International Business Free Essay

In marketing, product usually consists of goods, services, or ideas. A good is something that can be felt, tasted, smelled, heard, or seen. Internet, for example, is a good as well, because information is stored, and can be seen or heard. Service is an offering a buyer obtains via the work done by someone else. Services cannot be stored; they are only available at the moment of use. Product is an idea, if the marketer makes an effort to convince consumers to change their behavior or perception in the certain way (What is a Product?). Therefore, Swim software falls into the product category. Its product’s attributes include availability in a black box, self-adaptation, safety of integrity, availability of Web-base, and iPhone Module (Features).

Swim software essay

Swim software has many benefits. However, cultural environment, economic development, and technologies are different in the different countries. Therefore, Swim should be adapted to them in order to satisfy foreign consumers. To my opinion, iPhone Module is a positive attribute, because it allows watching the shop’s sales, revenues, and other figures from any place. However, other operating systems become more and more popular in the world. Android is growing, and it is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Windows Phone grows fast as well (Framingpham 2013). Therefore, it would be positive to develop the special modules for those two operating systems. It would attract more consumers in the different countries.

Pricing is variable for the Swim software. Different plans are proposed: free, starter, medium, and unlimited (Pricing). Shops can choose them to try or to use fully in their business. To my opinion, prices are reasonable. They will be affordable in many countries, even in the developing ones, because such kinds of shops are usually profitable businesses. However, I think that prices should be stated both for a month and for an unlimited period, and the buyer should be able to choose this option. In some cultures, people do not like paying periodically; they prefer paying once and using the product unlimitedly.

Black box is useful and convenient. However, some problems can occur, while downloading the software. Bad internet access is common in some developing countries. To cope with this problem, Swim software sellers may sell it on DVDs. A disk can be safely delivered to any country without regard to internet access there.

Safety of integrity is an important feature. If DVDs are sold, a problem of software crack can occur. In some countries, these actions are not punished or punished rarely. Therefore, Swim developers need to make their software completely impossible to be cracked. It would help to save the profits of the producer, because the unoriginal copies of Swim would not be resold. In addition, the spread of Swim sales would move to many developing countries, where problems with software cracking and copyright are significant.

Self-adaptation is a vitally important feature for the international markets. It is good when software can be adapted to the different languages, accounting and taxation systems, legal requirements and storeowner needs. However, it is important to mention that Swim can be used in the jewelry stores chains, where stores are located in the several countries. At the same time, Swim software of shops in one chain is interconnected. Therefore, it is important to adapt software to the different languages, accounting and taxation systems, legal requirements and storeowner needs. Swim developers can be recommended to create special software for international jewelry store chains.