Glamour as a word may possess different meanings considering how different individuals perceive it. This word is mostly associated with women of high class and beauty. However, this extraordinary beauty may not be natural. Most of these glamour girls and women tend to apply artificial techniques in making they look extremely beautiful. The question which most people ask is whether these extreme exhibitions of plastic or natural beauty leave the dignity of these women tarnished or not. Most wealthy and well-educated women of the twentieth century tend to utilize a good portion of their wealth in maintaining their looks and images. Others tend to go to extremes of exposing themselves to the public just to prove their sexiness. The society has also been involved in these changes in women and beauty. Initially, most women sacrificed their petty earnings on supporting their families. With current modernization, most women flock the job market and this has provided them with the freedom which they need to spend their money. (Betterton)

Most of the glamorous fashion icons, for instance, Dita von Teese, portray little value for feminism. This particular example of an icon loves to portray her sexiness in the most explicit manners. In addition, she uses her plastic beauty to attract the attention of men mostly. For instance, to draw the attention of a man, this woman simply adjusts her stockings and suspenders to expose her slender thighs. She quotes that it occurs unbelievable that any woman in her right state of mind should leave the house without a matching pair of underwear. The thirty-nine year old queen of burlesque adds that every woman must possess a perfect- fitting black lace bra with matching panties.

Furthermore, all these descriptions of an ideal woman appear only as means of fulfilling the art of seduction. Dita von Teese appears as a woman who considers her image more than anything else. She ensures a pleasant sexual appeal wherever she is. Another seduction tactic which she uses is applying her lipstick in the clear view of her target. She continues to say that when this is done slowly, the victim, who is obviously a man, is attracted instantly. She emphasizes the use of dimmer switches in almost every part of her house, claiming that this occurs as the main cure for cellulite. Miss Dita also encourages the use of perfume on a daily basis. She adds that the perfume should be applied in small amounts, since the man should always lean forward to smell it. All tactics that she applies occur mainly in the attempts to look and even feel sexier. Moreover, she uses them to appear outstanding before the opposite sex.

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This trend of exposing one’s self with the motive of appearing sexy and glamorous tend to pose a demeaning impact on the general figure of a woman. Most women emulate these trends with similar motives of gaining fame in the public. Other women, like Beyonce, claim that such trends helped them mingle well with men who help them in music industry.

Most glamorous women in contemporary society are associated with anti-feminism. This occurs, since most of them tend to evade the rules of dignity that women should possess. However, women like Vita von Teese claim that all women should dress and behave in a way that pleases them, since they do it for themselves. Her art of immense beauty fascinates not only men. On the contrary, most of her funs appear to be women. One may question her extreme fame in the current education-based society. Well, the reason why she receives massive attention from women more than men includes the fact that she inspires women from all lifestyles. Her argument on beauty is that any woman can be outstanding regardless of whether she possesses the natural beauty or not.

She also applies artificial beauty largely in her efforts to look glamorous. The story does not end there. She also practices undressing in a glamorous way before she retires. However, she claims that she invests much time and resources in order to maintain her desirable beauty. Here are some of the things which she does and extents to which she goes in order to keep her good looks: she follows a daily regime of Pilates, ballet, and yoga to maintain her sexy figure. In addition, she watches what she eats to avoid becoming overweight. Apart from this, she also has breast implants and Botox for increased glamour and beauty. These steps surely emphasize her increased application of manmade beauty. A normal day for Dita von Teese occurs like a special day for most women. She claims that on normal days, she wears her lipstick, face powder, mascara and does her hair for about ten times. Each day of her life seems to be driven by fashion.

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Despite the fact that this fashion icon possesses numerous seduction tactics, she remains intimidating to men. She claims that all the things that she does in the name of beauty are for her. Most feminists tend to question the example with which she leaves behind her immensely sexy appearances in public. Others say that these scenes only tend to portray the woman as more susceptible figure. Though this statement seems somewhat provoking, the fashion icon still insists that every person possesses a chance for beauty, fantasy, and sensuality.
Another lesson with which Miss Dita leaves her viewer is that a woman manages to captivate men in a room by gliding confidently and effortlessly in their stilettos. She claims that this move tends to capture the attention of most people in that particular room, since one becomes noticed.

From the above description of this fashion icon, it appears clearly that her source of glamour occurs rather artificial than natural. She uses her nudity and sexiness to gain attention, especially from men. Her low culture and lack of feminism in mind leaves most people wandering whether such trends build or destroy the dignity of women. In all the descriptions of how this fashion icon views beauty and glamour, it occurs clear to her that women should work on exposing their nudity in the name of maintaining sexiness and glamour.

Another beauty icon in contemporary society is Paris Hilton. Though her glamour fits well into that of Dita von Teese, she manages it in a much different way. In other words, she appears as more of a feminist icon and a cultural one too. She portrays a figure of a woman who appears self-dependant and more confident of herself. However, she quotes that her main source of self-dependence comes from her father’s wealth. Moreover, she appears as a woman who strongly believes in girl power.

The introductory features of Paris Hilton portray her in much different way from Dita’s. While Dita largely depends on the sentiments from other people, especially men, Hilton stands on what she likes. Hilton also values much that she stands for feminism, unlike Dita, who immensely portrays herself as an anti-feminist.

Paris Hilton tends to keep her natural beauty in the attempts to maintain glamorous. For instance, she keeps and maintains her beautiful blond hair. Furthermore, this fashion icon insists on being a fan of her. Unlike her counterpart Dita, comments that are made by other people do not move her. At least, that is what she portrays as her stand.

In Paris Hilton’s mode of conducting fashion, she is notable with a remarkable stylist and fashion icon. Her modes of defining and presenting fashion can be emulated with much flexibility. She insists on the pink color. This also forms part of her identity and signature. In addition, it shows her sense of feminism. She also prefers girl-like outfits that possess lases and frills. Unlike Dita von Teese, who largely depends on man-made trends to stay glamorous, Paris Hilton prefers formulating her own fashion trends. She is unique in the sense that she creates her own trends. Furthermore, she rarely considers matching clothes and outfits as the only way of looking stylish and glamorous.

She possesses a superb incorporation of clothes and outfits that suit a large number of women. Her combination of clothes can be termed as sweet and sexy. For instance, her wardrobe comprises trench coats and sparkly dresses. Apart from that, she adores designer wear like handbags by Louis Vuitton and different things from Christian Dior. To add her glamour and make an emphasis on feminism, she adds oversized pink or white sun-glasses. She also prefers white ribbon headbands and rhinestone tiara in her hair.

Paris Hilton portrays herself as a true beauty icon while maintaining her feminist nature. On top of the glamour, she prefers to walk around with a petite dog or a smart phone. Changing her look repeatedly also appears as one of her beauty steps. For instance, she alters her blond hair in different styles, which gives her a new facial look. (Wilson) Unlike Dita, she tries to encourage pocket friendly ways of tanning. She insists on the use of a self-tanner. In addition to all the glamour, she maintains an amazingly sweet personality. However, both Paris Hilton and Dita von Teese possess various similarities in their characteristics and view concerning glamour. At least both icons make their wealth just from their sexy appearance. This is so despite the fact that they possess different ways of exhibiting this sexiness. Dita tends to occur more aggressive in portraying herself as a sexy figure. On the other hand, Hilton sticks to her principles and still manages to express her glamour to the world (Eypley).

Paris tends to depict a large sense of culture in her style. Although she considers little about the sentiments which are forwarded by people, she still tries to display feminism in her attempts to stay glamorous. Her attire goes from active wear to dresses, pants, and jeans. Her style tends to inspire most women and men, since it does not appear fixed to one style. She portrays diversity in her selection of clothes and other accessories (Entwistle).

Many controversies have risen from the way in which these two fashion icons view and expose the meaning of glamour. Dita perceives beauty and glamour as an opportunity to express one’s sense of fantasy, sensuality, and beauty. In addition, the general way in which other people view her and the attention which she receives from her surrounding matters very much to her. On the other hand, Paris acts as a model of her own. She works with what she deems right and suits her personality. Thus, most of the time she is portrayed as a feminist icon. Her outstanding sense of style and personality also portrays her cultural nature.

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Paris possesses an access to a large amount of wealth which she inherited from her father. This makes her a wealthy personality. Moreover, she possesses the ability to purchase any kind of wear which she desires. Her wardrobe consists of luxury clothes that attract most youngsters who tend to emulate her code of dressing. She also manages these stylish clothes and accessories without fear of encountering a financial crisis. (Craik)

Similarly, Dita uses thousands of dollars to keep her looking glamorous all the time. This glamour woman enjoys performing as a stripper. In fact, that happens to be her main field of specialization. She tends to enjoy the pleasure and the fame which she gains from her stripping activities. However, she further claims that she detests the sentiments that arise from the public. The public views her as a figure that portrays the vulnerability of women. On the contrary, she urges those who watch her moves as a glamour queen to apply them to their own benefit. Amazingly, she wants the society to view all her actions from a positive perspective (Bruszek).

Dita von Teese provides a fashion and glamour icon who manages to lighten up relatively boring environments. She brings a flashy mood especially when she poses in her old-fashioned dresses, presumably derived from the 1940s. In addition, she receives much attention due to her flawless make-up and admirably milky skin. Her love for manmade beauty accessories is well depicted on her entire body. For instance, she fancies the use of fake eyelashes and crimson lips. Her numerous implants, like the breast implant and Botox, show her utmost desire to remain more beautiful and glamorous. She does these things freely regardless of whether she goes against the feminist rules or not. Her image in the media does not shake her at all. She does everything out of her love for doing it and not for the benefit of any other person (Gundle).

Dita von Teese loves the idea of being viewed as a famous burlesque artist. In most of the interviews, she attends and receives her definition as a stripper with much delight. However, she quotes that she possesses no intentions of ‘sugar-coating’ her stripper activities. In addition, she desires that people should change their perspective of stripping and only view it in a way that may benefit them.

In contrast, Paris Hilton displays different modes of displaying her glamour. In fact, she works more on her own fashion interests than what the public expects of her. Although her fashion exposes her sexiness largely, she tends to portray it in a sweeter and more acceptable way. Extremely explicit scenes often lack in her fashion selections. Unlike Dita, she prefers current and trendy outfits and other accessories in the attempts to exhibit her glamour (Gibson).

The codes and styles of dressing that are outlined by Paris Hilton are adored mainly by teenage girls of the twentieth century. This occurs, since apart from occurring trendy, she uses an assorted way of dressing up. She neatly blends outfits and accessories like handbags and sunglasses. In all her attempts to remain glamorous, she ensures to put her feminism first. She appears as a more cultural fashion icon too (Bruzzi).

In conclusion, these two icons possess different values, especially when it comes to how they show themselves in the public. Both of them possess numerous fans that adore their general stands and perspectives of beauty. However, their cultural distinctions occur clearly considering how each one of them perceives beauty. Dita perceives glamour as an opportunity to expose one’s sexuality and nudity. She proves this by performing as a burlesque artist in a most confident attitude. On the other hand, Paris Hilton portrays her glamour in a unique and very exclusive manner. Her ways of portraying may occur somewhat unpredictable. Moreover, she possesses no particular mode of fashion, since she simply blends different outstanding attire to produce something amazing. She gives a luxurious mode of fashion while maintaining her glamour.

Therefore, these two glamour queens have managed to captivate their fans in completely different ways though. While one remains cultural, the other lacks the sense of culture completely. Secondly, while one works towards promoting feminism, the other portrays her personality as an anti-feminist (Dyhouse).

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