Via Christi Health at the Emergency Department

The objective of any health care institution is to ensure adequate, affordable, qualitative, preventive & curative health care to the people it serves. Christi Health’s rich is no different and its antiquity of serving the people of Kansas and the neighboring areas dates back more than a century ago to the healing ministries of our establishing congregations.

Via Christi Health is anchored on the spirit of generosity particularly for individuals most in need; respect and concern for the dignity and diversity of life; inspiring trust through individual leadership; assimilating excellence and stewardship; courageous innovation and upholding the hope and joy of its ministry. With such principles, a decision to undertake my service at the institution would have been the most appropriate considering my career path of sociology. Performing the minor duties in the emergency department including cleaning the rooms, stock supply and running minor errands for the department came in handy.

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As a result of my efforts, the department experienced major positive changes in the mold of faster up wait times for patients result being faster required healthcare, ever hygienic rooms and constantly available stocked supplies so when the employees required something, it was right there and could do better patient care having what they needed. In the emergency department, things done were very critical and one had to be careful and precise on every activity that was being carried out. My duties were no exception. I had to get to work one hour before my scheduled time to prepare on the days chores. Cleaning the waiting bays, the surgery rooms and doctors’ offices was done critically considering it was a health care institution. This routine helped me develop a character of accountability and appropriate time organization. Serving in this environment, personal sanitation was key. As I saw different patients incurring costs in treatment due to unhealthy living, there was no two way about individual hygiene. I have since taken responsibility to educate and sensitize the people around me on the merit of maintaining hygiene be it personal or public. It is important for the good of all existing in a particular ecosystem. Above all, the service helped me build my inter-personal interactions while doing work that makes a transformation in people’s lives. This has brought about a spirit of servant leadership that will assist me even as I interact with those working together with me and also those I serve. My interaction with staff members, patients and other individuals within the course of my service had a huge impact in respect to sociology, understanding better the different characters, backgrounds and cultures of the people I interrelated with. Acquiring a wider scope of knowledge on the people of Kansas and its surrounding, the institution and the healthcare service in general will help me in my career advancement in sociology.

Considering my individual experience, it is in my opinion that service learning should be considered differently from volunteerism. Volunteerism participants offer for the primary or sole purpose of meeting the requirements of others and improving the community as a whole. Young individuals involved in high quality service learning meet the needs of their communities while growing their academic success. Service learning students also take part in organized time to examine community needs, considerate preparation of the service project, and guided reflection concerning the association between their service familiarity and their more traditional in-class learning. A significant characteristic of service learning curriculum is that scholars participate equally with learning and service and replicate on their connections.

Civic responsibility is a self-imposed ethical construct to propel the values and interests of the civil group one is concerned with and the citizens thereof. Individuals’ membership of a community obligates one to get involved in serving the members of the community at one point in time during the individual’s life. This creates a culture of giving back to the same community. Service helps to build a sense of responsibility among members of the community and the result is manifested in disciplined individuals that are developed in the community. Both service leadership and volunteerism are encouraged to be inculcated in communities but more emphasis should be put on service leadership as it develops individuals into specialists of their respective areas of study. My service at Via Christi Health at the emergency department had a direct impact on my career in sociology and as such considers it as service learning than a volunteerism activity. Inter-relationship with staff members and patients has broadened my scope on human and environmental.

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