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The given sample paper discusses death penalty that is regarded as one of the most controversial issues in the modern world. Although there are many countries that have prohibited it a long time ago, some states, including the USA, administer capital punishment legaly even nowadays. The paper presents the brief history of the issue under the question, gives the main arguments against the death penalty, and draws to a logical conclusion. If you are looking for a top quality paper written on some controversial issue, you are welcome to buy an essay at We can cover any topic you present. Read the paper to make sure that our expert writers produce only first class academic papers that correspond to all the established standards. We will definitely satisfy your needs since we have the best team of writers with advanced writing skills and expertise in different fields of knowledge!

Arguments against Death Penalty

Without doubt, there is no more debatable issue in the filed of justice than that of capital punishment. In present days, almost every person has a great number of doubts about the necessity of utilizing death penalty as a punishment for committing a terrible crime. What is more, many people belive that such kind of punishment is not appropriate for a civilized, technologicaly advanced society living in the twenty first century. They belive that death penalty should be banned immediately. In addition, the proponents of the abolishement of capital punishment provide valid arguments. First of all, they state that death penalty cannot be considered as a moral, humane punishment. Second, this type of punishment does not have an influence on the reduction of the number of crimes. Third, capital punishment is too expensive for taxpayers. These are the main reasons for the prohibition of death penalty. Therefore, the government of the United States should pay close attention to this issue. America, as one of the most developed and economically powerful countries in the world, should follow the example of the states that have banned this cruel practice. It should be stated that inhumanity and barbarity will never lead to bright and peacefull future.

Prohibiting Death Penalty

When a person looks at the problem of death penalty from the perspective of morality, he or she believes that this punishment should definitely be abolished. It is quite clear why people think in such a way. What can a punishment that takes a human life teach others? What does it prove? The utilization of such cruel method only proves that the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ exists in the modern world. However, mankind must show that all forms of primitive thinking are left in the past. People have to behave and act in a civilized manner when dealing with criminal no matter what horrible crime was carried out by a person. Even if a person cannot be rehabilitated or assisted, no one is eligible to adjudge someone to die. Nevertheless, based on the present-day justice system, the state is able to set an action, as a punishment, to deal with someone who committed an awful crime. This is contradictory and completely illogical. It is immoral to justify the action that is totally wrong and disgusting in its nature. Therefore, the death penalty should be abolished since it is impermissible.

In order to prove that capital punishment is not appropriate for a well-organized and developed society, it should be stated that many people subjected to death penalty are not usualy physically or mentally fit to get the punishment. For example, mentally retarded people constitute less than 3 percent of the whole American population while mentaly disabled prisoners sentenced to death make up approximately 13 percent among all those who are sent to the scaffold. Such high percentage is related to the idea that people with mental illnesses wish to pleasure the authority. There is the hypothesis that when such people give a positive answer (yes answer) to the question, they desire to be liked by the interrogstor. Therefore, taking the above stated facts into account, no one can claim that such individuals fairly receive a death penalty verdict.

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Flawed Executions

Flawed executions are regarded as a constroversial issue when it comes to capital punishment. In the history of death penalty, there were many methods of making a condemned person die in a humane way. Neverhteless, when utilizing any method to execute the criminal, there were many flawed attemps that led to intense suffering and unbearable pain of those who were sentenced to death. For example, in the 19th century, one of the most common ways of execution was hanging. This way, the public was willing to see how a condemned man struggled for his life at the end of the rope for a few minites experiencing terrible convulsions. When speaking about the electric chair, a method that was spread in the 20th century, it should be noted that there were multiple attempts to execute a person before the final act was committed. The most known case is the execution of John Louis Evans III. What is more, even in the 21st century, modern means of execution are connected with flawed attempts. One of such means is performing lethal injection. The most vivid example of such a painful punishment is the case of Stephen McCoy who was executed in 1989. According to the claims of witnesses, the criminal reacted to the drugs given to him in a violent manner. He gagged, coughed, and experienced many contortions. The man suffered a lot before he actually died. Such examples illustrate numerous flaws and drawbacks of the existing system of capital punishment. From the perspective of morality and humanity, a man with clear conscience and moral standpoint cannot sentence a condemned to death since such punishment is cruel and violates the Bill of Rights.

Along with flawed attempts, death penalty has one more significant drawback. This drawback consists in the fact that capital punishment does not stop a potential criminal from committing a crime. However, the proponents of death penalty state that this type of punishment fills a criminal with dread since a new attempt to commit a crime will result into death. Therefore, the criminal will think twice before making any illegal action. Unfortunately, this thought lacks a logical, basis. As a rule, those who are sentenced to death have committed one or a number of cruel, bloody murders. What is more, in most cases, criminals that carried out such terrible crimes are mentally unstable. These individuals do not care about their own safety or that of the others and have an intention to implement their plans no matter what will happen further. Therefore, those who believe that the thought of death will prevent such people from committing crimes are mistaken. Criminals will follow their plan of actions without caring about the results.

Does Death Penalty Deter Crimes?

Nowadays, some states still utilize the method of capital punishment because it is allowed by the law of those states. There is the idea that carrying out death penalty will deter others from committing crimes. Based on this point of view, the question whether it really works arises. Current statistics say that it does not. In 2006, 16 500 murders were committed in the United States, and only 150 perpetrators were sent to the scaffold. What is more, out of 3500 inmates that were subject to the capital punishment, only 70 were executed the same year. Others can wait for this punishment for years living at the expense of taxpayers. Such glaring discrepancy between those who are sentenced to death and those who are actually punished is astonishing. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the fear of execution will hardly stop criminals from performing illegal actions.

There is one more significant argument agains utilizing death penalty as a punishment. The reason is that capital punishment is quite an expensive procees. What is more, taxpayers have to pay for this procedure. One can think that sustaining a prisoner with a life sentence requires more money than executing a criminal. However, it is not true. Capital punishment is very expensive. Recent research conducted by the Urban Institute shows that the cost of carrying out death penalty is extremely high. It is found out that a case that results in capital punishment costs 3 million dollars. What is more, the study reveals the amount of taxpayers’ money that was spent on death penalty during the last two decades in the state of Maryland. Therefore, 180 million dollars were spent on carrying out death penalty. What is more, the amount of resources spent on the sentencing process has to be taken into account as well when speaking about utilization of death penalty. It is not a secret that the appeal process can drag on for years. A person that will be finally sentenced to death can spend millions as well as years trying to appeal and reduce charges. Thus, due to great sums of money that are at stake, the issue has to be seriously considered. Resources spent on the lengthy process of death penalty could have been spent on more usefull things. What is more, it is not wise to waste big money being in harsh economic conditions. In Kanzas, 500 000 dollars per case were saved since death penalty is not sought in the state. In Colorado, there is the possibility to form task force that will deal with solving the unresolved murders utilizing saved money. These are vivid examples of how prohibiting death penalty will benefit the country. It is obvious that financial and moral reasons behind abolishing capital punishment overweight the reasons for maintaining death penalty. Therefore, the authorities in many states should overview the issue of ultimate punishment taking into account the fact that death penalty is not a way out.

A World Leader

There is one more significant issue that has to be considered when it comes to allowing or banning death penalty. This issue is the trend that many countries all over the world follow. Being a world leader, the United States of America has to establish standards that other countries should be willing to meet. It is known that America is in the list of few countries that still utilize the punishment in a form of death penalty at a state level. What is more, none of the Western countries that apply democratic principals resort to it. Among the nations that practice capital punishment are North Korea, China, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Syria, and Somalia. Without doubt, the United States would not wish to be associated with these countries. It is known that these nations are under the dictatorship of powerful and cruel tyrants, and the American government does not want to be compared with them in terms of administering justice. When abolishing this horrible method of execution, the United States will completely join the rest of the civilized world that has banned using this form of punishment in legal practice. There are many other humane ways of dealing with criminals that lead to better results. The American nation is obliged to take a position that will prove the rest of the world that it is against the death penalty as a cruel form of punishment. The nation has to adhere to the democratic rules living in a democratic country and adhering to the just system.

Considering all the key reasons for prohibiting death penalty, a rational person should have no doubts about the rightness of this standpoint. Justice system as well as legal practice has to prove that savage methods of punishment are left in the past. Nowadays, the representatives of modern society have to focus on humane punishment and forget about the avital means of dealing with criminals. People should not follow the ‘an eye for an eye’ principle because it contradicts all the democratic issues the nation tries to put in action. What is more, the arguments against the death penalty presented above show that capital punishment is not beneficial in terms of morality, prevention as well as economic prosperity. In addition, resorting to this severe form of punishment may negatively influence the United States and its reputation in the world. America is not the country that should be associated with injustice and cruelty when it comes to punishing criminals. Therefore, based on these strong arguments, the US authorities have to take urgent steps in order to prohibit the utilization of death penalty. Everyone has to realize that committing murder to punish murder is not the best solution. There is no place for such a cruel form of punishment in the civilized world.

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