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Cold War and Civil Rights

After the Second World War, there were two hyper powers in the international arena, namely the United States and the Soviet Union. Despite the previous cooperation during the battle against the Axis Powers, the relationship between the US and the USSR deteriorated emerging a great number of different issues connected with ideology. Both countries were trying to expand their political visions to other countries. At that time, Eastern Europe appeared under the iron curtain. As for the Western Europe, the countries remained democratic. As for China, the US government did not consider it important enough to intervene in its civil war. The United States undertook the mission to establish democracy in other countries promoting domestic equality. However, it was not an easy task due to segregation that was still legal. That is why the interest in African countries arose at the end of the 50s. One can also call it a catalyst for shifting domestic race.


In the early 1950s, the policy of the United States was not interested in the African countries. African was not the main priority at that time as the full attention was directed towards Eastern Europe. Everybody knew that Africa was not a pivotal region. It should be mentioned that the head of African affairs, Henry Byroade, declared that the colonial question could not be disregarded without injury of own security. However, the situation changed drastically in 8 years.

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In 1958, the viewpoint on the African countries and its inherent policies changed fundamentally. The American government became extremely interested in Africa starting to promote democratic values there. In the face of competition with the Soviet Union, the US decided to intervene. By and large, the African countries turned out to be a good choice for the globalization of communism. The competition became some kind of accelerator for the United States of America that resulted in aggressive and quick steps that were taken towards Africa. For example, according to the words of Michael Clough, trying to strengthen positions, the American government took the decision to increase the flow of assistance. Therefore, Africa received $519 million from the US that was rather a striking difference in comparison with the previous $110 million. The threat of communism made the United States to take the drastic actions. Therefore, the potential threat of communism was sufficient for the USA to intervene politically. One can assume that fear turned out to be a cornerstone of the aforementioned processes.

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Shifting Priorities of the United States

The aim if the American government was crystal clear. They wanted to attract as many third world countries as possible. That is why America chose the wise tactic that was based on the good intensions, i. e. welcoming and aiding the African countries. Nevertheless, it should be noted that while full attention of the US was devoted to Africa, surrounding areas could have appeared under communist influence. As it was mentioned above, the United States chose the tactic of aiding using United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funding to supply democratic support. What is more, African leaders started to take part in the American negotiations. However, it should be mentioned that it was rather a large step for the US. In turn, it was a huge privilege for the African politicians. For example, during the period of 2 years, from 1961 to 1963, Washington was visited by 28 high-level public officials from Africa. Such step was taken by the United States for gaining political influence in African affairs. Nevertheless, everything was in vain as African leaders were more interested in power and domestic problems. When the American government realized the futility of their efforts, they decided to suspend foreign aid and reverse it back. For that matter, one can assume that aid was rather circumstantial and depended sufficiently on the strategy.

By and large, at the end of 1960 year, the idea of democracy and freedom was put forward. The discrimination against African Americans became the trigger. Civil rights movement got received considerable support in the United States. It should be mentioned that the racist policy became a substantial liability for the foreign policy agenda. At first, the American government was supposed solve the domestic problems relating to the racial discrimination. Only after that, the foreign relations could be improved and the battle against communism could be continued. The black activists managed to utilize the following situation effectively.

Global Hypocrisy of the USA

Those who fought for civil rights turned their attention to how the United States was being hypocritical. Black activists decided to use the Cold War and fragile situation. It was the opportunity for changing the domestic policies. The Civil Rights Act as well as other legislations emphasized the importance of changes.

One can assume that the relation between the implementation of policies on the African countries and Cold War can be called multifold. Presidential administration continued its fight with the communism. The reason is that communism was a direct threat to all the values and ideas that were implemented in the US. The intention to defend own ideology made the United States take rather aggressive steps. Africa appeared to be the prime target for both hyper powers. That is why the American government proposed aid welcoming high-level public officials from Africa. The aforementioned steps were taken by the US during 1958-1963.

Nevertheless, the racial situation became a cornerstone for the gaining influence in Africa. Black activists were those who had the pivotal goal to change the status quo. Lyndon Baines Johnson was one of those who supported black activists upholding civil rights, aid to education as well as rural and urban development. The relations with Africa helped blacks to profoundly influence domestic policy, i. e. the civil rights movement. In other words, it served as a catalyst for shifting domestic race.

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