The purpose of this essay is to identify means and ways that could be used by Club IT in improving its clientele margin by finding ways of keeping up changing technological advances. This was done by identifying the types of wireless devices clients coming at Club IT used in operations like, document editing, gaming platforms, internet surfing, tracking devices among others.

It was also aimed at identifying four organizations that used m-commerce and explained extensively four applications that Club IT could use in its operations. It was aimed at improving the IT standards of Club IT could offer to its clientele, by discussing ways of sending bulk SMS and identified some of the main players in SMS gateways on the internet, it was to embark at explaining a feasibility of mounting coupon campaign at Club IT to create a bigger clientele arena. (Norman)

Having a good number of TPS services on the internet this research identified and analyzed TPS for Club It, this was done by performing a cost-benefit analysis that was to assist or aid at acquiring a TPS for Club IT, there was clear quoting on the Tangibles and the intangibles of doing this.


Wireless devices have had a margin of growth and listing the whole set would be a long event, however, the identified wireless devices that have been used and clients were observed using at Club IT included: smart phones, gaming and document editing tablets; mac books; laptops; GPS devices for tracking; PDAs; dashtop mobile devices. The list is almost endless but the above devices seemed to exceed in appearance during the study.

Organizations digging at the usage of m-commerce included Brick and Mortar Business, Big-box retailers and eBay. These organizations were found to use the m-commerce in almost every aspect of their operations, to deal with the changing technological times some of these organizations have integrated GPS in their operations in that if a client orders for anything online, he or she doesn’t need to give direction and that they will deliver at the specific location shown on their mapping applications. The likes of Brick and Mortar Business offer location based services and that one of the application that was found to be appropriate to use at Club IT. (Candace)

Four of wireless m-commerce applications that showed to be usable at Club IT according to their appropriated usage method at target of usage according to this research included: Mobile Ticketing, mobile Content purchase and delivery, Location based services, information, mobile brokerage, mobile marketing and advertising.

So choosing four of the most appropriate for use by Club IT, it would be:

  • Mobile Ticketing – this is the process by which clients can fix orders, clear the payments, acquire and validate tickets from whatever location they’ll be at. Given that Club IT had members’ registration, it would be easy for the clients to acquire and obtain their tickets for special or outlines services at Club IT online.
  • Mobile content Purchase and Delivery – this involves buying of services like ring-tones, video clips, bulk SMS services and wallpapers. For club IT this can be an appropriate m-commerce application in that it provides the content to the clientele from whatever geographical location they may be.
  • Mobile Marketing at Advertising – for Club IT the use of this application can be in terms of their doing or integrating with other firms to market their products or services, they can advertise their own services and products if they do have purchase merchandise. (Nikhilesh)
  • Mobile Brokerage – it the online services that are aimed at keeping the customers or subscribers up to date with the changing market forms and the stock market. This information would be useful by Club IT to catch a bigger virtual clientele and to boost their business.
  • Mobile Vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards – these are used by the service or product seller to boost the morale of the customer and they are send to the clients as instant rewards for purchases they have done. The delivery of these is by the borrowing of location based servicing services.

Since most or all customers to Club IT as it has been observed have subscribed to Short Message Services, the use of coupon campaign would be a great and positive move by Club IT in that it will be aimed at reaching out to a vast majority of clients, if the services they are offering are accessible all the time, they usage of subway-coupons-to-cell phones would bring in more clients in that they are covered in covering the distances to reach to Club It for the events that would be in place. It can also be targeted at giving clients the opportunity to entertain themselves as a means of assurance that Club IT has got them covered. The usage of bulk SMS and bulk email may be a good move to do this. Zeep mobile provides the services of bulk messaging and thus Club IT can use their services as a SMS gateway. The use of this would be to reach out to as many people as possible, in which the end result would be a significant growth of Club IT’s clientele.


The case of Club IT and its operations need to be monitored automatically and data compiled in presentable formats. If Club IT ventures into the m-commerce servicing, it would be advisable that they acquire a Transaction Processing System (TPS). To give guidelines according to the type of TPS they need to acquire, going by the research, it will be most appropriate for Club IT to establish the kind of payments they receive from clients. Then when installing a TPS it is the types of payments to Club It and the size of data and services they offer that will determine the kind and stability of the TPS that will manage the data, process the transactions, compile reports and move from the clients’ bank accounts to Club IT’s account. To minimize overspending the TPS to be used should be relevant to only performing the task and not in any way have a section of the program that isn’t being utilized. The purpose of TPS would be to do all the man power demanding tasks of transaction processing which in TPS case would cut off most of expenses and time in terms of seeing transactions go through. It would be beneficial in that it will be responsible of accounting and analyzing financial structure of Club IT. (Ee-Peng)


Types of wireless devices used by Club IT clients have been identified and enlisted. Organizations using m-commerce and the types and examples of wireless m-commerce applications usable by Club IT have been explained. It has been found that bulk SMS is a useful utility to marketing and gathering more clientele for Club IT, the research has established an example of a bulk SMS gateway that Club It can use. Analyzing of a TPS has been done and the benefits of acquiring one have been discussed as well.

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