Newspaper History

Advertising is the art of familiarizing a certain product or concept by using a media that will be available to a large number of people. Advertising has been diversified into different channels of media. Among the channels, the newspaper has been the main platform on which advertisements have been made. Newspaper advertising has gained popularity and has acquired the term the foundation of all advertising. In the early times, the newspapers were only meant for news.

However, due to the increasing popularity of newspapers and the urge to make more incomes, the newspaper printing companies saw it profitable to incorporate advertising in newspapers. As a result, different newspapers came up with different techniques and characteristics to modify their advertising platform. The essay aims at providing the comparing and contrasting features of advertising of two specific newspapers including The Times and the Daily News newspapers discussing how the adverts affect the nature of each of them and the audience.

Similarities Between Newspapers

Advertisements in The Times and the Daily News newspapers have various similarities that facilitate common advertisement platforms of both of them. The fact that both newspapers are in the same country, Britain, explains why the newspapers have similar advertisement characteristics (Taylor 2016).

Advertisement Organizational Properties

The Times newspaper has distinct advertising properties that are similar to advertising properties of the Daily News newspapers. The common advertising features are mostly incorporated in other British newspapers. Both newspapers have organizational management of their advertisements (Gentzkow & Shapiro 2020). The newspapers’ advertising platforms are controlled by advertising committees which plan on the advertising issues. As a result, the newspapers have organized their adverts in specific pages. The organization of the adverts in the newspapers has helped in the easy identification of the adverts by the audience.

Both The Times and the Daily News newspapers have organized their adverts in a categorical way (Awad 2022). The adverts have been arranged in categories in that they have been grouped into groups. The groups are based on the content of the adverts. In addition, both newspapers have a technique of placing some important adverts in strategic places (Mogel 2020). For instance, an important advert may be placed in the commonly read section of the newspaper such as the front page or the back page (Maier 2022). The organizational advertisement of both the newspapers makes the newspaper be the more of presentable to its audience.

Purpose of the Adverts

Both The Times and the Daily News newspapers have a common aim of their adverts in their newspapers. The intention of the newspapers’ management teams is to make more income through making pleasant adverts. Driven by the aim of increasing their incomes, the newspaper companies tend to be more creative on the design of presenting their adverts (Awad 2022). Therefore, the newspapers have an appealing look in their adverts. The creativity shown in the adverts helps in attracting an audience to read the news. Therefore, the more appealing the advert, the more money the client of the advert pays. Therefore, the main aim to make the adverts presentable is to attract adverts clients to the newspaper advertising sections. This feature in the adverts by the newspapers aids in newspaper advertisement technology advancement.

Regulatory Similarity

Another common feature of both newspapers’ advertisements is that they have regulations that they follow that seem to be similar. The reason for the similarity in advertisement rules is because of operating in the same country. The British government has set out specific rules that any newspaper must follow in making the advertisements (Awad 2022). The feature of common rules in advertisement makes the advertisements in The Times and the Daily News newspaper to have the same look because they do not exceed the given specifications. For example, the British legislature has created rules that ensure that the adverts do not exploit any party involved in the advertisement cycle. Therefore, the newspapers follow the rules not only for obedience to the rules but also to uphold the ethics of the newspaper advertisement (Williams & Nicholas 2021).

Contrast Between the Newspapers

The two newspapers, The Times, and the Daily News, have different advertisement features for easy differentiation of the newspapers’ advertisement platform. The features in the adverts platform make the newspapers attractive to different audiences. The audiences tend to read the newspaper that favors their preferences in terms of advertisement content (Williams & Nicholas 2021). Therefore, the newspapers are favored by their different advertisement characteristics. 

Newspaper’s Interest

The Times and the Daily News newspapers have different interests portrayed in their advertisement columns. The newspapers companies prefer to advertise specific adverts that make them attract different audiences. Due to the different views of the audience, the respective newspapers’ advertising authorities selectively choose on the audience that they have to attract to read the newspaper (Award 2022). The selection of the audience is influenced by the net worth of the audience, the financial stability of the audience and the audience confidence on the newspaper’s content. For instance, The Times newspaper targets the above average audience for their ability to consistently purchase the newspaper whereas the Daily News newspaper targets the average audience because of their large numbers hence the paper has assurance of making a high sales volume. Therefore, the audience of interest grants the newspapers different advertisement characteristics.

The Newspaper’s Advertisement Content

The newspapers also have a difference in the content of their adverts. The content of the adverts is greatly influenced by the audience of interest of each newspaper (Taylor 2016). For instance, The Times newspaper targets an above average audience that mostly lives a luxurious standard of life. The adverts in The Times newspaper prefer suiting its targeted audience with their related adverts. Therefore, The Times newspaper’s adverts have the content that is desirable to the above average people (Award 2022).  On the other hand, the Daily News newspaper targets an audience that lives an average life. The audience looks for news related newspapers. Therefore, the Daily News newspaper adverts are based on the context of addressing the issues of the average people. The adverts in the Daily News newspaper possess the content that facilitates the living of the average people (Gurun & Butler 2022). The adverts in the newspaper advertize improvement adverts to ease the average people’s life.

Advertisement Policies

The newspapers have a difference in the internal policies of advertisement. The newspaper printing companies are based on different internal settings. As a result, the newspapers are forced to formulate their policies so as to control their internal management of advert development. The different policies end up affecting the newspaper advertisement characteristics (Awad 2022). For instance, the policies developed in The Times newspaper Company enhance its policies on the audience target and the content of the advertisement that it will have to pick on. The policies within The Times Newspaper Company also indirectly influence the audience preference of its advertisements because the policies control the types of the advert client (Van Dijk 2019). Advert clients are the people who present their advertisements to the newspaper company for the company to publicize the advert through the newspaper. On the other hand, the policies that the Daily News newspaper company controls the newspaper are content through the policy measure on the quality of the advert (Fowler 2019). Therefore, the policies of the newspaper companies make them have different advertisement features.

Newspaper Advertisements Effects on the Newspaper’s Nature

Newspaper advertisement has been a major factor that defines the nature of each of the two. The advertisements in the newspaper can be used as a basis to define the characteristics that the newspaper will possess (Maier 2022). For instance, The Times newspaper targets the above average audiences in its adverts. Therefore, the targeted audience in the adverts defines the nature of the newspaper. If the audience targeted by the advertisements in the newspaper is above average, then the whole newspaper addresses the above average people. Therefore, the nature of the newspaper is defined by the audience it targets (Franklin 2019).

The nature of The Times newspaper is also affected by its advertisements through the policies the newspaper company develops. The policies developed by the advertising committee of the newspaper determine the nature of the reason. This is because the policies of a single department within the newspaper printing must be harmonious with the general newspaper’s policies (Awad 2022). As a result, the policies of the newspaper advertisements significantly descried the newspaper’s nature.

The advertisement also features define the nature of the Daily News newspaper. The fact that the newspaper’s content is aimed at attracting the average living audience defines the nature of the newspaper (Taylor 2016). From the advertisements in the newspaper, the Daily News newspaper’s nature can be defined as one that looks into the interests of the common British citizen. The newspaper’s printing interest also helps in defining the nature of the newspaper. The Daily News newspaper‘s main interest in the advertisement is gaining more of the audience attention to reading the paper. Therefore, the newspaper is defined as informative and responsible for the development of its audience (Fowler 2019). The advertisements present in any newspaper help in determining the nature of the newspaper of interest.

Advertisement’s Effect on the Audience Nature

The newspaper advert characteristic can also help in defining the nature of the newspaper’s audience. For instance, the Daily News newspaper advertisements help in defining the nature of its audience. The simple and basic adverts possessed by the newspaper have shown the audience targeted by the newspaper. Adverts based on improving people’s life that the Daily News newspaper has shown that the audience the newspaper targets is in its developing state hence, an average audience (Awad 2022). On the other hand, the adverts in The Times newspaper reveal the type of audience the newspaper targets. The luxurious adverts in The Times newspaper show that the audience of the newspaper is a well-living audience (Thurman 2021).

Argument on Similarities and Differences of the Two Newspapers

The similarities and differences that the newspapers have on the advertising characteristics define the image that they have to the public. For instance, the similarities between the newspapers have proven the common aims of the newspaper (Franklin 2019). The common advertisement characteristics also help to show that the newspapers serve the same function. Both the newspapers inform the public (Fan 2019). Therefore through the similar characteristics of the newspaper, the flow of communication in the public domain is made efficient.

The differences of the newspaper advertising features have helped in identifying the significant characteristics of each newspaper. The differences of the newspaper characteristics determine which newspaper will endure in the information market. For instance, the distinct features that the newspaper company has can determine its success (Williams & Nicholas 2021). The policies that differentiate the newspaper companies can be used to define the success capability of a newspaper. In addition, the differences between the newspaper have can be used to describe the audience interest of the newspaper (Maier 2022).


In conclusion, the Daily News and The Times newspapers have shown the basic features of advertisements that each newspaper holds. The features of each have also shown the differences that are there in the advertisement role of the newspaper. The audience of the respective newspaper has also been shown to be influenced by the content of the newspaper. Therefore, newspaper advertisement is a concept that is approached differently by different newspaper printing companies.

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