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 The Two Koreas

Nowadays, the belligerence of North Korea is the issue that worries thousands of people around the world. Success of South Korea, a country that can boast of its democratic viewpoint, great economic growth, and technology development, has shown the confrontation between the two completely different sides in a completely unique light. Rational South Koreans with democratic values are opposed to brainwashed North Koreans that live in complete isolation and poverty under the rule of Kim Jong-un who is the grandson of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung. Though the two countries have striking differences in the way of life, they share the same culture and race.

The 20th century was full of great events that have change the course of the history and led to the present-day organization of the world. The struggle between the West and communism has brought new possibilities. After the World War II, the West became a great democratic power with numerous opportunities for its population while the East was left in the hands of communist dictatorship under control of the Soviet Union. All the people living behind the wall were deprived of making free choices or accessing information.


Vietnam, a country that was divided into the free South and communist North, was a focal point in the struggle between the West world and the East. At the moment the South fell, Vietnam was grabbed by the North Vietnamese communist regime that lasted for fifty years. However, the system was fought eventually; now this country is much more open to the world even though it still has to deal with the outcomes of the regime.

When the Korean War ended, the united Korean nation was forcefully separated into two countries with the screaming differences in all spheres of life. North Korea was kept under the strict control of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung who managed to develop a cult of his personality among the population. The main communist of the country was chosen by the Soviet dictator Stalin to rule the hermit kingdom. On the contrary, South Korea preserved the democratic model that led to the development of the country and its economic growth. Nowadays, South Korea is one of the most developed and successful nations in the world while its north neighbor remains as isolated as it was during the last decades.

Divided Sides

In order to understand the seasons for the Korea’s separation, one should examine in detail the time when the Second World War ended. In addition, the Korean War itself has to be studied to realize why the 25 million North Korean population has been under the rule of one family for sixty years.

Aftermath of the Second World War

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For twelve centuries, from 7th to 19th, Korea was a single country. In spite of the fact that the country experienced assault committed by its neighbors including China, Japan and Russia as well as the policy of adventurism provided by the West, it managed to protect its unity. In 1905, Japan occupied Korea; the occupation lasted until the time the WW2 ended. Such a long term colonization, in addition to the Japan’s aggressive attitude to the Koreans, resulted in the enmity among the Koreans. It should be stated that even though Korea was a unified country before the end of the World War II, the two points of view existed in the state. There were the proponents of the communism system and the Soviet Union and those who did not support any kind of foreign interference.

When the Second World War had almost reached its end, the Soviets started to move their troops to the northern part of Korea. At that moment, the United States of America realized what was going to happen. Having no actual plan for Korea or understanding of the current situation in the country as well as having no special means and logistics inside Korea, the Americans were forced to offer to divide Korea in order not to allow the Soviets to occupy the whole country. The 38th parallel was chosen as a demarcation line between the two sides.

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Arbitrary Division

The country that was culturally and physically unified for thirteen centuries was forcefully separated by the outside powers. Therefore, the Soviets as well as the Americans have to be accountable for the division and its outcomes. Those fifty millions of South Koreans that live in the technologically and economically developed country with democratic values and viewpoints have to express appreciation of the Americans’ assistance in not letting them be absorbed by the devastating power of communism. At the same time, their brothers in North Korea live in a prison-like country, having no human rights, freedom, and dignity. Even nowadays, the population is brainwashed because of the strict policy of the authority.

The soviet government chose Kim Il-sung to be the leader of communist North Korea who established the state that was called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Ironically, people living in this country are totally deprived of any democratic rights and freedoms. To have the entire control over the nation, the leader has built a cult of his personality as if he was an emperor with enormous power. What is worse, the descendants of the leader continue to follow such a policy and all the North Koreans blindly worship their tyrants. Unlike the dictators that ruled North Korea, its southern neighbor was headed by Syngman Rhee, a wise statesman who received his education in the best universities – Harvard and Princeton. Nevertheless, the population started to feel real democracy only until 1987.

The Beginning of the Korean War

After the separation at the end of the World War II, the two sides were rather willing to reunify under the political regimes established in the countries. Having strong support of China and the Soviets, North Korea decided to invade South Korea on June 25th, 1950. While the authorities of North Korea have been claiming that their country was the victim of aggression of the Americans and South Korea, the documents revealed after the collapse of the Soviet Union showed that Kim Il-sung persuaded Stalin to let him invade the south neighbors and eventually got a green light. Therefore, the Great Leader Kim ordered to start the invasion having full support of Russian dictator and the Chinese government. There are many points of view on the reasons behind Stalin’s decision. Some believe that it was connected with the victory of the Chinese communists; others insist that the decision was supported by the fact that the atomic bomb was constructed in Soviet Russia, thus allowing the leaders to feel their superiority. There are also those who think that North Korea decided to take advantage of the withdrawal of American military forces from South Korea.

Also, there was a great controversy over the issue who made the first shot. It is said that the day the invasion started, the United Nations Security Council passed the resolution that regarded the invasion as a breach of peace. Most likely, having the similar considerations to Stalin’s decision on the invasion as well as experiencing disgust to communism by many people, the President of the United States turned the public attention to the Korean flashpoint.

The US President offered a ‘police action’ in cooperation with the United Nations to protect the Korean population. Douglas MacArthur was chosen as the commander of the UN forces believing that the conflict could be ended within a few weeks. That was one of the first America’s underestimations of the countries’ ability to defend their land since the Korean War lasted for three years.

Horrible Outcomes of the Korean War

During the three years of the bloody war, both sides had suffered heavy casualties and complete destruction. Some estimates show that 280,000 South Korean soldiers, 36,000 American soldiers, 120,000 UN soldiers, 520,000 North Korean soldiers, and 900,000 Chinese soldiers died in the war. What is more, approximately 3 million civilian were killed while 5 million were left homeless. Though the aim of the both sides of the conflict was to reunify the country, the goal was never achieved. As a result, the war brought much suffering and great destruction leaving both countries with nothing.

The Paths of Further Development

If to romanticize the Korean conflict, some people would say that it was a battle between the agrarianism and industrialization since the results of the three years’ confrontation speak for themselves. There are researchers who state that North Korea had two motives to invade its south neighbors. After the unification of two countries, Pyongyang government would restore the general people’s committees that were limited because of the American influence and implement a new land reform. However, those researchers do not discuss that luck of South Koreans that consisted in the North’s return to the 38th parallel. Sixty years have passed and the difference in the wellbeing of the people in two countries speaks volumes.

Nowadays, the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un is considered to be one of the worthiest regimes in the world. The leader of North Korea as well as his proponents violates the main human rights of the population on a regular basis. The political opposition, religious freedoms and free media are not allowed in the country. There are many serious problems in North Korean society. Some of them include arbitrary arrest, torture of detainees, and detention. In addition, the government applies collective punishment when a citizen makes anti-state offenses.

Alternatively, South Korea is regarded as one of the most developed democratic countries that achieved success during the last sixty years. After the Korean War, the country adopted the export-based industrialization approach that made South Korea one of the leading world economies. The country can boast of electoral democracy and political pluralism having many parties that compete for the power. Nevertheless, there are still the cases of bribery and extortion in the present-day life. There are free media, and the diversity of the private newspapers that write about the government policies. In addition, there are a great number of human rights organizations and welfare groups that render the necessary support.

According to the recent polls, most South Koreans are not willing to reunite with their north brothers due to the strict policies implemented there, numerous restrictions as well as tyrannical regime.


The Korean War is considered as one of the most horrific conflicts in the Asian history. It resulted in the massive destruction of the infrastructure and the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Moreover, the aim of the both sides taking part in the conflict was never achieved. Therefore, one should think twice whether the conflict has to be started as war is not the way to turn the trick.

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