The Position of a Physician Assistant in Samuel Merritt University

First Subject

Samuel Merritt University is, without doubt, one of the leading health science institutions in California, USA. The university is famous for the high level of the undergraduate and graduate education. The university provides the students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and helps them to become dedicated specialists in health sciences. I would certainly like to become a member of the team in the Samuel Merritt University, and to proceed to the position of a Physician Assistant. I believe that by being a qualified Physician Assistant, I would be able to help patients and realize my ambitions. There are certain core values of the Samuel Merritt University physician assistant program that I find most appealing to the career.

Moreover, I believe that my personal and professional experiences reflect the core university values.

  • The first goal of the program is to educate trained specialists, who possess knowledge and skills, necessary to perform the duties of a Physician Assistants effectively in a variety of health institutions. I believe that every person is able to achieve with the proper desire and effort. The most important skill is to set the correct aims, and make all efforts to get as close to them as possible. I once decided to become a chiropractor, and I worked hard to achieve the aim. I needed to study and to earn a salary at the same time, because I had to pay my tuition for college. Nevertheless, the workload has not influenced the eagerness, with which I deepened my knowledge and skills in the area. I am currently going to get my doctorate degree in December 2015. I am proud to admit that the achievement has become possible due to my continuous efforts to be a skilled and knowledgeable specialist. I am a determined person who follows her aim in spite of any obstacles on the way. Therefore, once I have made a decision to get a degree as a Physician Assistant, I will certainly work hard to achieve the aim and to become really good in the sphere. I believe that a person should get to the top in every occupation he/she chooses in life. In fact, I do not understand people who want to be average and stop working hard once they achieved mediocre positions. In my opinion, it is better to be the first in a few occupations than to be an average in many.
  • The second value is to provide the thorough studying of basic and medical disciplines, which are necessary for the excellent performance of future clinicians.
    My top priority is providing a high quality health care for my patients. I would like to learn and get sufficient experience as a Physician Assistant to help people and to ease their pain. I understand that there is a gap between an academic education and real practice of an excellent clinician. However, I hope that my rigorous studying of medical disciplines and desire to help people be healthier will motivate me to overcome the difficulties.
  • The third value is to enhance appreciation for social and cultural effects on the delivery of health care through exposure to a wide variety of clinical settings reflecting the diversity of patients and the communities in which they reside.
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My beliefs regarding diversity and social equality are very strong. The reason is that I personally felt how difficult the life of the immigrant could be. I hope that I will be able to promote ideas of respecting people regardless of their social status, nationality, etc. in the clinical institution where I will work in the future.

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The core values of the Samuel Merritt University physician assistant program, described above, correspond to my personal and professional beliefs and ambitions. Therefore, I have confidence in my ability to become a truly dedicated and well-qualified specialist in the area.

Second Subject

I am well acquainted with the fact that Samuel Merritt University has a respectful policy towards its students and values culturally competent specialists, who support the idea of diversity and equality. The university is famous for attracting different students and providing equal opportunities for studying. Being an immigrant, I highly value the policy of mutual respect that determines the university`s strategy.

I understand the feelings of people who are treated badly because of their social status, nationality or level of income. Discrimination is relevant to my story, because I was born in Iran and I have been living in the United States of America for thirteen years. The life as an immigrant was very difficult for me. Of course, my major challenge at the beginning was learning English, the language that I barely knew upon arrival. Moreover, I faced problems regarding the relationships with people I knew. Some children of my age were prejudiced against people from abroad, and behaved in a cruel way towards immigrants.

I am happy that many universities currently support the ideas of inclusion, diversity and equality. I believe that students from diverse background can make a significant contribution to the Physician Assistant`s profession. As for me, I have an equal consideration and respect for all people. Moreover, I believe that the public health service is the sphere, where the inclusion principles must be invariable. Medicine is for everybody, regardless of a social status, level of income, or nationality. People must feel secure that they will get help when they need it. In the USA, the governmental programs allow poor people receive medical treatment. However, the lack of financial support in such organizations has led to the outcome that some people do not have access to health care. I know that one of the aims of the university is to reduce healthcare disparities in poor areas, and I will join others in achieving it.

Regarding my contribution to global diversity while studying in the university, I can indicate two possible directions. The first one is being a role model of friendship with people from diverse background. I believe that for the healthcare worker, having a positive attitude to his/her patients is a crucial skill, because understanding a person helps to find a way to cure him or her. Moreover, I hope that I will be able to promote ideas of respecting people regardless of their social status, nationality, etc. in the clinical institution where I will work in the future, and my future colleagues will follow the same principles. The second is volunteering in public health projects. . I am ready to volunteer in any public health projects. My aim is to make people healthier, and if a person does not have sufficient finances, it does not mean he/she will get no help from health specialists. Every health service worker can spend a little of time helping people and thinking about their problems without expecting benefits for himself. In the mutual support environment, people will be a little happier.

Described above is the contribution that I can make to the program and to the Physician Assistant profession. I hope that more people and organizations will follow the principles of inclusion, ethnical diversity, equality and respect towards each other as Samuel Merritt University does.

Third Subject

I have deficiencies in my application as a result of my life circumstances. I would like to describe them in a detailed way and to indicate how I have effectively addressed them. I have faced the difficulties as an immigrant in the USA. Most of them concern the following matters: learning a language, money issues, and getting a degree.

The first difficulty that I had to overcome after I migrated to the United States of America was learning a language. English language is popular in Iran, as well as in other countries. However, the quality of teaching the language at common schools is not sufficient to learn speaking fluently. Therefore, the best teachers I had were people around me in the USA. The language difficulty increased with the fact that I had to study in a foreign language, because all the subjects were taught in English. However, I have overcome the challenge successfully due to the hard work and friendly environment. Secondly, I had problems regarding financial security. To get an education, I needed to earn money to pay my tuition for college. Therefore, I had to study and, at the same time, was obliged to work full time. Fortunately, I was determined not to get distracted from my main aim of getting a degree. I am a chiropractic student now, and I will earn my doctorate degree in the field in December. I have decided to become a chiropractor, because I want to help people to feel better and forget about pain. Moreover, I want to get a degree as a Physician Assistant in Samuel Merritt University. I would like to deepen my knowledge in the field of public health and to become a well-qualified clinician.

The indicated difficulties together with my personal experience have influenced my character. However, I may identify the major deficiencies, which may be important for my education in the university and career path as a physician assistant. I possess scrupulousness, high emotional capability, and credulity. I can describe each quality and indicate the reason of its appearance and ways to mitigate its consequences.

  • First, scrupulousness can be as either a positive or a negative quality. I believe that due to the difficulties that I had to overcome, I have become obsessed with making my life organized. Being determined, I pay much attention even to the smallest details, which contribute to achievement of my aim. I do not think it is a right strategy, because some important factors may not get into focus. In order to improve, I am trying to prioritize the most important things.
  • Second, high emotional capability is my natural quality, and I try to control my emotions to make balanced decisions. Third, credulity is a disadvantage for me; I trust people and can often be deceived. I believe that in order to alleviate the problem, I need to allocate more time for reflection.
  • Moreover, I might need to cast doubts upon people`s words and intentions. However, I believe that my positive sides are more significant that the indicated deficiencies.

Among my strengths are the following: determination, being communicative, an ability to learn, and a strong desire to help people.

My life circumstances, which have not been favorable in some cases, have influenced my personality and character. I have developed many positive qualities and indulged my negative characteristics. The indicated negative qualities cannot be serious obstacles on my way to becoming a Physician Assistant. As for my positive qualities, I believe that they will motivate me to become a well-educated, respected and dedicated specialist.

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