Monaco Hotel in San Francisco

Monaco Hotel is one of the major historic hotels in downtown San Francisco centered two blocks away from the San Franciscan union square giving a classic view of the downtown area the city. Monaco hotel has a perfect location for both pleasure and business with fully equipped high-rise Financial District offices. The classic Chinatown, modern cable car rides and award winning theater rooms make it one of the best 4 star hotels in San Francisco (Parker, 2006). They have informed staffs who is always available to assist you in details on tickets, reservation and direction when necessary. Hotel Monaco San Francisco offers varying enjoyable packages from romantic getaways to pet-friendly packages to make your trip all the more memorable.

Hotel Monaco San Francisco gives the signature Kimpton Hotel an eclectic style and hospitality near Union Square in the heart of downtown. Surrounded by the city’s top theaters, shops and restaurants in Union Square, the boutique hotel provides a luxurious accommodation facility along with supreme amenities and services. With the historic attractiveness and chiming cable cars of Union Square, the Bill Kimpton Tree of Life inspires the entrance to the hotel. Located near the grand staircase, it represents a peep into the life of Kimpton’s founder and his love of hospitality and travel.

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The hotel has classic suits giving it a wonderful market consideration. Junior Suite is 380-square-foot surrounding the quintessential Hotel Monaco fashion. It has a bedroom with a queen-size sleeper sofa and a king-size bed. To have a wider space, it can always be connected with a Queen Deluxe room that presents a boutique luxury 380 square feet (Parker, 2006). Estranged by a sliding door, it has a king-size bed with a living room having a queen-size sleeper sofa. Deluxe Suites can still be connected with a Queen Deluxe room for a more spacious suite. Monte Carlo Suite offers 525 square feet that provides luxurious comfort. The bedroom features a pillow-topped king-size bed draped in Frette linens, while the living room is graced by custom furnishings and a queen-size sleeper sofa. The bathroom has a shower and a 5-foot Jacuzzi tub that invites you to fully relax and enjoy the bath.

Mediterranean Spa Suite offers 625 square feet of extremely stylish comfort. With a sliding door separation, this bedroom has a king-size bed with a pillow with Frette linens draping it with custom furnishings and a queen-size sleeper sofa gracing the sitting room. A large bathroom has a 6-foot Jacuzzi tub and shower. The suites are suitable for occasions like wedding ceremonies and public functions.

The living room has plush, oversized couches and soak in the cozy encourages you to extend the comfortable stay while enjoying the social atmosphere. The cool bay breeze gives on a good and fresh relaxation by the roaring fireplace at resting hour, or any hour. Wedding ceremonies are therefore effectively enjoyed here encouraging a sense of extravagance and the newly married can enjoy the art and the wine touch on the captivating and romantic mood that San Francisco provides.

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Hotel Monaco San Francisco hotel is very spacious to accommodate all the guest friends that will always accompany the couple as they exchange their vows. The Union Square hotel offers a variety of suites with signature flair to suit one’s wishes. Any individual in the hotel for a wedding, retreat, leisure purposes or those who are business travelers will appreciate Hotel Monaco’s inviting San Francisco with the high end amenities and suites offered here.

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The hotel has:

  • Five different types of suites
  • Frette lined Luxury king-size bed with
  • Queen-size sleeper sofa in the separate living room
  • Signature Hotel Monaco services and amenities
  • The connecting rooms that can also be reserved for even more spacious luxury

The hotel programs allow clubs and associations to get discounts and enjoy the benefits of Kimpton Hotels Small Groups Made Easy in San Francisco. Groups like those of the wedding ceremonies, corporate, girl’s getaway, groups and reunions do have an opportunity to save up to 30% discount.

The atmosphere is excited by the hands of the highly-skilled massage therapists and estheticians at an on-site spa at the Hotel. From Aromatherapy Facial to romantic couples massages, any stress melts away and one remains relaxed and composed. Before or after the spa treatment, one can extend their wellness with a trip to the sauna, steam room.

The hotel has been designed with a unique architecture with warm service and air of romance. It has a theater District location far much better than all the center stage actions beautified Union Square chic boutiques (“Suites,” n.d.). It has a spa fully serviced and up scaled guest rooms that will always keep you recharged and relaxed during your stay in the classic facility.
Monaco Hotel has always been a choice of many tourists and customers within the city because of its advantages. Social networking and communication is even easier in any room within the hotel premises. Constant choice or even social chatting has earned many uses bonuses and free tickets. The more one continues to use the facility for their wedding occasions and other ceremonies, the greater the advantages that comes by it. One is able to reach new tiers unleashing even more loyalty perks and special offers. Their room upgrades as they enjoy late check-out for even more time to enjoy the social web services. The rooms have free WiFi and one just needs the WiFi password to browse the internet.

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The able staff ensures constant communication via emails as alerts, updates, opportunities and other information can be sourced and posted. Regular customers who are registered are able to use their email addresses to log into the hotel WiFi for more internet services during their eligible stay within San Francisco.

In between the planning activities, anxiety and excitement ahead of the Big Day is always a major deal in the hotel. As the vows are being exchanged, the hotel will always provide multiple course meals to ensure that the San Francisco wedding is a dream fulfilled. How? Choosing to exchange the vows in the gorgeous setting of the hotel having sweeping staircase, a dramatic fireplace, and multiple flexible event spaces accompanied with the superb catering and service one will expect from Hotel Monaco (“Special offers,” n.d.).
As per the menu at the San Francisco wedding, all the guests will enjoy French bistro fare with California flair impeccably prepared. One is able to choose from continental classics from the catering menu like Sea Bass and Steak Lyonnaise dressed with Citrus Beurre Blanc. The hotel also has a culinary team to create your own inspired selections. A gorgeous custom wedding cake or Champagne selected by the Master Sommelier for the wedding can also be used.

Monaco Hotel ensures the organization of the wedding beats the expectations of the couple in such a way that they have almost nothing to think about. Adequate plans have been put in place to ensure a successful wedding taking place. Programs such as perfectly arranged dance floors, printed menus and floor-length satin linens are put in place for the perfection of the ceremony.
San Francisco Hotel services and amenities are the best rated Hotel Monaco Catering to travelers drawn to the Hotel Monaco’s high style (Parker, 2006). These together with the lodging and sublime service, enables the hotel to offer quality services and amenities. San Francisco hotel offers the most relevant blend of modern comfort and old-world glamour. Colorful elegance therefore provides memorable hotel services and amenities for a memorable stay at the Hotel Monaco San Francisco.

Yoga mat is freely offered in every room to ensure that the user is at peace with the environment and the services offered. Hosted evening wine reception in the hotel rooms and complimentary morning coffee services in addition to a tight all-round security also ensure comfort during the honey moon. Hotel Monaco San Francisco is the best choice for the wedding ceremony since you will have nothing to think about apart from the wedding ring and the “Yes I Do”.

Service Blueprint

A service blueprint is an explicit outline of the activities that are involved in selling a service to the customer as well as the whole experience of the customer during the delivery of the service. It is divided into three stages: the customer activities, front-stage and backstage. These activities are facilitated by other invisible activities within the organization which are known as support processes.

Customer Activities

In the weddings section of the Monaco Hotel San Francisco, the customer begins by booking their appointment online by email or telephone. Onsite, the customer meets up with one of the hotel’s wedding planners and gives their specifications of the event. The customer is required to provide information such as the number of guests there will be at the wedding as well as their budget for the event. He/she deliberates with the wedding planner onsite until the planner is satisfied that they have enough information to meet the customer’s needs. They should also avail themselves and their guests for rehearsals. The customers also make an upfront payment of 60% of the cost, while the other 40% is met within 24hours of the completion of the wedding (“Weddings,” n.d.).


When the customer checks in, the receptionist welcomes them warmly and guides them to their preferred section. The wedding planner inquires the customer the information needed to organize their wedding. Meanwhile, a waiter/waitress serves the client some coffee and a piece of cake. The planner is expected to develop and maintain a good rapport with the customer during and after the wedding. After the wedding, the couples who choose to have their honeymoon at the hotel are also gracefully looked after. There are staffs in charge of washing their cottage on a daily basis in addition to serving their preferred meals from the comfort of their cottage. Laundry services are also offered as an additive to honeymooners.


Within the organization, the concierge liaises with various staffs to make the planned wedding a remarkable success. After meeting with the client, the wedding planner and the accountant collaborate to compute the cost of the event. This message is conveyed to the customer within 24 hours. The chef and the wedding planner also organize the preparation and availability of foods and drinks for the event. The maids assist the customer and the guests with rehearsals before the wedding day.

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