It is hard to predict what terrorist expect to achieve with their actions. Power? Wealth? Attention? Some researchers state that terrorism cannot be overcome without media, which makes an impact on terrorism. Usually terrorist acts are considered to be ineffective if they are not discussed live. Therefore, one can judge that terrorist attacks are in clear interdependence with the mass media.

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Modern world experience numerous terrorist attacks every day. This sample essay focuses on the reasons and roots of terrorism, interdependence between free medial and terrorism, as well as predicts possible outcomes of terroristic acts. Moreover, the paper presents actions on what should be done to eliminate terrorism. If you think that writing an essay on terrorism is too complex for you as it requires conducting research, do not hesitate to order a customized essay from us and our writer will deliver perfectly written paper to you within the given time frame.

Social media plays a huge role in the rise of terrorism as free media usually highlights all terrorist actions irrespective of the traumatic symptom and psychological consequences that victims may experience. Terrorism is much publicized by free media in comparison with those countries that have only state-controlled media. Therefore, if terrorists want to reach maximum results, they will definitely resort to free media that will discuss all details of terroristic attacks.  In such a way, terrorists desire to spread fear among citizens and become famous due to their fatal actions. Examples of such terrorist attacks are numerous, from 9/11 till smaller attacks that usually happen in remote regions. However, consequences of such attacks are usually the same – people fear that their life may unexpectedly come to an end, whereas the living conditions will be poor and never restored.

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During times when free media has become so popular today, it is of the primary importance for governments to effectively deal with strategic planning when eradicating terrorism. After 9/11 attack in the US, state decided to increase the expenses with the aim of terrorism prevention. Apart from the terrorist attacks in the US with numerous victims, researchers state that Muslim terrorist kill approximately 200-300 people per year, but it is hard to define the exact amount as simple people are killed every day in developing countries, whereas nobody really cares about their number and consequences. Moreover, some researchers state that although terrorist acts happen from time to time, the number of victims is not enough to state that there is any kind of havoc in contemporary world. If to compare, more people die annually in the bathtubs in the US than die from the terrorism. However, due to the increased efforts related to the fight in airports has lead to refusing and canceling tickets as people would rather go by bus than fly and save their time and nerves. Nevertheless, it cases a number of car accidents as people are often in a rush as driving to certain destinations takes much more time than flying.

Breach of Privacy Laws vs Eradication of Terrorism

Many Americans state that terrorism is usually depicted in exaggerated manner and there are not so many terroristic attacks that should cause the heightened security measures in all spheres since they cause much inconvenience and disturbance for the ordinary citizens. It is the fact that people do not know about all terrorism plots that could have killed thousands of people as they are detected on the stage of planning. Since they are not reported in the social media, people are not aware of all those cases when agents save people’s lives due to the increased security measures. Moreover, not everybody perceives terrorism seriously. Some airports still utilize poor quality body scanners that do not reflect appropriate results. However, still one can see development and improvement of the security sector that goes to great lengths to effectively fight with terrorism, at all costs.

Some airports prefer full body scanners that are not appropriate for the fight with terrorism. Terrorists know how they work and do not experience any challenges to trick airport security. Moreover, usually terrorist follow different strategies in their actions. For example, a terrorist gets into the plane with the liquid explosive substance in the shoe. However, then security members concentrate on passengers’ shoes, but the plot might be totally changed in future. With modern attacks, airport security must go hand in hand with all possible terroristic plans to make sure that people’s lives are not exposed to fatal risks. Modern warfare is hard to characterize, but governments must perceive terrorism from a completely different perspective. Some people claim that it is better to spend those millions of dollars on common people who die from the cancer or other dreadful illnesses. Those words also have some sense, but all people should have right to freely enter airport buildings, not being subjected to the death. Nevertheless, the aspect of how to eradicate terrorism is controversial and governments will rarely come to a conclusion that will comply with people’s expectations.


When terrorist threats are treated with clever moves, terrorism can be “extracted” from modern society. Nowadays it will be enough to introduce effective security measure in all airports and other public places, which would not cost much. Moreover, there must be certain governmental programs on terrorism prevention that will predict possible terroristic threats, but not measure their outcomes and the number of the deceased.

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