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Gender discrimination nowadays still remains one of the most important issues to be resolved in terms of legislature and societal influences. Undoubtedly, law forbids gender discrimination in all spheres, but it is more and more difficult to define the essence and definition of discrimination as its meaning may be obscure for many people. One of the most prominent figures dominating in the history is Darlene Jespersen. This woman used to sue her boss since she did not obey a common company rule to wear makeup. If you would like to get a sample paper on how to write an essay dedicated to gender discrimination, is here to help you. We offer customized essay writing services to any student, who cannot pluck up the courage and write decent essay. We will take care of your paper, simply place an order at!

Gender Equality:Is It Real?

Women’s work has been exposed to numerous changes during the last decades. Regardless of the fact how hard women work, their salaries still are decreased in comparison to males’ ones and wage gap is enormous. Darlene Jespersen while working in Harrah’s casino experienced numerous instances of gender discrimination. She was obliged to wear makeup during her shifts, which is definitely an act of discrimination. When she was tired of wearing bright makeup and refused to work in the same manner, her boss fired her, which is a violation of rights based on gender discrimination. Although employer claimed that due to the specifics of work, all female employees have to wear makeup. However, employer did not have any right to fire the woman based on her outlook and appearance.

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Feminism Features

In accordance with the Harrah’s company, female workers were not discriminated as there were certain appearance guidelines to all workers. However, there were no such strict rules for male workers. According to company’s policy, female workers had to wear black leather shoes, curled or styles hair and appropriate make up. However, male workers were not allowed to wear ponytails. Thus, one can see that women had to take care of their appearance to the greater extend, from hair to shoes, whereas male workers had to take care only of their hair (particularly, ponytails – if applicable). The company’s rules could be considered as equal if both women and men had to spend so much time on appearance; otherwise, it is gender discrimination. Moreover, even pregnant employees were not allowed to make some amendments in company’s policies, although they could not follow all guidelines. Even the fact that Jespersen was a diligent worker for more than 20 years, she was fired for ridiculous rules and change in policies. Thus, her rights were definitely violated since Jespersen did not even expect that such rules would appear when she was first hired to work in Vegas.

Darlene Jespersen was not afraid to sue her employer on the matter of gender discrimination, although Equal Opportunity Commission claimed that her boss had all rights to oblige employers to wear makeup. The court stated that the act of discrimination is also not seen since at Harrah’s, male workers also had to follow certain appearance guidelines. According to the court rule, employers have to differentiate between gender differences and various standards that apply to their appearance. However, in reality, women had to spend a significant part of their day on makeup, which presumes significant expenses and strengths. The dissenting judges of the case did not have any objections regarding this claim, but they claimed that at the court, Jespersen could not prove it due to lack of evidence. However, it is obvious that the ruling was vague and the aspect of gender discrimination was present in Harrah’s.

Can a Compromise Be Reached?

Casino’s administration could have chosen a different way to resolve the conflict. Instead of offering any kind of compromise and some amendments in the appearance policy, Jespersen was fired without any hesitation. This situation clearly shows that male workers do not have to take care of their appearance on a regular basis, whereas females are obliged to spend much time and efforts on how they look. Thus, one can state that there are certain stereotypes ruling in specific fields of life as there as standards according to which women have to look like. For instance, according to these stereotypes, women have to be dressed in impressive clothes, be thin with nice makeup and hair cut. When Jespersen understood that it was unfair to wear all that make up, clothes, etc, she was instantly fired from her work. Due to the fact that she had been working for more than 20 years in Vegas casino, she realized that working atmosphere would never be the same. Therefore, it is a vivid example of gender discrimination since equal opportunity is not given to both genders. Although modern days have gone deep into the issue, the matter of sexism ad inequality is still present in society due to employers’ reluctance to change their personal views and company’s policies.

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