that several factors satisfy the school students. For instance, the things that satisfied an individual during the first year of college might not be the same factors that satisfied him or her in the third year of studying. Therefore, the best way to solve this issue is recognizing the aspects that mean the most to the students while at school. Thus, it will be easy for the institution to establish a close relationship with its students that will help generate their satisfaction (Cano & Ion, 2016). By formulating appropriate strategies, the institution will be able to break from the norm whereby many educational establishments focus on ensuring that students become satisfied in only one area. Assisting in achieving the satisfaction for the student, the dean together with other school officials need to be assertive enough in making systematic changes. The latter will therefore make the school well-prepared and help gain its objective in increasing the students’ satisfaction.

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