Computer Science Personal Statement: BA Degree (Example 1)

Mandatory Question: Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper division course once you enroll at the University.

I have had a passion for computers since my early ages, and this greatly influenced me to choose computer sciences as my career. My preparations for the course started in my childhood as I attended computer lessons at my school, and in the course of holidays I would also have private computer lessons as well as computer gaming in my neighborhood to broaden my skills in computer literacy. The love for computers inspired my desire to enter one of the prestigious universities that offer computer courses. I, therefore, chose to join the UC Irvine University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences so that I can get a qualitative education in my desired discipline.
Apart from acquainting myself with computer knowledge, I also made sure that I consulted my father who is a professional computer scientist to guide me on the valuable tips for the course. I would assist him in executing his work that included programming and formatting as well as mechanical repairs that he does for his clients in addition to consultancy.

Moreover, I requested my father to purchase me a personal laptop to facilitate my private study and experiments as well as entertainment. Having my private laptop will enable me not to rely on school computers, and it will also make it convenient for me to undertake practical studies. The other preparation is that I purchased my personal portable WIFI gadget to enable me to have a continuous supply of the Internet whenever I need to browse.

Moreover, my high school friend who also wanted to study the same course agreed to accompany me at UC Irvine, and this is luck for me as I will have a trusted classmate and a friend even though I will also acquire more friends at the university. Additionally, I have set standards for myself, and the most important is that I do not need supervision from anybody, and thus, I know what to do at the right time. With all these knowledge and resources, I am confident that I will scoop an upper division in my degree.

Mandatory Question 2: What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

Social responsibility is a virtue that is priceless as it influences an individual to shift personal attitudes from selfishness to selflessness, thus promoting the desire to serve others or do actions that bring greater benefits to the community as opposed to oneself. At high school, I had the idea that stuck in my head. As a result, my friends and I established a club that we named “The Young Stewards of the People.” Our primary focus was on the environment in and out of our school as well as our homes. We agreed that every member of the club must plant a tree in the school campus and personally take care of it until it can grow on itself. We have hanged placards on the trees bearing our names and environmental quotes to inspire others to care for the environment. Besides, we approached the management of our school canteen and convinced them to consider using organic wrapping bags as opposed to polyethylene ones, and the aim was to reduce the inorganic waste at our school.

Every member of the club would create an initiative, and the rest of the members would support the idea or give corrections where necessary. Regarding that, I proposed to my colleagues that we increase the number of dustbins in the school to make them readily available to the student’s visitors and staff so as to discourage littering. We contributed money from our pockets, and we also invoked our schoolmates to support us financially, and through this, we managed to increase the dustbins on the lawns, footpaths and near the places where students liked converging in large numbers. The effort played a significant role in managing waste at the school. Furthermore, we also sought permission from the relevant authorities to plant trees in churches and public areas such as gardens, and on every tree we hang writings urging people to promote the welfare of the environment. Through all the above activities, I was able to contribute to environmental awareness, and thus I served my community in that perspective.

Mandatory Question 3: Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity or worked to overcome an institutional barrier you have faced.

During my high school years, I was able to attend a symposium on computer skills that was organized at the county level by the county information technology department. In the contest, every school would produce the best two students from different classes, and thus we would attend the competition in a sizeable group. The contest provided an opportunity to sharpen our skills in information and communication technology, and the best performers received electronic and monetary gifts while the school received a trophy and a certificate. This was, therefore, an opportunity not only for academic enrichment but also bagging material awards such as flash discs and IPhones among others.

The contest took place once in a year, and whenever it was approaching, I spent much time preparing for it. The game entailed executing computer functions, and the marking criterion was the speed of completion as well as the adherence to the required specifications. Among the activities we did were working on a spreadsheet, writing letters, composing emails, downloading and installing software, and configuring computers settings as well as making changes on the control panel. Every person was assigned a number, a seat, and a desk, and there was an electronic bell that anyone pressed upon completing a given task. The contest enriched me academically as it enabled me to execute computer functions at a fast speed as well as broaden my knowledge on computer services. The symposium, therefore, prepared me and sharpened my knowledge, thus helping to build my career in computer sciences. I was determined to participate in all conferences, and this meant that I had to be one of the best students at my school, and thus I kept practicing and attending private computer lessons during my holidays to keep updating my skills. The opportunity, therefore, opened for me my academic path and career.

Mandatory Question 4: What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that skill over time?

My skills in computer operation make me proud as it has enabled me to broaden my knowledge on the Information Communication Technology. My experience in computer ranges from simple tasks such as starting, booting, and shutting down the computer to complex activities such as the installation of software and programming. The skills are meaningful to me as they have enabled me to develop a passion for computers, hence making me choose computer sciences as a career subject. It also makes me proud of following my father’s footstep of computer science career that made him a retailer of computers, a programmer and a consultant in the field of Information Communication Technology. During my high school education, the computer skills enabled me to participate in the symposiums organized by the county information and communication technology department, and through this, I was able to obtain several monetary awards and gifts regarding electronics. Moreover, I received trophies for my school.

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The skills did not come naturally as I started with having a passion for computers due to my father’s influence. The love made me work hard to gain computer knowledge as I was eager to learn to operate the machines. I had to work grueling to perfect my skills, and my father was encouraging me not to abandon my pursuit but, instead, try to learn something new day by day. I was, therefore, keen on my computer lessons, and during holidays, I would request my father to finance my private lessons in our neighborhood. At home, I practice a lot, and at times, my mother was worried that I became addicted to my laptop as she had to keep reminding me to eat my dinner or go to sleep when I delayed going to bed. However, my father convinced her to stop worrying and, instead, try to persuade me to decide on a plan for studying so that I don’t leave out other necessary stuff. My knowledge gives me opportunities outside the classroom as I program computers for my neighbors and schoolmates at a fee. However, I chose to do the work after school or on the weekends.

Personal Statement for University: Asian Studies (Example 2)

Mandatory Question One: Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper division course once you enroll at the University.

Culture has been one of most significant influencing factors of how communities perceive the various aspects of lives. These elements are usually expressed in the language, religion, food, music, social habits, and the nature of their art. My interest in Asian culture has developed over the years due to the fascinating, rich and diverse knowledge that the culture possesses. This has peaked my interest in attempt to understand how the Asian people express their culture, their history, and politics. Learning the Asian tradition and society means that I have to enroll in a prestigious university that offers Asian studies. That is why I wish to be admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles, so that I may major in a course that I am passionate about. The major will help me comprehend in depth the sociology, the cultural, political and economic phenomenon of the Asian community and how this can assist me to extend my world.

Culture continues to be a major determinant of how economic development occurs around the world. It influences the choices that consumers prefer in association with scarce resources. Asian economy has undergone tremendous growth over the recent years positioning it as a significant contributor to the economic markets. Working in class research projects has equipped me with knowledge in interpreting how external factors such as culture and social habits affect economic output. Furthermore, these research projects have considerably provided me with knowledge of how to explore market gaps in my community to facilitate economic growth in my area and the nation at large. These are the reasons behind me applying for an admission in the University of California where I intend to major in Economics that would stimulate me to gain more experience in the field and, therefore, to affect the increase of financial knowledge pool.

Mandatory Question Two: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.

To be a leader means that you must be a servant to the people that you aim to guide. It implies transforming your leadership roles and acting like a servant. This ensures that all those who are around you don’t only feel your authority as their leader but also are able to consider you as a friend who can be easily approached. Being the class monitor in high school prompt me to accept how vital it is for a leader to be involved in the lives of those that they serve. Some of the responsibilities of the position include settling disputes between my classmates simultaneously ensuring that each party is satisfied with the ultimate outcomes for each case that is resolved.

Owing to this experience I was able to learn patience, the importance having a listening ear, and the art of not being judgmental so that I may be capable of giving wise decisions. These skills have encouraged the transformation of my character, and now I can be unbiased to the more considerable extent in my decisions and less temperamental even when facing challenging situations. Additionally, during my time as a class monitor, I was responsible for organizing most of the activities at school. Bearing such fundamental responsibilities provide me with the opportunity to work with more experienced people in the field and, therefore, learn a lot about organizational skills. Moreover, it granted me the privilege of discovering how to distribute and supervise responsibilities while pursuing the aim to organize events within the stipulated budget.

Additionally, being the captain of the high school basketball team, I have had to be supportive of my teammates. Not only do I need to perform the role of the leader but I also have to act as a team member and devote effort like the rest of the team, therefore, building the team spirit within the basketball team. As a supportive leader, I had to encourage my teammates even when the results were against us so that we may obtain the best performance of each member of the team.

Mandatory Question Three: What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?

Everyone has a talent that is God given. However, most of us spend their lives without discovering what their particular abilities are. Otherwise, some people manage to discover it, but instead of enhancing their talent, they just let it waste. Nevertheless, there are others who do uncover their abilities and apply it to reach their maximum potential. Playing sports has been my greatest passion since not only am I able to relax my mind but I also keep healthy. Over the years, basketball has grown to be the sport that I have learned to love. I have discovered that the performing in sport is my talent and even at young age, playing it has always brought me happiness. After qualifying to join the high school basketball team, the time spent with the team can be considered the most elated moments in my life.

Even though I have not obtained this talent effortlessly, I was forced to devote lots of hours to trainings and practicing so that I may advance in areas that I am not still good at. This involves spending most of my extra time in the training sessions while denying myself some of the activities that my peers tend to engage in after classes. Despite the practice sessions being so brutal and tiresome; my efforts eventually have rewarded, and I was selected to be the captain of the school team. The leadership role implies challenges, but I have been able to guide the team and ensure that everyone’s potential has been achieved. Scarifying a lot of hours in the field later translated to the team receiving an award; this is after we won the provincial championship trophy, which we have managed to prove a year later. Winning this award marked one of the most memorable and prestigious moments of my life. It gave me hope that I can fully explore my talent and be able to achieve my maximum potential.

Mandatory Question Four: What is the one thing you think sets you apart from other candidates applying to the University of California?

For every target set, the right strategies need to be fulfilled to become the aims accomplished. I am very hard-working, and, in most of cases, determined in all that I do. My passion for always striving for being the best in all I do has pushed me into achieving good grades in my studies. The same determination I have placed to my talent goals, which provide me with the opportunity to achieve the best results while working with my teammates. Additionally, I am a leader; this has been proven by my ability to lead not only my class when I was a class monitor, but also my capacity to lead my high school basket team to winning the provincial championship. The responsibilities attached to these roles have allowed me to be a problem solver and think critically when facing any challenging situation. I have the competence to use the resources around me to achieve the best results possible despite the complications that I might face.

I want to achieve the best honors in the major that I am admitted so that I may advance not only in my field of choice but also in improving my community. That is why I believe that the University of California is the relevant university for me. The resource available in the institution will support me in archiving my objectives while realizing my full capabilities and ensuring I reach my full potential.

Personal Statement for Business Administration Course (Example 3)

Mandatory Question One: Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper-division courses once you enroll at the university.

My father runs a family business. It means that since the childhood, I helped him and understood the idea of his work. During the weekends, we often sat near the house and discussed our plans for the future, business issues, and family matters. I was a child, but my father spoke with me as if I was a grown up person. He did not refuse telling me about the problems he had at work, the knowledge he lacked, and the fierce competition from other companies. I was too young to advice as I did not have proper education. However, I promised my father to study and help him in the future to solve all business-related problems.

My father is my mentor who inspires me to develop. He has influenced my choice of a major. I have decided to get the degree in Business Administration and I want to help my father, as well as open my own business. The father’s wisdom and dedication to work have always encouraged me to study. I wanted to become as successful as he was. Now, I realize that I can be even better, and show that hard work and desire to become a businessman will make my studies interesting.

I have some experience of business administration as my father allowed me to take part in the business matters and problem-solving processes. He prepared me for the future education and tried to equip me with necessary skills. I am convinced that researches, articles, and books will deepen my understating of the chosen major.

I am sure that my childhood experience will assist me in becoming a highly-qualified professional one day. I have promised to become a successful businessman. Therefore, I will do my best to achieve my dreams and not to disappoint my father.

Mandatory Question Two: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time.

I am proud to state that I have some leadership experience. I had an opportunity to show my leadership skills during the studies. Once, I was asked to take the role of a team leader. I was responsible for the tasks distribution between team members, work monitoring and evaluation, as well as problem-solving process. I was not sure whether I would manage to cope with such responsibilities. However, my self-esteem and confidence have enabled me to deal with all issues. Moreover, I noticed that it was easy to persuade my teammates. I did not use much effort to ask them to follow my advice. My experience has helped me to understand that an effective leader takes into account all details and does not rely on the personal attitude towards people. All team members are equal, and a personal example is the best possible way to motivate others, as well as encourage them to collaborate and show positive results.

At home, I was responsible for taking care of my younger sisters and brothers when my parents were away. I helped them to learn, played with them, and cooked dinner. I did not find it difficult as I knew that they would follow my suggestions. This experience has taught me not mak to hasty decisions. Besides, I have realized that I have some leadership skills. However, I should improve them to become a leader in the sphere of business administration.
I use my leadership skills to make the life of people better. I care about the environment, help elderly, as well as pay close attention to the issue of air and water pollution. My experience of a leader has changed my perspective on people and their behavior. Effective leaders are successful in all spheres of life and always meet their aims.

Mandatory Question Three: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem-solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.

It is not easy to define creativity as this concept is reflected in different aspects of life. I represent my creativity in the sphere of education, work, and at home. I apply various approaches to memorize information and to make my studies easy and interesting. I am convinced that every student should develop the creative side, as this skill is vital for modern education system. Creative thinking provides an opportunity to broaden the abilities inside and outside the classroom, and leads to positive results.

At home, I use this skill to make my room comfortable, to help my family to find proper solutions to problems, and to play with my younger brothers and sisters. Creativity always helps me to remain positive and enthusiastic when I am with friends or alone. I have a variety of ideas how to spend time and engage myself. I have found that creativity helps me to solve problems. However, this also requires critical thinking. Therefore, I follow certain steps not to miss any detail while dealing with difficulties. I always analyze and evaluate every aspect. Moreover, I usually look for the ways to eliminate the causes of problems and their relevance to the issue. Original and extraordinary ideas that arise in my mind always enable me to find the best possible solution in any situation. I believe that creativity is closely related to innovation. I successfully combine these skills in the academic and personal life. I do all possible to develop this talent and to acquire new skills that might help me to manage problems.

Thus, creativity is one of my best qualities that assists me in life. I am convinced that creativity impacts my decisions both outside and inside the classroom. It enables me to pursue goals, deal with people, and solve problems. At the same time, this talent makes be a successful student. Creative people are active and learn the world by generating new ideas.

Mandatory Question Four: What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?

I have many skills that positively influence my life. However, time management is the greatest one. Many people find it difficult to manage everything in time. Personally, I can effectively use my time and admire my leisure. I have acquired this skill when I helped my father who always taught me to plan the day and not to haste. He claimed that haste is never the option as it can lead to failures and pitfalls. I have realized that time management is vital for the achievement of my academic and professional goals. I work hard to improve and further develop this talent as it leads to the increase of my productivity and enables me to become successful.

The skill of time management has helped me to seek education, development, and improvement. I believe that it will assist me in focusing on the results rather than activities. I have noticed that my skill is beneficial to my family. For example, my parents can always rely on me as I am never late and have time to help them. Moreover, I help my younger brothers and sister to plan their activities. I am a good example for them and, as a result, they also seek improvement.

I am sure that the talent has enabled me to study abroad and to obtain excellent education. Therefore, I believe that it will help me to become a highly-qualified professional in the future who will care about the family. The time-management skill has contributed to the choice of my future career.

Thus, my time-management skill enables me to get the advantage of numerous opportunities. I can self-develop and self-improve, learn, visit different events, have leisure time, etc. Moreover, I effectively plan my time to be efficient and productive. I have stamina and energy to further develop my skills and help others to acquire them.

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