Importance of Biorhythms

The paper discusses the essentials of biorhythms and their importance in human life. The paper starts from categorizing cycles and their meaning in the prediction of human activity. The paper includes information based on the respectable sources printed in the journal related to the analysis of biorhythms. The reader gets a complex view on the essentials of biorhythms and an overall system of factors influencing the development of a human organism. In addition, the paper mentions the common way of calculating any cycle according to the characteristics and peculiarities of every individual. Finally, the paper provides the reader with information on the psychological aspects of human development with regard to biorhythmic activity.

A human organism is a complex system of processes flowing according to the schedule helping to maintain a healthy body. If an individual feels sick or a disease starts evolving, some processes may be damaged. In the psychological aspect, it is important to consider all phases of the development and aspects of human activity. It is not a secret that health of the individual has a direct influence on mental condition. Healthy mind formulates a healthy body. It means that it is necessary to pay attention to all health indicators in order to keep the organism in a good state. According to the contemporary level of medicine’s development, it became possible to calculate and predict some aspects of human life with the help of simple mathematical calculations. These calculations help to evaluate biorhythms of the human organism, which are responsible for different areas of human activity. In fact, it is important to research the diversity of aspects related to biorhythms in order to understand their meaning in the development of the human organism. The paper reflects the essentials of biorhythms and their role in constructing appropriate conditions for the development in all aspects of human life.

Essentials of Biorhythms

A biorhythm is a cycle predicting human activity calculated with the help of mathematical formulas considering individual characteristics and lifestyle peculiarities. Apparently, many scientists do not believe that it is a scientific approach and title it pseudoscience as long as it can only predict the set of activities and physical characteristics faced by the person in the specific period. In addition, there are many doubts about the influence of biorhythms on the performance of functions by the specific organs. For example, there are many doubts regarding the impact of biorhythm theory on the myocardial activity (Joncas, Carrier, Nguyen, & Farand, 2011). In fact, the theory of biorhythms considers that human life is dependent on the core of the biological cycles which affect an individual’s ability in mental, physical and emotional conditions. These cycles characterize human ability according to the different life stages and parts of the day. The lowest points of these cycles indicate that an individual becomes vulnerable to the problems and obstacles faced on the daily basis (Reichert et al., 2014)

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The circle of biorhythms is far from narrow, and it is possible to categorize them in three sections, namely primary, secondary, and extra rhythms. Talking about primary rhythms, these are the discussed-above physical, intellectual, and emotional rhythms. An additional rhythm in this category is an intuitive rhythm, which may be reflected in the general chart. The second group of biorhythms includes mastery, passion, and wisdom biorhythms. In fact, this group helps to evaluate factors influencing a crucial activity of the individual. In the main aspect, it has an impact on the ability to make immediate decisions according to the mentioned biorhythms. Extra rhythms, in its turn, include perception, physic, and success indicators. Hereby, it includes intuitive patterns and defines the individual’s capability to predict their further performance without obvious factors. Apparently, this group does not have a significant influence as long as it does not lead to enormous changes in the human organism and it is hard to influence these biorhythms.

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Biological cycles begin from the first days of human life and change their intensity in a steady fashion (Thaben & Westermark, 2014). In fact, these cycles help to predict the level of human activity in the mentioned areas. A typical cycle reflects in a sine wave a sinusoidal behavior in the selected area. There are different biorhythm models, which include various periods of activity. However, the most common biorhythm model includes a physical cycle with duration of 23 days, emotional cycle with duration of 28 days, and an intellectual (or mental) cycle with duration of 33 days. An emotional cycle has also a title of a female cycle as long as it has the same length as a typical menstrual cycle. Each wave of the cycle has two extremes, namely the lowest and the highest points. As long as a cycle has a sinusoidal nature, it is considered that when the cycle crosses the line in zero, it indicates the period of uncertainty and critical moment.

In order to calculate the cycle, it is necessary to apply the following formula:

In this formula, t equals the number of days an individual lived since birth. The formula helps to build cycles according to the specific characteristics provided by an individual. A physical cycle will help to reflect physical activity, including coordination and strength, while an emotional cycle will reflect sensitivity, creativity, mood and awareness. Intellectual cycle, in its turn, will help to analyze the level of analytical thinking, communication and analysis skills.

In the psychological aspect, it is necessary to understand that each mentioned aspect has a direct influence on mental development. For example, low emotional condition in combination with low physical condition can lead to the depression if an individual does not take appropriate action to change it. Cycles, in general, provide one with a prognosis of the alternation of individual’s characteristics according to the selected period. However, the switch is dependent on the individual’s activity and their efforts aimed at enhancing personal health indicators. In addition, it is possible to prepare for the possible changes in the human organism according to the cycles of physical, emotional and intellectual activity. Thus, all these three areas have a direct influence on the development in the psychological aspect. They formulate an individual’s ability to integrate into the social sphere, achieve goals and fulfill mandatory duties (Langel, Yan, Nunez, & Smale, 2014). In addition, inattention to the rhythms may lead to the diversity of disorders. For example, Gupta and Kumar (2009) mention that hospitals have to work often “with the patients of disturbed biorhythms, wake-sleep disorders, learning-memory disorders, migraine and depression (SAD)”.

The Internet contains numerous online calculators helping to compute and predict biorhythms of every individual. It means that there is a free access to the information on health processes flowing in the human organism. It helps to monitor every process and accommodate to the conditions dictated by internal and external environment of an individual. Moreover, it is comfortable to calculate biorhythms and see the point of each cycle according to the mentioned day. Such websites help individuals to comply with the results of calculation and make appropriate efforts toward the activity planning. Finally, such calculations keep every individual well-informed about their personal development in physical, emotional, and mental aspects. There is a hope that these Internet facilities will help to enhance the level of a healthy generation on the global level.


In summary, it is important to remember that biorhythms have an individual nature and a direct influence on human development in general. In order to regulate health, it is necessary to consider all peculiarities of behavioral aspects along with physical, emotional, and intellectual indicators. Biorhythms are predictions of human activity, which help to choose an appropriate way of regulating human activity. The contemporary level of technological development made it possible to have a free access to the calculation of biorhythms according to the individual’s peculiarities with the help of Internet. It makes every individual aware of their personal developmental conditions. In general, it is necessary to consider biorhythms in order to build effective activity and lead it to the enhanced efficiency.

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