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The Long-Term Effects of the Industrial Revolution


The Industrial Revolution has become the cornerstone to all the fundamental changes that occurred in the society. Technology was developing very fast. A lot of efficient inventions were designed at that period. The influence of the Industrial Revolution on the world was overwhelming as it pushed the world economy into an almost frenzy like state. People got plenty of opportunity as they received an access to a much wider variety of services and goods that were offered by business. If to consider the impact of industrial revolution on the worker’s life, it is worth noting that it was like a double edged sword. On the one hand, laborers got an opportunity to accomplish some tasks easily and it did not take them so much time as it used before. However, on the other hand, there were adverse effects as well. Due to the new ideas and practices that appeared, a great number of workers were supposed to be as effective as the new ways of producing services and products. Therefore, they started to work even harder not paying attention to own safety. By and large, the Industrial Revolution had a long-term effect on the entire population.

Before the era of the Industrial Revolution, all the products were handmade and unique. They were constructed individually. In effect, the production of such items took a lot of time. However, in 1800, when the Industrial Revolution started in the Great Britain, considerable changes were brought about. By and large, it is possible to identify 3 major changes that assisted in bringing about the Industrial Revolution.

Drastic Changes in Life

The aforementioned changes were of cardinal importance and drastically changed the lives of people. On a global scale, the whole process became faster as an item could have been made more quickly with the help of machines. A worker did not have to train for a long period of time as his or her skills were not required any more. The main feature of a good worker became the ability to operate the equipment that assisted in the production of an item. For example, incorporating steam power into production became a key to success as with its help one could perform the same activity without engaging a great number of people or animal force. In other words, a person did not have to be highly trained to be in control of the working process. With the help of machines any task could be accomplished not only more quickly but also cheaper. The advantages mentioned above allowed for a team of workers to more efficiently turn out a high volume of that product in a shorter timeframe. One can conclude that the number of unskilled workers had increased drastically; however, it did not change the speed of production and its quality.

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England and Industrialization

England became the first country where the Industrial Revolution first took hold. There were few reasons for that. First, the English merchant class used to be highly effective in developing commerce. This trade increase, in turn, stimulated product demand in the area. It helped to spur the advent of various new ways to produce the needed products. What is more, many of those who pushed for scientific progress in the industrial sector settled in England. It is worth mentioning that scientific inventions and investigation became a byword for successful business as creation of machines eased the use of business dramatically. Finally, due to the doctrine of laissez-faire doctrine, allowing the business to grow freely, England appeared to be the best place for the Industrial Revolution to undergo (Hackett).

The revolution in technology resulted in the new approach to the job and a worker. Before the revolution, an individual had had to obtain certain skills and know the details of accomplishing the particular task. However, it changed under the impact of industrial revolution. One could hire an individual who did not have to obtain a specific set of skills anymore. That is why the number of potential workers increased enormously. Therefore, the unemployment rate started to fall as even unskilled workers were hired. However, it should be emphasized that it was the only favorable outcome to the workforce. The substantial amount of the potential workers had suddenly increased that made the laborers insignificant for the owners of the new factories. The thing is that, the worker could be easily replaced as there were always enough of those who could accomplish the same task.

Profits and Quality of Life

The main aim of every factory owner was the desire to maximize profits. Hiring cheap labor is one the easiest ways to achieve the mentioned goal. It should be noted that the owners of factories preferred to hire women and children as they could be paid less than men with no consequences. Work conditions were rather hard for a woman. For example, when the latter was working in the buildings called sweatshops, they did not get enough light as the buildings were poorly lit. What is worth, they were poorly ventilated. Such dangerous conditions could lead to injuries or even death if the workers mishandled their equipment. The working day could last for the 16 hours; meanwhile the payment was very law. The laborers received only one dollar for the long and hard working day. However, everybody was afraid to lose his or her job and continued working despite everything.

Despite all the negative features that came to due to the Industrial Revolution, one should also highlight the positive ones. For example, the lining standards increased significantly. Frader claimed that women received an opportunity to buy clothes and articles of daily in every markets their number had increased (321). This is seen in evidence presented by economist N.F.R Crafts. What is more, the in-depth investigation proved the increase of dollar. If to compare with 1970, the U.S. dollar rose from $430 in 1800 till $800 in 1860. The last indicated period took place during the initial phases of the Industrial Revolution in England. The increase in the amount of income offset the mistreatment that the employee saw during this period. As it was mentioned before, women had the same physical activity as men’s did, but the difference lied in the lower payment.

There were 3 main doctrines during the Industrial Revolution. They covered the treatment of the working class and the possible changes that could be made by the government. The aforementioned works are as follows: Bakunin’s Anarchism documents, On the New Things by Pope Leo XIII, and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. These documents included rather different approaches to the way in which the world should go about the changes that were being seen as a result of the Industrial Revolution. These messages appealed to absolutely various groups and were the subject for a great numbers of debate between society, namely which way should be chosen.

The Revolution and Karl Marx

Karl Marx suggested that the struggle between the managing and working classes was unavoidable and it was constantly repeating over the course of time. There are always those who have the power and the other ones who are not satisfied with that. If to consider the Industrial Revolution, one can assume that factory owners constantly oppressed the working class. Sooner or later, the latter were supposed to rise up and carry out a revolution. Marx claimed that the society cannot be stable if one of the classes differed from another and obtained different levels.

This approach differed greatly from the one suggested by Bakunin. According to his viewpoint, peace could not be achieved if the government existed as the latter would always control others with the help of rules and regulations. Therefore, Bakunin suggests that if the government is removed, people will get an opportunity to be free. He states that bureaucracy is useless and its elimination will bring freedom and equality.

Pope Leo XIII

Pope Leo XIII was the one who dedicated the document On the New Things to the economic changes that could be traced that are based on the relation between the government and workers. According the mentioned work, the working class had a fundamental right to form unions as it would help them to protect themselves. What is more, Pope Leo XIII also rejected the idea of communism. He believed that every human being had the right to own private property. On the New Things came up with the idea of the government’s necessity as it should serve us and protect people from being oppressed by the capitalism machine.

It is worth mentioning that the number of laborers grew dramatically during that time period. In effect, a lot of workers were against the new order as those who were skilled in the certain field used to be replaced by machines as the latter were more efficient. For that matter, skilled laborers were forced to receive the same payment as unskilled ones (Hackett).

Women in the Workplace

As it was mentioned above, women were paid less than men, however, the loading was the same. For example, they also worked hard in the coal mines for lower payment. Nevertheless, it should be stated that there existed some places women received the respect that was definitely deserved. For instance, one of such places was the salon in Paris. These were the centers of enlightenment. Women managed to receive authority in such places challenging the traditional view that woman was supposed to be subordinate to a man. That is why, the idea of the intellectual equality emerged (Goodman).


To sum up, the Industrial Revolution was one of the most remarkable events in history. This mechanism of social change had an enormous impact on economic growth, urbanization, and industry in general. It was the time of mass production of services and goods. It resulted in conducting trade on a much larger scale. Also, the income of the workers grew sufficiently. The reason is that the unskilled laborers got an opportunity to find work in the great number of the new factories that produced the goods needed for the business world. In addition, a worker did not need to obtain certain skills as the only thing that was needed was the ability to work with the machines. It should be mentioned that such work environment was negative for women who were treated rather unfairly as they were paid less. There were a lot of famous individuals who advocated for the overthrow of the government and analyzed causes of Industrial Revolution. For example, Karl Marx claimed that the society could not be stable if one of the classes differed from another and obtained different levels. Bakunin held the opinion that society should be returned to a natural state of harmony. Meanwhile, Pope Leo XIII believed that the working class had a fundamental right to form unions that would protect them from the oppressions in the workplace. All in all, the Industrial Revolution can be considered a remarkable event as its influence on the world was overwhelming as it pushed the world economy into an almost frenzy like state.

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