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Numerous teens are aware of the one of the most popular issues in modern life, namely early pregnancy. Many teens do not even understand that early pregnancy in the teen age can become the biggest obstacle in their life since they will have to perform numerous duties in terms of child rising and will not be able to pursue their dreams no more. Therefore, preventing of teen pregnancy is number one issue that health organizations try to resolve. This essay is focused on discussing the most popular strategies of how to overcome teenage pregnancy cases. If you think that it would be too tough to cover such a complex topic due to ignorance of most academic writing rules or just problems with informative writing, you are welcome to buy an essay on teen pregnancy from and forget about all your worries. We employ hundreds of writers located in the US and UK to make sure that every student can get the requested assistance. Whenever you have any queries or special requests, immediately contact our customer support team that will deliver answers to you in a quick and effective manner. Learn more about our ordering process and get well-written custom essay!

Teens and Pregnancy Prevention

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One of the most commonly utilized methods of fight with teenage sexuality and pregnancy is the use of condoms. Numerous schools have introduced special classed called “sexual education” to make sure that teenagers are well-aware of what methods of contraception are. In order to control the birth rates, researches prove that sexual education is the most effective method. However, this method is rather controversial since it provokes heated discussions among parents who disagree with such classes on pregnancy prevention and choose abstinence as the only way out in teenage pregnancy problem. Researchers claim that abstinence cannot be considered as effective method of educating teenagers on preventing pregnancy. On the contrary, those students who were subjected to the classes of sexual education have much lower rates of teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is being discussed in every nation, but it is parent’s responsibility to choose how to struggle with this societal flaw, with sexual education or not. One cannot be sure whether sexual education is effective since there are also cases when girls get pregnant after successful completion of sexual education course. Here is the case when nursing play a pivotal role – they have to assist teenagers throughout pregnancy and design special treatment plan to make sure that a future child will not be exposed to any kind of risk.

Teen pregnancy presumes numerous challenges that teenagers have to overcome. They include but are not limited to family controversies, changes in health and mood, quarrels with peers that in turn provoke physiological problems. Therefore, an appropriately designed nursing plan is of primary importance to support teenagers. One of the biggest challenges is role performance disturbance, which happens when teenagers can still refer to the category of children, though they are not. Moreover, pregnant teenagers have to fulfill various responsibilities before giving birth to a child and after. Taking care of a recently born child is the second issue as teenagers have to get used to the new surrounding and the fact that she is no longer a child, but a mother, who is obliged to bring up her child. Therefore, a teenager has to be prepared to such obstacles and realize all the importance of following nursing plan and parents’ pieces of advice, which would make a positive impact on the upbringing of the child. There are certain strategies which can help students get used to teenage pregnancy and further outcomes.

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For sure, all teenagers have questions rising up in their head whether they are ready to have sex or not. Some of them make quick decisions and then regret all their life due to early pregnancy and suppressed wishes that will never come true. Therefore, teens have to understand whether they are ready to expose their teenage sexuality or it is too early to be engaged in a sexual activity. Some teenagers do not even listen to what is being taught during sexual education classes and make their own choices that break their lives and damage reputations. However, most of teenagers think only about the fact whether they are ready to have sex or not, not thinking about a fact whether they are ready to have children or not. This is #1 issue as sometimes a condom will not save a student from teenage pregnancy. Due to the increased level of hormones, teenagers forget about everything they were said at home and school, which makes them commit actions with versatile negative influences on their lives. Therefore, it is very important for parents to have a talk with their children apart from allowing to attend sexual education classes. Parent have to explain that there are no 100% effective contraception methods and it is up to children whether to break their lives without bright future or not. Birth control rates depend much on the parents’ attempts to change the situation, so that nation would not see so many early pregnancies among students.

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