The Sareer of a Physical Therapist is Important in the Society

The main aim of professional physical therapy workers is to provide effective and efficient health care services. Services provided by the physical therapists are not restricted by the origin of the problem, diagnosis, or age because they serve both the elderly and the newborns who have mobility-related issues, which confine their abilities to functional activities. Using the treatment techniques, they can prevent disability, restore function, reduce pain, and promote patient’s ability to move.

Moreover, through wellness-oriented and developing programs, a specialist prevents the loss of mobility. These services are managed and handled by the physicians through collaboration to serve patients effectively. The services of a physical therapist are provided in various settings like nursing homes, work settings, fitness and sports facilities, home health agencies, outpatient clinics, and private practices (Susan, 2002).

The professional license of physical therapist defines the scope of responsibilities that each worker should perform depending on his or her professional qualification and experience.

  • According to the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (2013), physical therapists are expected to respect the rights of individuals and inherent dignity.
  • Secondly, they need to be compassionate and trustworthy when addressing the needs of clients/patients.
  • Thirdly, they should be accountable for the sound professional judgments they will be making.
  • The fourth principle requires them to demonstrate integrity when communicating with the public, employers, other health care providers, research participants, families, and patients.
  • The fifth principle requires them to fulfill professional and legal obligations. Moreover, they need to enhance professional expertise through refinement and acquisition of professional behavior, abilities, skills, and knowledge.
  • Finally, physical therapist has to take part in meeting the health care needs globally, nationally, or locally. For a person to be a physical therapy professional, he or she needs to earn a degree in physical therapy undertaking the accredited academic program.
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In addition, a person needs to prove the acquired knowledge and skills by performing well in the examinations set by the institution and the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS). These examinations enable someone to acquire specialty certification, a degree or other qualifications that are required for one to become a physical therapist. Moreover, the physical therapist should have the certification or license from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), which is acquired after passing the licensure exam.

Meanwhile, degree holders may be required to do prerequisite courses like statistics, social science, physics, chemistry, and biology. Therefore, some of the institutions that offer the program include Georgia State University and the University of South Florida. In most cases, degree programs of physical therapy are finished within four years, when studied on a full-time basis. The tuition programs in the University of South Florida and Georgia State University cost approximately $30000 and $20000 respectively. In addition to acquiring a certificate or degree in physical therapy, members are required to be certified by the American Physical Therapy Association, the organization that is meant to certify physical therapist.

According to the statistics of the United States Department of Labor (2012), the employment of physical therapist is expected to grow by 36% between the years 2012 and 2022 as a result of high aging population and illness. The entry salary for the physical therapist is approximately $79,860, while that of an experienced therapist is more than $85,000. Among the jobs advertised locally in the Sunday Herald and other publication, the rate of physical therapist jobs ads is high. In the physical therapy field, experience is required because workers are expected to use various techniques and equipment to perform different physical therapeutic procedures, practices, and methods. In addition, advancement opportunities are available after graduation. Therapists are able to gain additional education in clinical areas like pediatrics, geriatrics, and administrative positions (United States Department of Labor, 2012).

Physical therapy profession relates to scientific based clinical applications where physical functions are promoted, maintained, and restored. Some of the professional organizations that physical therapy students need to join to enhance their career include the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA), and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) among many others. The first organization helps in organizing national conferences that enable a physical therapist to share information. Through professional organizations, members can network, hence increasing chances for professionals to get a job and become acquainted with other members.

Students or career starters need to pay annual dues of $95 to join the organization. Some journals published by the organizations are The Journal for Physical Therapist Practitioners, The Sports Physical Therapy, and The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Therapy that cost approximately $65, $60, and $67 respectively. For the physical therapist professional to enhance competence, he or she is required to take continuing education units that are within HIIM domains. Professional members can earn CEUs by attending classes. On the other hand, other formats like e-seminars can be used to attain CEUs (National Center for Health Statistics, 2002).

Physical Therapist Personal Statement

Every scholar aspires to join a career of their choice. Becoming a medical practitioner is a call that I had since childhood. Getting an opportunity to study the course was a dream that has come true. It is a course that has assisted me to gain several experiences that are beneficial to me and society. It has made me discover my aptitudes as a prospective healthcare worker. For instance, throughout the modules 1 and 2, the course made me understand the personal traits that make a perfect healthcare practitioner. A healthcare worker needs to be understanding, hygienic, caring, and observant. The course has made me discover that the abovementioned qualities are among those that I possess. In addition, I have learned important skills concerning healthcare professionalism throughout modules 1 to 4. With these modules, I have studied the skills that can help me change my community, such as how to offer first aid to different patients (Ruotsalainen, Verbeek, Marine, & Serra, 2014).

The courses of ailments are also the important knowledge that I have gained. It is an issue that can make me maintain good health and advise members of the community on healthy living. With the help of the four modules, I have got a chance to study dental sanitation, a perfect and essential skill. It is a new skill that was introduced to me during the course. Moreover, I would like to concentrate on dental upkeep, as it is one of the most widespread problems in my community. I have acquired skills that have perfected me as a student, the one who is prepared to fit in my plans as a health care professional. The new skills that I have learned from this module include how to maintain dental health, dental sterility, and ways to avoid sickness. It is a course that has made me more prepared to labor in this field (Mitchell, 2011).

Through passion and determination, I know that I will be able to fit the profession of a physical therapist. My goal as a physical therapist is to optimize mobility and improve the human experience, a factor that will transform the society. Self-discipline is one of the strategies I will use to attain my objective of being one of the competent physical therapist workers. Moreover, joining relevant organization will enhance my experience and skills in the field. Therefore, with this career plan, I strongly believe I will attain my career goals.

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